How to treat infant physical diarrhea

How to treat infant physical diarrhea

Netizen Ms. Sun: My son is almost 3 months old. I have had a diarrhea recently, 5 or 6 times a day, sometimes milky, sometimes green, others have nothing, and milk is normal. I do n’t know what to do?

  Li Fengxia: Your child’s condition is likely to belong to physiological diarrhea. Generally, a child who eats breast milk is susceptible to diarrhea before 4 months, because his digestive function is still weak and his body’s ability to adjust and adapt is not good. This is an inevitable process.

Therefore, as long as the child’s mental condition is good, there is nothing abnormal in feeding, and physiological diarrhea does not need to be nervous. As the month increases, supplementary food is added, and it usually improves after 4 months of age.

  Ms. Liu from East Street, Xi’an: My daughter is 11 months old. She had a cold the previous two days. She started having diarrhea one day after the fever.

I have a thick breath and a sour breath, sometimes I vomit when I drink milk. Now I am taking medicine. What should I pay attention to in life?

  Li Fengxia: If your baby needs milk powder, it is best to choose lactose-free milk powder, because the baby has not recovered yet, and the sugar is not easy to digest.

Let your children eat foods such as porridge and noodles that are easy to digest.

Of course, don’t change the complementary food that your child usually eats, and don’t stop, if the child’s appetite is not good, you can reduce it.

  The child’s tibia should also be protected, and the child should be washed with a soft gauze dipped in water to prevent repeated cross-infection.

Give your child more water to prevent dehydration.

  Mr. Zhou from Zhouzhi County, Xi’an: My son is 3 years old. He has a cold, fever, cough, and runny nose. He started to have diarrhea again 4 to 5 times a day.

What is going on?

What to pay attention to when taking medication?

  Li Fengxia: Now is the high incidence of pediatric diarrhea. In the early stages of winter diarrhea, runny nose and fever (generally 38?
40 degrees) and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, many parents think it is a common cold and easy to ignore.

Therefore, you must go to the hospital to check clearly and see whether the infection is a respiratory infection or an indirect infection.

Sometimes, respiratory infections can also cause infections, so be sure to treat them symptomatically and never use your own medicine.

  In fact, diarrhea in this season is mostly infected by rotavirus. Antiviral treatment should be taken. Antibiotic treatment does not work. As few medications as possible should be used. The ones that are easy for children to accept should be based on the idea of simple treatment.Medication should not be too complicated and diverse.

Man reading woman sexy

Man reading woman sexy

You will find that along the back of the girl to the bottom of the spine, which is the position of the groin, there is also a beautiful curve that points to the shoulder. This sexy arc will naturally stimulate your potential lust and cause the man’s bodyErotic desire.

You will find that many photos that attract your attention will not be full and direct naked images on the front, but silhouettes behind girls.

  Interestingly, before that, she probably didn’t know that there was a landmine buried in her location, so it was better to say that you and the two were searching together instead.

  As long as you gently slide your fingertips over the girl, even if there is a clothing barrier, she can unconsciously feel a strong vibration from the body, and the long boots are conveyed to your fingertips.

The spine of the back is an important part of the body’s nerves. You can gently press or pat along the spine from top to bottom, making yourself like a professional masseuse, letting her pass through you gentlyLocal and thoughtful massage for total body relaxation.

  If you are a flirt master, do n’t forget to use your lips to express your tenderness and thoughtfulness, and use kisses to test the sensitive areas behind the girls. You may worry about getting lost without a map to provide guidance, but do n’t panic.Must be like a minesweeper, use your tongue and fingertips as a sensitivity detector, and search for it in a carpet style behind her. The girl will tell you with a sound and some slight body vibrations, which will detonate herThe correct location of the intimate erotic mines.

  Many men mistakenly believe that when emotions are stable, there is no need to flirt to increase interest.

In fact, proper flirting is enough to make you two rekindle the fire of love at the first meeting, and to ignite her sexual desire.

  Improved use of body language can accelerate the temperature of a relationship.

When you are alone with her, you may wish to increase the contact between the two with small gestures: Pat the back of her hand in time to respond to her opinion, caress her hair, whisper in her ear, and let your two knees touch each other.
  Many girls don’t deny that they like to let their boyfriend hug themselves tightly from behind and let their back completely close to the boyfriend’s chest, which will make the girl feel indescribable sense of security and happiness.

Men are just as sexy as women and enjoy the joy of sex, but the difference between men and women is that women are more passive and desire sexiness. This requires men who know how to flirt to guide.

6 effective ways to gain muscle

6 effective ways to gain muscle

1 Finding the cause The right medicine is genetically lean: Environment-driven: Working pressure, noisy eating environment, and unsuitable food, etc., may affect appetite and cause insufficient food intake.

  Excessive consumption: People who consume large amounts may also be the cause of leanness.

  For every additional 3,500 calories your body consumes, it weighs a pound.

For example, a man who eats 2,000 calories a day, if he wants to gain weight, it will increase to 2,500 calories a day, and 500 calories a day of extra energy will add a pound after a week.

  It is not easy to add 500 calories from one or two foods without increasing the speed.

Therefore, you should try to add a little extra when the amount of food is the same, such as peanut butter or fruit when eating bread, soup with egg flowers, milk tea with more sugar and milk, western salad with olive oil or cheeseBroken and so on.

The increase should be based on protein, and an appropriate amount of high-quality uncle.

  However, eating more snacks such as potato chips and soft drinks will not only provide vitamins and minerals, but also a large number of aunts will easily lead to a feeling of satiety, which will have the opportunity to be clumsy and affect appetite for meals.

  3 Eat less, eat more, eat more meals, and eat too much lighter weight, less appetite, instead of eating a lot of food in one meal.

Therefore, fatteners should increase the number of meals to supplement more doses.

In addition to the three main meals, eat nutritious snacks or drinks in the afternoon, before bedtime, or even before lunch.

  People who are feasible to work, instead of taking the time to make nutritious snacks, may wish to choose high-nutrition drinks such as milk, soy milk, etc. instead of water and tea.

There should be some biscuits and bread in the office, plus a glass of milk or soy milk, which is already a good nutrition snack.

  4 Drink more high-protein drinks. The milk is rich in nutrition and contains high-quality protein. It also provides calcium, phosphorus and vitamins. Fatteners should drink 2 cups of milk a day.

If you don’t like milk, eat cheese or cheese.

There are also some nutritious milks on the market. Consumers can choose for themselves, but read the food labels carefully, pay attention to the amount, and the conversion that each cup can provide.

  At the same time, you can prepare high-energy milk by yourself, such as adding extra milk powder to the milk, and gradually converting it into excess.

People with gastrointestinal upset may not be able to accept dairy foods and can use sugared high calcium soy milk instead.

  Snacks and drinks recommended high-nutrition snacks: banana peanut butter sandwich, fruit jelly peanut butter acrylic stand, milk pudding, sweetened water, fresh fruit tofu flowers, fresh fruit cheese high-nutrition drinks: banana fresh milk, chocolate milkshake, 2 tablespoons skim milk powder)Milk 5 drinks soup should not even “Chinese soup residues” to eat most Chinese soup water conversion is not high, if you do not eat “soup residues”, the nutritional quality is reduced.

Drinking soup before meals may cause stagnation and affect appetite.

Therefore, it is not advisable to allow excessive soup before meals, it is best to drink a bowl after meals.

  For those who like to drink soup, they can cook styles that are easy to eat with “soup residue”, such as ravioli, especially high-protein “soup residue” such as minced meat, tofu, and eggs.

  High-nutrition soup 羹 recommended corn tofu 羹, West Lake beef 羹, egg flower minzhi lean broth, minzhi cream soup (with low-fat milk) 6 muscle exercises to help increase weight and increase the body’s muscle mass, rather than purely increase the body’sAunt, is the ideal weight gain.

Adding muscle instead of your aunt will make you stronger and more fit.

By increasing food intake without exercising, the body is prone to accumulate trace tissues rather than muscles.

  Therefore, when starting a fat gaining program, you should set up a set of exercise plans, especially to do more muscle exercises, such as lifting dumbbells, etc., effectively increase the body muscle mass.

In addition, exercise can relieve stress and increase appetite. It is most suitable for people who have an appetite due to stress.

  Finally, in a comfortable environment, playing melodious music and eating with relatives and friends can help improve appetite.

And let go of work and chores this weekend, keep a relaxed and happy state, and enjoy the food!

  If you really figure out how to eat to make full use of it, do not hinder referring to this menu and change the application yourself.

But remember, the rate of weight gain is “add half a kilo every two weeks”, don’t make yourself too fat all of a sudden!

Care for baby autumn diarrhea

Care for baby autumn diarrhea

Adjust your baby’s diet and arrange it properly.

For breast-fed children, the time of breastfeeding can be reduced, and half the amount of milk is appropriate.

Milk-fed babies are best fed with skimmed milk, and those with severe diarrhea can eat rice soup instead.

Stop adding supplementary foods and wait for the baby to recover for about a week before returning to the previous normal diet.

  Appropriate oral rehydration in infants has severe diarrhea, especially severe watery diarrhea, and fluid rehydration is needed to maintain electrolyte balance in the body. Commonly used oral rehydration is generally available in hospitals and pharmacies.

If you can’t buy it for a while, you can also prepare it yourself: fine salt 1.

75g, sugar 10g, warm water or warm rice soup 500ml.

Rehydration principle: if the baby does not lose water, take 20ml-40ml per kg of body weight, after 4 hours, take as much as you can after.

If the baby has dry lips and reduced urination, the fluid should be replenished at 50ml-80ml per kilogram of body weight.

  Note that the number of bowel movements of the clean baby at the front end increases, and the skin and mucous membranes around the anus must have different degrees of damage. Parents should pay special attention to the care of the anus.

After each defecation, wipe gently with soft toilet paper or a wet paper towel without alcohol. At the same time, baby’s diapers, diapers, clothing and bed sheets should be washed and disinfected in time.

Eat these foods to keep you away from wrinkles_1

Eat these foods to keep you away from wrinkles

Wrinkles are the enemy of women’s beauty. How to delay the appearance of wrinkles?

In fact, many foods in life have a good “modifying” effect on the skin.

For example, the skin needs a lot of protein, and you can eat soy products such as lean meat, milk, and tofu containing plant proteoglycans.

  Cook the cooked rice, pick the softer ones, knead it while it is hot but not too hot, rub it on your face until it becomes greasy, and remove the oil and dirt from the skin pores, then wash it with water.It can make the skin breathe and reduce wrinkles.

  Use old sows ‘hoofs (if you find old sows’ hoofs), wash them and cook them into ointment, slap your face when you go to bed at night, wash them off the next morning, and it will be obvious after half a monthAnti-wrinkle effect.

  Chondroitin sulfate, which has an important effect on the skin, is found in chicken skin and tube.

When eating chicken, boil the remaining chicken bones into soup (the chicken skin is best cooked together), which is rich in nutrition.

Drinking this soup often can eliminate wrinkles and make the skin delicate.

  After the banana is rotten, add half a tablespoon of olive oil, stir and mix well, and apply it on a wooden board to remove wrinkles; Watermelon peel is washed with water and rubbed, then rinsed with water to make the skin fresh and smooth;Mix loofah juice with alcohol and honey, spread the juice on a wooden board, and wash with water after drying.

In addition, there are cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, chestnuts and other fruits and vegetables that can be wrinkled.

  Tea is rich in chemical components, including tea polyphenols, theophylline (caffeine), aromatic compounds, impurities, proteins, various amino acids, vitamins, minerals and pectin, etc. It is a natural bodybuilding beverage.

  Drinking tea often can keep the skin smooth, white and tender, to a certain extent, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent a variety of skin diseases that affect the appearance.

Exercise function to make liver function normal

Exercise function to make liver function normal

Liver is drained, Xizhuda is up, Liver is all ventilated.

If the liver is mainstay, the liver qi stagnation, qi stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis can cause complications and even affect the deformation of each organ.

Practicing qigong can open the meridians and clear the Qi machine, thereby eliminating the influence of the cause from the essence.

  Sick people are often more susceptible to affection than the average person.

For example, they are more angry, anxious, crying, more frightened, more emotional, and emotionally unstable than most people.

The manifestation of these emotional abnormalities is also a pathological state to some extent, and these pathological mutations have aggravated the substitution, thereby forming a vicious circle.

Practicing Qigong makes the Qi machine smooth and smooth.

The evacuation function of the liver is good, and all the internal organs and their meridians will become normal, which will break the vicious cycle of disease.

According to a survey of more than 200 people who persist in practice, 90% of them feel that their emotions have stabilized after practice, their relationship with colleagues has improved, their families have become harmonious, and their condition has greatly improved.Functional performance.

Late autumn health carp with black beans and red dates

Late autumn health carp with black beans and red dates

The folk proverb says: “Spring pheasant, autumn carp, and summer sanni (catfish).

“In the autumn, the carp has fewer flesh and more flesh, and the meat is tender and delicious. It contains calcium and phosphorus nutrients, and it is the fattest in the fall.

Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of nourishing the spleen and lungs, and replenishing the liver and blood.

Black beans have the effects of strengthening the spleen and kidney, removing dampness and water, promoting blood circulation, clearing heat and detoxifying.

The two are supplemented with spleen and stomach, and Qi and Shengjin red dates as soup, which have the functions of strengthening the spleen and nourishing kidney, removing dampness and water, and at the same time assist the treatment of malnutrition edema, anemia, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, menopause syndrome and so on.

  Materials: 100 grams of black beans, 12 red dates, 1/4 of peel, 1 carp, 50 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking system: Wash everything separately.

The black bean skin is soaked, and the red dates are pitted; the carp are washed, fried until slightly yellow, and splashed into approximately clear water.

Together with pig lean meat, brown skin, add 2,000 ml of water (about 8 bowls), boil the fire and boil it for about 1 hour, then add salt.

For 3?
For 4 people.

Mosquitoes become more difficult to deal with 3 weapons to drive away mosquitoes

Mosquitoes become more difficult to deal with 3 “weapons” to drive away mosquitoes

At night, the pillows buzzed constantly, but they could only use electric mosquito coils and mosquito repellent water to go into battle; just go out the door, even in the office, and be bitten by two or three bales if they are not careful; they will hurt after being bittenItching for several days could not be cured, and some people even swelled their entire feet . People have talked that this year’s mosquitoes seem particularly fierce, and some people say that this year is “the year of mosquitoes.”
The British “Daily Mail” also recently published an article pointing out that this year’s phenomenon of mosquitoes is extraordinarily large. Experts said that this is because the wet spring coupled with the wet summer provided perfect conditions for mosquitoes to survive.
The World Health Organization states that mosquitoes are the number one killer of humans.
In the late summer and early autumn, mosquitoes bite more severely. How to prevent mosquitoes scientifically becomes a required course.
The density of mosquitoes in Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places has soared. Ms. Zhou suffered from mosquito bites and was often besieged with large bales on her hands, legs, and feet.
“The most annoying thing is that when the light is turned off, it ‘buzzes’, and when it is unbearable to turn on the light to prepare for a final battle with it, it is nowhere to be found!
“Grandma Yang, who lives in the Beijing community, also feels that this year’s mosquitoes are very powerful:” Electric mosquito coils do not work at all. Mosquitoes are still there. Last summer, they were not so serious.
“The mosquitoes that are raging are giving parents even more headaches.
A mother complained, “The mosquitoes especially bite the ground, always biting the child’s eyelids and soles.
A few days ago, the child’s head was bitten by a big bag, and he couldn’t get down for three or four days. He was really worried about getting the virus.
“The mosquito density monitoring data released by CDCs across the country shows that mosquito density has indeed increased in some areas this year.
The density of mosquitoes in Hubei Province from April to May this year was twice that of the same period last year; the density of mosquitoes in Chongqing Wanzhou from May to June was more than five times that of the same period of last year;The mosquito density has even increased 13 times compared to July last year.
Dermatologists say that there are some patients who are allergic to mosquito bites every year, and the number of patients this year is about the same as in previous years.
However, the situation in Chongqing is not optimistic. The Chongqing Children’s Hospital treated almost 4,000 mosquito bites in April this year, and some of them were more serious.
Mosquitoes are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. Experts say that there is no exact data to confirm that there are more mosquitoes this year than in previous years, but the density of mosquitoes has indeed increased in some areas with heavy rainfall and even rain distribution.
Some data confirm that with the rise in global temperature, the distribution of Aedes albopictus (also known as the “flower mosquito”), which originally lived in tropical areas, has become wider and wider in recent years, with both numbers and densities increasing.
This kind of mosquito can appear during the day, so many people think that “mosquitoes dare to bite people during the day,” and they feel that mosquitoes are getting more and more fierce.
Mosquito populations are constantly evolving, which makes them increasingly difficult to deal with.
Experts say that the essence of biological evolution is survival of the fittest.
In the fight against human beings, mosquitoes that fly slowly and sound loudly were killed, those with poor drug resistance were “smoked” to death, and the remaining “fighter” of the vampire family.
With the continuous use of anti-mosquito drugs, the mosquito’s drug resistance has generally increased, and the “aggressive force” has become stronger and stronger.
A study by the British Medical College found that mosquitoes are gradually “ignoring” DEET, a substance that is widely used in mosquito repellents and toilet water.
Three “weapons” to drive away mosquitoes Mosquitoes are the “number one killer” that threatens human health.
Dengue fever, which threatens 2.5 billion people worldwide, is transmitted by Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti, and 1 billion people in China are at risk of being infected.
Mosquitoes can also infect three diseases: malaria, chikungunya fever, and encephalitis, which pose a great threat to human health.
Experts remind scientific mosquitoes to learn to use three “weapons”.
Physical weapon: mosquito net.
Since ancient times, mosquito nets have been the most primitive and effective way to prevent mosquitoes.
Elderly people, young children, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases who are less resistant are suitable for mosquito nets.
The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that mosquito nets and trousers are the best way to protect children from mosquitoes.
Chemical weapon: DEET.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends DEET, Imanin (mosquito repellent), ecaride, and lemon eucalyptus leaf oil to drive mosquitoes.
However, Tianjin drug research experts reminded that although these “chemical weapons” are not much in the electric mosquito coils / liquids, they are pesticide-based components. When the concentration is too high, they may cause headaches and nausea.
Therefore, it is best to use it for 1 to 2 hours during the day when no one is at home.
Electronic weapons: mosquito killer.
In many communities, there are blue-purple insect-killing lamps. They use the phototaxis of insects to attract mosquitoes and then kill them with ultraviolet rays or electricity.
There are also some mosquito killing lamps that use carbon dioxide, temperature, odor, etc. as bait.
Experts caution that the fundamental way to avoid mosquito bites is to dislike them.Studies have shown that mosquitoes like the “taste” of carbonic acid. They also like people who have high body temperature, sweat easily, and love black clothes.

Therefore, when it is hot, wipe off the sweat in time, take a bath as soon as possible after exercise, use less perfume, body lotion and other cosmetics, try to wear less black clothes, and change the vase and hydroponic plants thoroughly once a week, so that you can start from the sourceGet rid of mosquitoes.

After being bitten by a mosquito, you can apply some alkaline substances such as soap, baking soda, etc. to the bite, or you can use a hot towel for a while.

It should be noted that the more itchy it gets after being bitten by a mosquito, and it is not easy to subside, it should be avoided as much as possible.

Just 15 minutes after being bitten, the headache and itchy sensation will disappear. You can apply some products such as wind oil essence, cooling oil, etc. to cool itching.



Anise star anise, belongs to Magnoliaceae.

“The smell is like cumin, it’s sweeter.

Farewell to the shape of cumin, the fruit split into eight petals.

One petal and one nucleus.

“But the fruit of another kind of poisonous plant, Mangweed, has a shape similar to that of eating anise, and it must be prevented from being repeatedly eaten.

  The taste is spicy, flat and non-toxic.

  Castor seeds and leaves contain volatile oils and are sweet.

The main ingredients in the oil are fennel brain, safrole, anisaldehyde, and anisinone.

  The function is mainly used to treat the kidneys, spleen and kidneys, adjust the pain, and stop vomiting.

  [大小便闭,肚腹胀气]  八角茴香7个,火麻仁15克为末,生葱白7个,同研烂,水煎服,一日2次。  [小肠疝气]  大茴香30克,积壳30克,焙燥研末,每服3~6克,温黄酒送下,一日2次。

Develop a good habit of organizing your children

Develop a good habit of organizing your children

[Introduction]If children can pack their belongings and toys, it is a kind of early inspiration.

Moms don’t ignore this important lesson in life.

Helping children establish their own habit of organizing things is good for children and parents.

  Cultivate children’s good habit of organizing things. I often hear some parents reject their children and lose sight of them, and often see some children being beaten by their parents for messing up their home.

  But often it ‘s a fight, a curse, a child scatters the bed with toys, and books are thrown all over the table . This seems to be a small problem in the child ‘s life, but it actually gives the child a life to learnEven future work brings too much trouble.

Because the chaos in life will lead to future learning and worklessness.

  How to make a lost child become a good habit of being organized, organized, and organized?

  First, fix the place where children put things. Give the children a fixed place. Families with conditions can give the children a special small cabinet to place the children’s books and toys, and ask the children to place textbooks, exercise books, toys in separate categories.We also need to help children hang some dolls and put some children’s paintings in it. This small world camp will be a displacement of a small world for children, and attract children to love and cherish this “small world”.

  Second, parents should take the lead in saying that Fan’s words and deeds affect the child’s fractures, and this impact is often subtle, and it is no exception in packing and organizing things.
Require the children’s shoes to be neatly arranged. First, don’t take off your shoes and throw them away. Ask the children to put the cabinet and the contents in place. First, they must arrange the items neatly.To return to the original, first of all you have to set an example.

  Third, cultivate the child’s habit of packing things. Parents should often educate their children to keep things in order, so that the children develop a good lifestyle of consciously packing things.

Parents must resolutely not let go of any behavior that is not in accordance with the regulations. Once found, they must immediately urge them to put them away in accordance with regulations.

Sometimes, children find their own stuff because of littering. Parents do n’t help the child find it first, and “punish” the child to feel the consequences of being out of order, then help the child.

  Older kids can remind them of the importance of packing in 4 ways1 and create a routine for daily cleaning.

The chaos caused by a day is usually easy to deal with, but the chaos added up every day makes the situation more and more uncontrollable!

The best way is to find a fixed time every day to perform daily cleaning.

For example, after dinner, or before changing to pajamas and going to bed, keep doing it.

At the beginning, you can participate in cleaning with your child to make this time more fun.

After a few weeks, the daily cleaning routine will become a habit, and the child’s frustration will decrease.

  2. If children have a lot of messy things, they usually mess up the room!

Take a good look at what was thrown on the carpet by your child. What’s okay if it’s gone?

Find a day when your child is not at home, disassemble all these toys and things, and throw away other unwanted things (or put these unwanted things in a box on the top floor or donate it to charity).

  Pack these things into boxes, laundry baskets, or tubs systematically, and mark the type or purpose of each thing, such as books, building blocks, stuffed dolls, and so on.

Also put together the supplies needed for children’s school and sports.

Install more jacket hooks or shoe racks in your child’s bedroom.

If there is a place for everything, it will be easier for him to keep the room clean and tidy.

  3. Take a big box and put it in the garage.

It is clearly marked as “Prison” with a black pen on the outside of the box.

Every night, the child is thrown in the house to pick up the mess, and then puts these things into this box.

Tell the child that he must pay a fine of ten yuan or do some housework to get these things out of prison.

  Please keep calm and perseverance, you will instead find that when children need to pay a fine to redeem their backpack, football shoes, homework or comic book, there will be less and less things you can pick up every night!!
(If you don’t like to use the method of fine money, you can punish him for housework.

The boxes are cleared every Saturday and if there are still things to redeem then those things will be thrown away.

) 4 You can take a strike.

If the child is over ten years old, tell him that you are no longer helping to clean up the chaos caused by others, and he will be responsible for his own things.

Add an important rule: if the house is chaotic, then you will always have his friend come to play; likewise, he cannot go to the friend’s house to play.

You will magically see that when the phone rings, the child can quickly clean up the room!