After the 96 Hua Hua beauty Li Zijun laughed at himself old-mass production

After 96, the beautiful girl Li Zijun laughed at herself: she was old
The 2017 four-continent figure skating championship is taking place in Gangneung, South Korea. In the women’s singles short show competition, Li Zijun took 60.37 points is temporarily ranked eighth.After the game, the Hua Hua beauty, born in December 1996, laughed at herself as an old man.  Li Zijun wrote: Compared to the era of mass production of small hairy children after this group of female single eggs, our elderly people still have not given up their hard work, and now they are enjoying self-abuse.One slide less one game. Bayi male table tennis coach Wang Hao cheered for Li Zijun.  In the China Cup held in November 2016, Li Zijun only achieved the eighth place. Li Zijun, who was dissatisfied with his achievements, went to Russia to visit the famous coach Missin.Mishin once brought out the ice prince Pruschenko and studied in the famous head teacher. Li Zijun hoped to make a breakthrough. This time he participated in the four continents Hua Hua Championship. Li Zijun also tested the effectiveness of studying.