Betta’s ambition to bring goods: from Wang Sicong’s Niupu net to self-built fish shopping mall

Betta’s ambition to bring goods: from Wang Sicong’s Niupu net to self-built “fish shopping” mall
Due to the high conversion rate of live broadcasts and the organic supplement to monetization methods, many e-commerce, live broadcast, and short video platforms have tested the water.On the evening of April 20th, the live broadcast platform Douyu (NASDQ: DOYU) “I buy and buy for Hubei” charity goods collection, official data shows that it sold Hubei specialty 80.90,000 pieces, although the unit price gains of agricultural and sideline products, but the previous cumulative still reached 3034.40,000, with more than 34.31 million viewers in the live broadcast room.It is said that many insiders of Betta find that in this “I Buy and Buy for Hubei”, in addition to the technical and design costs, there is no commission for the anchor and the platform, with the main purpose of helping Hubei resume production.In an exclusive interview with Sauna Yewang, the head of the Betta Marketing Center stated that “Betta Shopping” is a new attempt by the platform to meet the user’s paid consumption needs in addition to the game recommendation.Anchor selection, fan attributes and product selections were investigated. The gray scale test of the conversion rate ratio of goods brought in this event has been improved several times.The question of whether live streaming will affect the platform or even affect users’ rewarding habits.Li Yu responded to Sauna Nightnet that from the current data, through the circular interaction within the community, live broadcasts can not only drive traffic growth, but also ensure regular gifts and rewards.Take the data when the anchor “Fengfeng No. 3” brought goods as an example. The PV (page visits) and UV (user visits) and barrage of the delivery day increased by 92% compared with normal days.9%, 76.7% and 123.1%, the number of people with e-commerce behavior is nearly 10 times the number of daily rewards.This is not the first time Douyu tries e-commerce.As early as 2015, Douyu had reached close cooperation with Niupu Wang invested by Wang Sicong. In May 2017, it also invested in Shanghai Houhan Information Technology Co., Ltd., the operating entity of Niupu Net, hereinafter referred to as Houhan Technology),And become the second shareholder of Houhan Technology.During the “Double Eleven” in 2016, Douyu worked with Taobao to realize the e-commerce scene of buying while watching, embedding Taobao links under Feng Timo’s room.So, what pits did you step on the e-commerce road of Douyu, and accumulated some experience?With the live broadcast of the campaign, Douyu have a new understanding of “people, goods, field”?Why did you choose the male shopping market to enter?The gains and losses from to fish purchases. initially entered the public eye because of the investors behind it.In December 2014, announced the completion of millions of yuan of angel round financing. The investor is Pu Si Capital. The chairman of Pu Si Capital is Wang Sicong, the only son of Wanda Group Wang Jianlin.Zhou Hao, the founder of, is also the same as Wang Sicong. He is also a co-founder of WE Club and M3 Club.Wang Sicong.The official introduction of is “Visiting the anchor shop”. The website sells snacks, peripherals, clothing, tide shoes and other hot-selling products. There are many anchors such as “Wu Sheng 2009”, “Ruo Feng” and “A Yi” on the website.Shop.However, according to the reporter’s observation, the website seems to have turned to e-sports, short video and score prediction.” was an e-commerce website built in combination with e-sports anchor traffic in the early days. We initially worked closely with Niupu. However, Niupu did not succeed, and we did not follow up.”People told the sauna night net.Talking about the reason why will fail, the above-mentioned people analyzed and said, “Users are unlikely to accept products that are slightly higher than the market price because of the aura of the anchor. Even Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya ‘s live room must have low enough products.However, the team has insufficient control over the commodity channels and supply chain.”In May 2017, Douyu also invested in the Pre-C round of Houhan Technology, the operating entity of, and became the second shareholder of Houhan Technology.Logging is tiring, so the true purpose of Betta’s investment in Houhan Technology is still unclear.In the “Double Eleven” in 2016, Douyu once cooperated with Taobao to fight e-commerce to achieve the e-commerce scenario of buying while watching. Since then, it has officially launched the e-commerce platform “Fish Purchase”. The business line has more than 20 people, but the modelIt is more like a traditional e-commerce, not the present anchor.“牛铺网阶段,可以理解为是我们只提供流量支持,而鱼购阶段我们还要解决供应链等一些列问题,斗鱼虽然有流量,但是产品渠道和销售环境还需逐渐培育,因此‘鱼购’的投入产出比并不高”,上述斗鱼内部人士介绍称.”Betta has tried the traditional e-commerce model, but the final result is not very good. At first, it was just dating traffic to the e-commerce platform. It did not solve the problem of what users want to buy. It is still in the state of ‘people looking for goods.'”Li Ku said to the sauna, Yewang.After a series of replays, Douyu paid more attention to the combination of e-commerce and live broadcast content before starting on the live broadcast.Seize the “people, goods, field” with the goods “whether it is pure diversion or e-commerce with supply chain, there is no binding anchor to do together, and no attempt has been made to allow anchors to allow shopping guides.”The person of the fighting fish leader told the sauna night net.The anchor just happens to be a key part of the live broadcast, whether it is the fast-handed Sanda brother, Simba, or Li Jiaqi of Taobao live broadcast, Wei Ya is a master of driving sales by himself.Among the three elements of “people, goods, and field” that promote the circulation of live broadcasts, Douyu lacks the anchor resources.The Betta Air Force’s prospectus shows that its registered anchors are 6.5 million, the head anchor is 6,500, and 51 of the top 100 game anchors in China have a longer exclusive contract, including 8 top 10 anchors.At the fourth quarter of the 2019 financial report analyst meeting, Cao Hao, vice president of Douyu Finance, said that the top 100 big anchors of Douyu have completed the five-year contract renewal, and some even established a guild in joint venture with Douyu.Binding.In the above “I Buy and Buy for Hubei” event, the total number of followers in the live broadcast room of the 28 anchors participating in the event reached 1.400 million, of which the anchor “Xu Xu Baby” has 15.23 million followers. The first live broadcast has brought goods, and the live broadcast room has reached 44 million. The anchor “a small group” has 17.21 million fans.The heat.In the grayscale test of the betta fish, the anchor “Fengfeng No. 3” a Nike competition, achieved 420.430,000 yuan, the product reached an expenditure of 20.68%, order conversion rate 10.75%, this data greatly exceeds the traditional e-commerce classified marketing and promotion tools.In the view of the above-mentioned executives close to betta fish, betta can bring goods because of its good community status and private domain traffic.Betta was born in AcFun (hereinafter referred to as station A), so users have overlapping two-dimensional attributes. According to unofficial research, the degree of coincidence between Betta users and station B users reaches nearly 45%, and the characteristics of these users are stickiness.Strong sex, love interaction, and curiosity.”Based on the above user attributes, Betta’s real-time interaction through live broadcast, leisure interaction of fish bar (similar to Baidu Post Bar), and functions such as follow, barrage, comment, reward, etc., allow users to form stable private domain traffic around the anchor, In this way, when the anchor is carrying goods, the user can generate a sense of trust based on interpersonal relationships, and the boots can produce orders.”Li Kuo, the head of the Betta Marketing Center, told Sauna Night.In addition, in response to the supply chain problems that led to human validity, Douyu chose to date a third party for cooperation.For example, in the “I Buy and Buy for Hubei” activity, Betta and Taobao Alliance reached in-depth cooperation in commodity selection and supply chain.During the period of 618, opened a commodity store with “live broadcast + e-commerce” cooperation model has well guaranteed the supply and sales efficiency of commodities.”It can also be regarded as turning a crisis into an opportunity in the epidemic, and the online store and offline merchants have a very high degree of cooperation,” said the insider of the betta.I hope the report says that the sudden outbreak will allow users who are close to home to gain a fresh perspective, and more and more people are discovering the business opportunities inherent in the live broadcast industry.It is expected that the data show that the number of registrations of live broadcast related companies in the first quarter of 2020 reached a new high in the past ten years, an increase of 115% over the same period in 2019.Men are the main customer group, and the traditional live-broadcasting mode of the rake-off model usually uses women as the main user group. The live-broadbanding of Douyu chooses young male customers to compete with the net red banding goods.Signing Luo Yonghao is similar.According to the introduction of the “Betta Ace Recommendation” column obtained by the reporter, Betta live streaming products are mainly aimed at the main male fan groups.This positioning is related to the user attributes of Douyu. Because the ranking is based on games, the content of the second element is good. Among the Douyu users, single men account for 77%.5%, of which male users aged 18 to 27 accounted for 60%.2%; users in provincial capitals and cities accounted for 59%.Douyu believes that the above user groups have stable spending power and are easily affected by advertisements, and the user portraits are also in good agreement with the 3C digital category.According to the “2019 Live + X Insights Report” released by QuestMobile, in September 2019, the gender ratio of male users in the game live broadcast industry was close to 9: 1.Among them, male users accounted for 89.8%, female users accounted for 10.2%.In addition to watching games and game entertainment, male users of the game live broadcast platform have only strong consumer demand. The anchor can just become the best channel for them to meet their own consumer demand.It is said that Li Yu, the head of the Betta marketing center, said that the live broadcast of Betta is mainly divided into two modes: anchor delivery and merchant settlement.This time, “I buy and buy for Hubei” belongs to the mode of the anchor carrier, that is, there is no stock, there is a fan, and a good anchor has the ability to recommend products for fans.Merchants are settled in that they are goods-selling merchants who sell their own goods. There is no need for the platform to provide anchor resources. Some jade merchants have already settled in the fish shop special area.”Anchors need to choose products and investment according to the rules of the platform, and Betta will draw a certain commission from it. The specific proportion is based on the industry average.”Li Ku said.”According to the above-mentioned Betta internal sources, the platform draws about 30% of the commission, and then settles with the anchor, but “I buy and buy for Hubei” basically has no commission except for technical costs.In addition, at present, the anchors are mainly based on official selection, and no individual registration for the anchor has been opened, and the main anchors for non-game partitions such as outdoor and gourmet foods are temporarily used.。Li Jin said that the choice of the anchor with the goods is mainly based on the three aspects of the anchor guild, time, and e-commerce capabilities. First, it is necessary to consider whether these guilds have e-commerce teams and knowledge of e-commerce. Currently, many guilds are found.Existing e-commerce teams, some guilds’ e-commerce business revenue even exceeds advertising revenue; second, how much time and revenue the anchor can spend on live broadcasts; third, anchor, whether the guild is willing to cooperate with the platform to establish its own selectionAnd investment team.In terms of merchant entry, it will consider whether the merchant itself has the ability to live broadcast, have its own shopping guide, operation, customer service team, etc.In fact, after the listing, Betta also needs new stories to boost growth, and users who have watched live broadcasts for many years also need new ways to tap demand.For Betta, how to balance the content experience and bring the goods conversion, and how to tap the existing users in the mobile Internet era with peak traffic, is a question worth pondering.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Xu Chao proofreading Chen Diyan