A manga without a cloak riding a motorcycle?Batman set photo miles

A manga without a cloak riding a motorcycle?”Batman” set photo miles
“Batman” set photo. Recently, the “Batman” set photo directed by Matt Reeves was replaced by Robert Pattinson. In the photo, Robert Pattinson ‘s stunt double actor rides a motorcycle without a cloak.The film may be inspired by comics. Director Matt Reeves is a fan of the 1987 comic “Batman: The First Year”, which depicts the story of Bruce Wayne’s origin as a superhero.Not long ago, the director even established a special group on social media to make fun of fans looking for movie clues.Comic “Batman: Zero Years.” However, in Matt Reeves’s painstaking efforts, this movie was not adapted from “Batman: The First Year”. Although it may become the theme of the comics, it is the early story of Batman.The newly taken set photos further reinforce this idea. The film seems to be a completely different version based on the 2013 comic “Batman: Zero Year”.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Zhai Yongjun