2016 Snooker Crown Wins Higgins vs Trump Championship Live Video Recording Results 6-4_1

2016 snooker crown victory Higgins vs. Trump game live video recording result score 6-4
Tencent Sports In the early hours of November 11, the 2016 Snooker Championship Championship Tournament continued, in the 4th group finals, Higgins took the lead to break the hundred 5-2 to get the match point, Trump once saved two consecutiveOne match point, then Higgins scored a big 143 points and broke the 100 to secure the victory, 6-4 Rick Trump.Higgins successfully advanced to the quarter-finals, and then will compete with Ding Junhui for the finals.  Higgins performed well in the China Championship just ended, and finally faced Bingham’s last three innings to break through 100 consecutive wins.This time, the Heaths group semi-final wins Murphy. In the group final, the opponent is Trump, and the group semi-final defeated Gil by three shots.The two Air Forces have fought 23 times, Higgins 13 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses dominant, but the last three fights Trump has won consecutive victories.  In the first inning, Higgins took the lead in getting the mobile phone meeting, and turned to defense after 38-0. In the struggle, Trump jumped again and Higgins scored a 73-0 advantage.Trump caught Higgins leaking the red ball in the middle of the bag to get started. After scoring 31 points in a row, he played a snooker with a pink ball. Higgins lost two shots and lost the advantage.On the last red ball, Trump jumped into the red ball but missed the yellow ball. Higgins scored the yellow ball again.Trump’s basketball attempt to snooker failed, Higgins struggled to win the first game 1-0 lead.  In the second game, Trump won a 24-4 lead. Then Higgins seized the chance of a missed ball to gather, and scored a single shot to win the game. Higgins took a 2-0 lead.  In the third inning, Trump’s state rebounded significantly, Higgins missed the top pocket opportunity with a safety ball, and Trump took a 47-0 lead.Higgins left the chance once again in the safety ball fight, and Trump hit the score with a stroke to win the game, 1-2 behind.  In the fourth inning, Higgins leaked a red ball from the bottom of the safety bag. After Trump scored the red ball to get started, he scored 60 points and was about to become a super score.Higgins struggled to keep the long table and did not enter the reserved opportunity. Trump also scored again and scored the game with a 2-2 draw.  After a 15-minute break, in the fifth inning, Trump won the opportunity through the bench. After 33-0, the bench did not enter the bottom bag. Then Higgins turned to the defense after scoring 61 points.In the safety ball, Higgins made a snooker. Trump’s free throw was scored. Higgins again scored a 3-2 lead in this game.  In the 6th innings, Higgins lost the bottom bag with a red ball after 48-0, Trump then scored 55 points in a single shot, and K’s last post was a red ball.Trump’s safety ball left a chance, Higgins scored a red ball in the middle bag to start again, and scored a 4-2 lead in this game.  In the 7th inning, Higgins scored a red ball through a long bench to get started. After scoring 45 points in a row, he turned to the defense.Trump then made a major mistake, hitting the red ball with a thin edge and hitting the pile of missed balls. Higgins then hit a 135-0 clearance to win the game and came to the match point 5-2.  In the 8th inning, Higgins took the lead to get the mobile phone meeting through the long bench. After 52 points, the long bench attacked the red bag error of the top bag, leaving a bag of lipstick balls, Trump then scored 79 points.Hit the ball and scored a super score, saving the match point 3-5 behind.  In the 9th inning, Trump’s long platform got his start. After 66-0, he scored a black bag. Higgins tried to chase the score and lost the red ball. Trump jumped into the red ball to win the game.Save two match points 4-5 behind.In the 10th inning of the 4th group final of Trump snooker vs Higgins in the 2016 snooker crown, Higgins advanced the bench to advance the red bag of the bottom bag, and then scored 143 points in a single shot to break the 100-win platform to win this.In the end, Higgins finally defeated Trump, 6-4, and successfully advanced to the semi-finals. Next, he will play against Chinese famous Ding Junhui.

TOKYO 2020 flew to Athens to welcome the Olympic flame in Tokyo

“TOKYO 2020” flew to Athens to welcome the Olympic flame in Tokyo
“TOKYO 2020” flies directly to Athens.Photo / The official website of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee staff sees off “TOKYO 2020”.Figure / Tokyo Olympic Committee official website This afternoon, the Tokyo Olympic torch plane took off from Haneda Airport and went to Athens to greet the torch.Tomorrow, the Greek Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will be handing over the antique torch.Despite the impact of the aforementioned acute new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee are still organizing work according to the idea of the Tokyo Olympics being held as scheduled.This afternoon, a special transport plane called “TOKYO 2020” took off from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Greece until it brought the Olympic torch back to Japan in Athens.At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the special plane that went to Greece to greet the torch was called “CITY OF TOKYO”.”TOKYO 2020″ uses JAL’s Boeing 787 passenger plane. The front of the fuselage has a huge pictogram representing the torchbearer, and the vertical tail is painted with the torch relay symbol of the Tokyo Olympic Games.On March 12, the torch of the Tokyo Olympic Games was successfully collected in Ancient Olympia.According to plan, the torch will be delivered in Greece for a week, but it was stopped on the second day due to the outbreak.Tomorrow, the Greek Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee will have a handover ceremony at the Panathinaikos Stadium in Athens.Just like when the torch was collected, the handover ceremony will also take place without an audience.In addition, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee decided not to send people from Japan to participate in the handover ceremony of the antique torch in Athens. The ceremony originally planned at the airport today for men ‘s Judo Olympic champion Tamura Nomura and women ‘s wrestling Olympic champion Yoshida Sapoli was also cancelled.According to the plan, the torch of the Tokyo Olympic Games began to arrive at the Air Self-Defense Force Matsushima base in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan on March 20, and began a 121-day pass from March 26.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang, editor Han Shuangming proofreading Li Ming