8 ways to cool your skin without oil and acne

Cool skin 8 methods without oil and acne cold summer

Sauna days, today is the most tormenting moment, the high temperature alternately will affect the skin’s absorption of nutrients, may also lead to skin dehydration, strong oil secretion . It is harmful to the skin and not beneficial.

However, if you want to get into the refrigerator immediately, it may be difficult to downgrade and cool your skin. Here are 8 simple and easy ways to help you instantly lower the temperature of your skin and bring coolness to your skin.

  1. Moisturizing spray cooling at any time to bask in the sun and blow hot air . The skin is too hot?

At this time, the moisturizing spray is the fastest cooling agent for the skin. Spray the spray evenly on the facial skin at a distance of 15 cm from the facial skin, and then gently dry it with a soft tissue paper to instantly cool the skin.

  2. The moisturizing mask is absolutely a treat in summer and winter. It is wet and cool. It is really comfortable for the skin that has been exposed for a day!

In addition, the moisturizing mask can quickly and redundantly hydrate the skin.

It is recommended that you put the mask in the refrigerator for ten minutes before applying it, and you can feel the coolness of the heart.

  3, refreshing gel, hydrating, not sweating a lot of oil, may make your skin feel quite moist, there is no need to moisturize, in fact, this is an illusion.

The hotter the weather, pay more attention to moisturizing.

Because if the skin feels “thirsty”, it will automatically adjust, and the secretion of oil will protect itself, which will cause the skin to become oily and dry, and may cause peeling in severe cases.

Oil-free moisturizing gel that replenishes skin without increasing oil content, making skin absorption completely burdenless.

  4. When exfoliating, let the skin penetrate to the face, do not forget the elbow, and point out the parts that are usually not easy to take care of, because these parts will be exposed in summer!

The face is smooth and silky, and the elbows are aligned like a “patch”, which is very unsightly. It regularly exfoliates the skin, allows the skin to breathe normally, and fully absorbs nutrients to ensure softness and smoothness.

  5, the tea tree helps, when the acne disappears, it is the most afraid of acne when it is hot. The skin has been swollen and red, it feels thick, and a few acne have appeared, and the temperature of the acne area is higher than other partsEven higher!


Choose some skin care products containing tea tree essence ingredients to apply on the skin, tea tree essence can calm down, anti-inflammatory, and thus inhibit the effect of acne.

  6, refreshing sunscreen, favorite oily skin and suntan index, many people hate the greasy feeling of sunscreen products, especially those with oily skin, always feel like wearing a sunscreen is like wearing a thick dress, Completely impermeable.

In fact, many brands have noticed this problem and have launched refreshing sunscreen lotions that exclude Oil free. Try it out!

  7, parasols, essential props for elegant ladies, the energy of ultraviolet rays must not be underestimated. It has now become the number one killer of skin aging. Although you have applied sunscreen, you can still support a beautifulUV umbrellas can not only express women’s elegance and nobility, but also further protect their delicate skin.

You know, dermatologists point out that a UV-resistant umbrella is more effective against UV rays than SPF50 sunscreen.