Liver blood stasis nails ruddy healthy nails 5 characteristics

Liver blood stasis nails ruddy healthy nails 5 characteristics

Many people may have had white spots on their nails, or they were easily broken, but they often did n’t care, but the appearance of these abnormal conditions is actually a warning sign of healthy red lights!

In the “Chinese Health Network” 5914 call physician, a netizen asked: “Does white spots appear on the nails?

“When the texture and color of the nails are abnormal, what kind of conditions does the body have? Let the Chinese medicine practitioners answer your questions.

  Nail health = Excessive liver blood. 5 characteristics. Self-examination. Physicians said that the health of nails has a great relationship with blood flow. As early as the Qin and Han dynasties, the ancestors knew that “the liver is the main tendon and its bloom is in the claws.”Toenails mean that if our liver blood is abundant, the nails will be tough and rosy, bright and shiny; if the liver blood is insufficient, the nails will become thin and easily broken, dull and dull.

  The color, shape, and gloss of the nails do reflect the health of the human body. Generally speaking, healthy nails have the following five characteristics: Feature 1: Healthy nails have a smooth surface, a uniform thickness, and the nails are firmly attached to the nail bed.No streaks, nail peeling, etc.

  Feature 2 / Shape The surface of the nail will be slightly curved. The length and width of the nail will be approximately the same without leaving the nail. When the index finger is viewed from the side, the angle of the nail length is about 160 degrees.

  Features Three / Color The nails are shiny and uniform, like smooth glass, and the color is healthy pink.

  Features Four / Crescent (half-month) The size and number of crescents are related to the growth rate of nails. Crescents that are small or small and “no” indicate poor health, but the sudden disappearance or appearance of crescents in a short time may be a problem with the thyroid.

  Feature 5: Microvascular backfill will press the edge of the nail to pale and then let it go. Should it be at 1?
Return to pink in 2 seconds.

  Relevant doctors pointed out that from the appearance, weight, and color of the nails, liver problems can be diagnosed (the liver in traditional Chinese medicine is not referring to insulin, but is responsible for regulating the distribution of blood and clearing blood and qi).Something went wrong.
However, if there are obvious changes in the nails within a short period of time, or some abnormality persists for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the underlying diseases, and it is recommended that further medical examinations be more secure.

  Condition 1: White spots on nails White spots on nails are usually common in people who are overtired and internally dysfunctional.

In addition, uneven diet lacks calcium and white spots on nails such as vitamins.

But if it is a collision and pressure on the white spots caused by nail injuries, don’t worry too much, the white spots will slowly disappear on their own.

  Condition 2 / Uneven nails Small pits on the nails can be a sign of arthritis, psoriasis or eczema.

If the nails show depressed horizontal lines, it is usually caused by severe systemic infections or severe emotional damage in some periods, which inhibits nail growth.

  Scenario 3: Nails are prone to fractures. In the case of insufficient nutrition or vitamin deficiencies, nails tend to be thin and easily broken.

However, the easy fracture of nails may also be related to trauma (manicure often), inflammation (psoriasis, connective tissue disease, hyperthyroidism), onychomycosis and other diseases.

  Condition 4 / Striped vertical lines on nails Striped vertical lines on nails may be related to heredity and aging. Occasionally, they appear on malnourished people, and they are usually not a problem.

  Condition 5: The color of the nail is abnormal. Because the nail itself is transparent, the color of the nail actually reflects the blood color of the nail bed. Generally, it will show a healthy pink color, but when the blood flow in the body changes, the color of the nail will also change.If the following 4 colors appear, pay special attention: 1.

Dark brown: May be kidney disease.


White: May be caused by iron deficiency anemia, women should pay special attention.


Fuchsia: May suffer from autoimmune disease “scleroderma”.


Black: Be especially vigilant when your nails turn black. May be melanoma.

  [Physician Dingding 咛]: Everyone should also know that in fact, it is difficult to judge which viscera is the problem only by the abnormality of the nails. There are too many interference factors because there is too little information, such as the working environment.Status, can only understand the physical condition.

In general, it is necessary to combine other symptoms and manifestations, and look at the four diagnoses of “look, smell, ask, and cut” in order to accurately understand the health status.

Medicinal diet for indigestion

Medicinal diet for indigestion

Indigestion is common in Western medicine for chronic colitis, chronic gastritis and other diseases, and its causes of “diarrhea” in traditional Chinese medicine are often caused by insufficient congenital endowments, eating disorders, exogenous dampness, etc., light diet treatment can see good results.

  10 grams of yam lotus seed porridge, 10 grams of lotus seeds, 30 grams of barley, 10 jujubes, 100 grams of rice.

Eat with porridge, suitable for diarrhea with weak spleen and kidney.

  50 grams of lentils, rice porridge, 30 grams of white lentils, and 50 grams of rice.

Cooking porridge is especially suitable for summer wet resistance diarrhea.

  Hawthorn jujube tea 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of fried malt, 5 grams of atractylodes, 10 jujubes.

Decoction, substitute tea, suitable for bloating and diarrhea.

  Chinese yam jujube porridge 20 grams, jujube 10 grams, yam 20 grams, previous rice 50 grams, brown sugar amount.

The jujube is pitted, boiled with porridge and yam, and previously cooked with porridge, seasoned with an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

Serve in three servings.

For spleen and stomach qi deficiency, diarrhea due to lack of food, fatigue, can often eat.

A diet can help treat rheumatoid arthritis

A diet can help treat rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious health stubborn disease. The main symptoms are swelling and soreness of the affected joints, localized skin temperature increase, reddish skin, joint pain, and sometimes joint symptom, especially in symptom onset.Large joints such as knees, fractures, elbows, and wrists are often violated. Hospital examinations, rapid erythrocyte sedimentation rate, positive “O”, conversion, and some patients also have mild fever, rapid pulse and myocarditis, dermatitis, etc.It is a systemic collagen tissue disease and a systemic allergic reaction caused by hemolytic streptococcal infection.

  Rheumatism was called rehabilitation in ancient times, and it belongs to the “biosis” and “calendar wind” parts. This disease is mostly due to insufficient human righteousness, instable health, and joints receiving wind, cold, damp, heat and other evil qis, blocking the meridians and affecting jointsFlexion and extension make the veins urgent, local or swollen or swollen and hot deformed.

It is especially common in climate-changing areas. The dry and wet conditions of the environment are closely related to the stopping and development of the disease. The disease should be comprehensively treated. At the same time as Western and Chinese medicine treatment, if it can be supplemented with diet and medicineBath treatment will receive better results.

  A Chinese medicine diet for rheumatoid arthritis is related to diet. Vegetarian food can help relieve its swelling and pain. Eating animals can cause the disease to worsen. It is said that patients with this disease should avoid eating hair products such as roosters, carps, cattle, and sheep.Carnivorous proteins, such as milk and meat, are aggravated by the presence of arthritis-promoting agents, which can cause allergies. Fatty meat, high animal stools and high cholesterol foods should be avoided because they can inhibit T lymphocyte function and promote joints.It is proved that vegetables can alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the disease is caused by wind, cold, wetness, and evil. Therefore, food therapy often replaces wind-dispelling, cold-dispelling, humidifying, and warming products, such asLeeks, parsley, shallots, celery, rapeseed, pepper, barley, papaya and other foods, according to the symptoms, syndrome differentiation, interventional medicated treatment, Chinese medicine divides rheumatoid arthritis into wind, cold, dampness and heat (Acute rheumatic fever) type IV.

  Wind Bi: It is caused by wind evil. The wind is good and it changes a lot. Therefore, this type of joint has painful joints. It is also called “Xing Bi”. It should be used for medicinal diets such as removing wind and collaterals and dispersing cold and humidity.醪: Wash 50 grams of Wujiapi, add some water to soak, cook, and take the decoction once every 30 minutes for a total of two times, then cook the decoction with 500 grams of glutinous rice, put in glutinous rice, and allow to cool.Add the right amount of koji, mix well, ferment into wine, eat with meals in appropriate amounts, Wujiapi can remove wind and dehumidify joints, and pupa is wine or the like, which can expel cold through blood, eat this product often, and strengthen bones and bones,Relieves joint pain.

  Cold bile: due to cold and cold, local fear of cold, up and down, cold main attracted, local restraint, hot and cold, get warm and comfortable, this type is mainly pain, the pain is like a thorn, the pain does not moveTherefore, it is also called “pain pain”. It should be warmed and scattered cold, supplemented with medicinal diet for removing wind and dampness, such as tiger bone papaya wine: 3 grams of dog bone (oil mustard), 9 grams of papaya, 12 grams of atractylodes, and 12 grams of mulberry., Wujiapi, Angelica, Gastrodia elata, Sichuan achyranthes, safflower, Chuanxiong 3 grams each, Qinliao, windproof 1 each.

5 grams, 100 grams of rock sugar, 1000 grams of white wine, put the medicine in the same wine, sealed and soaked 3?
Can be taken after 4 months, 1 warm serving each time?
2 羹, 2 times a day, this product is used for cold and bone pain, hands and feet are not warm, tendons and veins are constricted, waist and knees are weak, with caution for those who are hot or yin deficiency.

  Wetness: Wetness due to inadequate diet, weak digestion of the spleen and stomach, or living in, exposed to rain, wetness, and wet invasion affecting joints, so that restraint cannot be flexed and stretched, inconvenience, mainly limbs,Called “Zhanbi”, it is advisable to use Lishi Tongluo, supplemented with medicinal diet to remove wind and dispel cold, such as Qiang’s Snake Broth: 250g of snake meat, 40g of pepper, seasoning with salt, appropriate amount of ginger, stew soup, daily1 dose, used for several days, the snake meat can dampen and melt the collaterals, pepper can disperse warmly and coldly, and often eat this product, which has a certain effect on unfavorable joint extension.

  Heat paralysis: Acute rheumatic fever, joint redness, burning, pain, refusal to press, and a series of heat syndromes such as fever and bad wind, sweating, thirst, short urine, etc.Products, such as coix seed loofah porridge, coix seed 150g, mint 15g, tempeh 50g, luffa 100g, wash the mint and tempeh, add 1500ml water, fry for about 10 minutes after boiling, and remove the juice to remove the residue.Coix seed, loofah is poured into the pot, add the medicinal sauce, cook until it is cooked and rotten. After seasoning, eat it on an empty stomach.The product can relieve redness, swelling and pain of heat.

  Traditional Chinese medicine bath therapy Traditional Chinese medicine bath therapy is a combination of drug therapy and water bath therapy. It is based on the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. It selects certain Chinese medicine to make decoction.Through the mechanical stimulation and warming effect of water on the human body, as well as pharmacological effects, it exerts a therapeutic effect. The characteristics of this method are that the drug directly contacts the hospital, and has less toxic and side effects than oral Chinese medicine, and has a wide range of treatment.

It is used for liver and kidney deficiency, rheumatism and spinal cord disease of ankylosing spine and ankylosing spondylitis. It can be used: prickly seed powder, daffodil, epimedium, tripterygium powder 400 g each, pouch filledMouth spare, this product can not only tonic, but also Tongluo palsy, strong muscles and bones, swelling and pain relief Ququ extension.


It is used for cold and damp arthritis and chronic low back and leg pain. Available: solitary living, cricket living, cinnamon stick, Chuanwu powder, aconite powder, safflower 300 grams each. Fill the medicine bag with the powder, tie it for later use, this product can dispel cold.Dispels dampness, warms the meridians and collaterals, and the general does not hurt, so it has obvious effects on rheumatism and arthralgia of cold coagulation meridians.


It can be used for rheumatoid arthritis and gouty arthritis. It can be used: making pomegranate powder, daffodil, Qin Qin, Poria, Poria, and every 400 grams of scabs, broken into powder, filled with cloth bags, and tied up for backup., Ma Qianzi, Sanjie swelling, Tongluo analgesic; Yangjinhua analgesic and analgesic; Qin Huan, Poria cocos, Paeonia lactiflora, Huoxin, dehumidification and water relieving, analgesic, so it is effective for swelling of arthritis and morning stiffness of rheumatoid disease.
  Choose different lotions according to different symptoms, put the tied medicine bag into a 1000 liter stainless steel bucket, add 800 liters of water and soak for about 10 hours, and then boil for 20 minutes. Put boiling medicine in each bathtub100 liters of liquid, and then add 100 liters of tap water, until the temperature drops to the point where the bath can be immersed (usually at 37?
44 ℃), immerse the whole body in the pool, move the joints of the limbs, massage the parts at the same time, soak for 30 minutes each time, once a day, 10 times as a course of course, if there is bleeding, high fever, infectious disease, acute purulent disease, heartVascular disease, glaucoma, severe liver and kidney disease, and pregnant women are more common. Women’s menstrual periods, water baths, bathing time, should choose 30 after meals?
For 60 minutes, if discomfort or abnormal sensation occurs during treatment, the treatment should be terminated, and wind and cold should be avoided after bathing.

  In addition to diet therapy and medicated bath therapy, psychotherapy is also needed. First, patients should be made aware of the nature of the disease, in order to enhance their confidence in fighting the disease, and be prepared to fight the disease for a long time, so as to mobilize the patient’s subjective initiative and avoidUse the patient’s own potential to achieve proper nutritional supplements in addition to taboos in life, strengthen physique, improve resistance, keep warm, avoid cold stimuli, and perform functional exercises of joints within the scope of the ability, although rheumatism is a stubborn disease,However, it can be conquered.

Best way to eat: stewed lamb with tempeh can nourish kidney

Best way to eat: stewed lamb with tempeh can nourish kidney

Since ancient times, there has been a proverb, “Eat three bucks a day, why do I need to take medicine for years?” It means that if you can eat beans every day, you can effectively fight disease.

But there are many types of beans and various cooking methods. How can I easily and quickly eat nutritious beans every day?

TCM experts recommend several best ways to eat: Eat more soy products. When soybeans are processed into tofu, dried tofu, and tofu skin, the calcium content increases significantly.

For example, 100 grams of tofu contains 164 mg of calcium, 100 grams of dried tofu contains 308 mg of calcium, and 100 grams of tofu silk contains 204 mg of calcium, and soy products are also very convenient to eat.

Of course, drinking a sufficient amount of soy milk daily has the same effect.

Daily diet: Soybean stew trotters can be used for beauty and calcium supplementation. Pregnant women can eat milk after eating.

  Adzuki bean rice porridge Adzuki bean makes a porridge, which is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients and has a smoother taste.

With rice has spleen and blood, dehumidification effect.

Drinking red bean porridge often, to promote heart health, is especially suitable for menopausal women.

Daily diet prescription: Red beans, catfish, and carp are boiled into a soup, which can strengthen the spleen and hydrate.

  Mung bean paste boiled mung bean soup in the summer to clear the heat and relieve heat has become a habit of people’s lives.

But in fact, mung beans are made into mung bean paste to eat, in addition to adding more vitamins A, B, and C, they can also add more fiber.

Mung bean paste is also very convenient to make. Wash the mung beans, add an appropriate amount of water, and use a soybean milk machine to beat for 10 minutes.

You can also add a small amount of sugar according to personal taste to make a nutritious and delicious dessert.

Daily diet: Mung beans stewed with kelp and celery can lower blood pressure and blood lipids.

  Douyu, mutton stew with soy sauce, soy sauce and other delicious condiments are made of black beans. Compared with other beans, its biggest advantage is tonifying the kidney and nourishing yin and blood.

Daily diet: Black beans stewed with mutton and dog meat can nourish kidney yang, especially for those with kidney deficiency.

In addition, black beans are also known as “black hair ladies”, soymilk and tofu made with it are good foods for patients with early white hair and hair loss.

  Pea ham fried rice with pea beans is a good hand to nourish the liver and nourish Qi, contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can enhance the human body’s immunity.

Daily diet: Fried peas with fish fillet, shrimp or pork belly can help liver and spleen.

  Kidney beans stewed pork ribs are divided into white kidney beans and red kidney beans.

Red kidney beans support the heart, and white kidney beans replenish qi.

Daily diet prescription: Kidney beans cooked with spring onions and garlic to enhance the body’s immunity.

Kidney bean stewed pork ribs, relieve tired and delicious.

7 bad habits before bedtime

7 bad habits before bedtime

Every night, when we abandon our work troubles, get rid of our exhaustion, and return home, we are eager to make the most of our personal time to do a lot of things.

But in fact, some seemingly ordinary habits may make us more tired.

This issue of “Life Times” comprehensively researches abroad, and interviews Shi Ming, a well-known sleep expert and deputy director of Shanghai TCM Insomnia Medical Collaboration Center, reminding everyone to ensure that the next day is full of energy.Do it.

  Don’t play with mobile phones Many people spend their nights in bed playing mobile games, watching news, or making phone conversations with friends. This can’t be relaxed, but it can lead to fatigue.

A recent study published in the United States “Prevention” magazine, as long as someone uses a smartphone for 20 minutes after 9 pm, fatigue levels will be significantly increased, and it will even affect the noteworthy concentration of work the next day.

A survey of 2000 people in the United Kingdom found that 50% of people go online at least one and a half hours after going to bed each night, which changes the sex and sleep time, reduces the communication and communication between couples, and may affect couples ‘feelings.damage.

Therefore, it is best to turn off the mobile phone or keep it away from the bedroom every day after 9 pm.

  Don’t watch exciting TV shows at 11pm?
6am is the golden sleep time. In order to ensure good sleep, it is best to go to bed before 11am.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sleep first, then sleep, you must calm your heart first, go to sleep in advance, and then close your eyes to sleep, so as to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Therefore, it is best to avoid excessive excitement after 9 pm, do not watch tight plots, fierce film and television dramas, shoot-out movies, do not perform karaoke, mahjong and other activities that make the cerebral cortex more active, otherwise the excitement of the brain cannot be closed in timeFalling off will cause difficulty falling asleep, or repeated dreaming at night, and you will feel groggy and unconscious after waking up the next day.

Before going to sleep, you can listen to soothing music and read books to help sleep.

  Do not eat calcium tablets, vitamin supplements Many people will take calcium tablets, multivitamins and other health nutrition products before going to bed, but these will also add more burden to the stomach, which will lead to poor rest.

It is recommended to take it with three meals.

In principle, other medicines and supplements should not be taken after 9 pm unless the doctor instructs them to take them at night.

In addition, when a person sleeps, the body’s metabolic functions are also in a sleep state, and some organ functions also begin to “rest”, which is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

  Don’t eat supper. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “stomach discomfort is uneasy.”

Gastrointestinal comfort and gentleness can ensure good quality sleep.

Therefore, it is best not to eat anything more than two hours before bedtime, so as not to cause increased gastric acid secretion and bring more burden to the stomach.

If you feel particularly hungry before bedtime, you can eat a light diet, such as a slice of whole wheat bread.

In addition, do not eat too much dinner, 70% to 80% full, do not overheat, it should be light, millet porridge is a good choice.

Eat less gas-producing foods such as potatoes, onions, beans, and Chinese cabbage, and do n’t eat spicy foods such as peppers and garlic to avoid gastrointestinal upset and affect sleep quality.

  Don’t drink a lot of water Before going to bed, it is best not to drink a lot of water, especially those who are prone to get up at night, otherwise going to the toilet in the middle of the night will interfere with sleep.

If you are thirsty, take a small sip.

Many people have the habit of drinking milk at night. In order to avoid getting up at night, they can drink a little in advance or just drink half a glass of milk.

Foods containing caffeine can stimulate the nervous system and have a certain diuretic effect. They are a common cause of insomnia, so it is best not to drink coffee after 9pm.

Drinking before bedtime has been considered by many people to promote sleep, but studies have shown that although it can make people fall asleep quickly, it keeps the sleep condition in the light sleep period, and it is difficult to enter the deep sleep period.

  Don’t do cardiovascular exercise. Moderate exercise helps sleep, but try to finish your exercise before 9pm.

1 before bed?
Don’t do running, playing ball, dancing and other speed exercise for 2 hours, otherwise it will cause the brain to be excited. Although it feels easy to fall asleep, it will affect the quality of sleep.

Before going to bed, you can do some gentle and stepwise exercises to calm down slowly. You can also rub your belly, rub your waist, and press the points like Yongquan, Baihui, Neiguan, etc.Middle-aged and elderly.

Waist rubbing is a good exercise. First, put your hands against the palms of your hands until you get fever, and then rub your waist from left to right through cotton sweaters until you get fever, which can promote sleep and have health care functions.

  Do n’t think too much work. Too many people are used to thinking about one day ‘s life before going to bed, and then start thinking about the work plan for the next day. Some people even remind themselves repeatedly that “Tomorrow has important meetings to start, and you must sleep today”Good”, but often the results are often contrary to expectations, and eventually it is difficult to fall asleep.

Human brain cognition also needs to be fully rested in order to be fully prepared for the next day’s work. One of the important components is to be completely out of work the night before, which can also help people to stay away from it psychologically.Work stress helps the brain distinguish between physical recovery activities such as work and sleep.

It’s best not to think about anything when you sleep. If you want to review today and plan tomorrow, it is best to record these things before 9 o’clock, and then go to bed.

Bleeding gums are a big deal

Bleeding gums are a big deal

Few people think that bleeding gums is a big problem, can it be solved without a mouthwash?

  However, Li Weili, chief physician of the Department of Stomatology, Peking University Third Hospital, highlighted that healthy gums are not easy to bleed. If you regularly brush and bleed, it must be a problem with your gums.

  Associate Professor Wan Huchun, Department of Oral and Comprehensive Therapy, West China Stomatological Hospital, Sichuan University believes that “people often make gums repeatedly rub while talking and eating, coupled with the effects of oral bacteria and the stimulation of local unclean factors such as calculus and tartar.Causes bleeding gums.

Even over time, it will evolve into periodontal disease.

At this time, once bacteria have swollen and broken capillaries, they may cause diseases of the heart, lungs, nasopharynx, head and face, and blood and reproductive system.

“Moreover, it is worth reminding that if gum bleeding is unstoppable, it may be the first symptom or specific manifestation of systemic disease.

Such as leukemia, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura and other diseases.

Therefore, you should be highly vigilant for sudden, unexplained bleeding from your gums, and it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  So, how to prevent and respond to gum bleeding?

Li Weili believes that developing good oral hygiene habits is the first step, and it is recommended to develop a good habit of brushing your teeth once in the morning and before bed, 3 minutes each, and gargle after meals.

The toothbrush used should be relatively soft. Use horizontal tremor to brush your teeth.

  That is, when brushing the teeth, the bristles of the tooth are upward, when brushing the teeth, the bristles of the tooth are downward, the brush head is inclined to the gum at a 45-degree angle, and the horizontal tremor is 6-8 times each.

In order to better clean the interdental space, especially for patients with gingival obesity, it is best to use dental floss every morning. At the same time, you should eat less hard food and supplement vitamin C to reduce the risk of gum atrophy and avoid vitamin deficiency.C causes systemic bleeding (scurvy).

  ”When the gums bleed, you must clean your mouth or wash your teeth regularly to remove the environment for bacterial growth and reproduction. You can use soft paper or cotton swabs to remove blood stains, rinse your mouth with water, and then completely remove tartar and tartar.Teeth and food impactions usually stop bleeding smoothly.

Wan Huchun said that because of gingivitis and periodontitis are mainly caused by anaerobic bacteria infection, for patients with obvious inflammation, antibiotics should also be used to control the infection and eliminate local replacement.

Are you annoying playing games with your children?

Are you annoying playing games with your children?

Since you have a baby, your life is full of joy and happiness, but at the same time, you also have a lot of responsibilities. You have to make more money to raise your baby and provide a good physical environment for your baby. When your child is sick, you are even more upset at that time .… In terms of life will upset you, will you “dislike” trouble playing games with your children?

The following scenarios you may have experienced, what do you think?

      You take your child to the downstairs garden to play the ball. You wanted to accompany him to play and teach him a little “skill”, but he throws the ball around.

At first you have n’t found any troubles. As time goes by, you ‘ve “picked” the ball, and you feel “annoyed”; you took your child to the beach to play with sand, and you wanted him to learn how to use tools, but he stillI did n’t let you teach him how to play, but it turned out to be “dirty” and you were very annoyed; you wanted to cultivate the consciousness that your child would help people from an early age, you asked him to help you peel your beans, but he did everythingHelping to get the beans everywhere, you feel “troubled” again . ★ When you play games with your children, you may be “suspected” for one of the following reasons?

      A, the child is too young to teach him what to play, and it takes too much time to learn. It is too much trouble to teach. The teacher will teach him after he goes to kindergarten.

Some things, children will naturally be older, why teach now, it is too much trouble!

      B, sometimes the child’s favorite things are too dirty, a little sand, it is too much trouble to clean him, so I do n’t like to play games of this type for him; C, I wanted to infiltrate some educational content during the game, but the child ‘s concentrationToo bad, a trick for a while, do not know how he wants to play, watching him “blind” playing really upset.

      D, some games are too easy for children to excite, some sports games.

Afraid of his hyperactivity, so he can’t play with the child.

      Do you agree with the above statement?

If your thoughts are similar to those created above, you can also find your problem.

    ★ Are you some type of parent?

      (1) If your ideas are similar to Type A parents, you may be a parent who avoids difficulties.

Don’t feel that many abilities will naturally be possessed as the child grows up. Children’s many excellent abilities and qualities require parents to help their children build and improve.

A small child does not mean that the child does not need education and help. What you need to know is that no matter how old the child is, you are fully responsible for your child’s education. Do not shirk your responsibility to anyone or any institution.

Don’t think that educating children is a kind of “trouble”. If you try to do it, you will find that the child is full of wisdom.

      (2) If your ideas are similar to Type B parents, you may have too high requirements for your child’s living environment.

There is no difference between children’s exploration of surrounding objects and clean and dirty. What we need to teach children is how to deal with objects or toys when they are not clean, and what to do if their hands or clothes are moved, instead of restricting their movements.Facing children’s level of knowledge and exploration.

      (3) If your thoughts are similar to Type C parents, I would like to remind you that you must have absolute patience with your children and pay attention to mastering the methods of guiding your children to participate in the game.

In fact, we teach children to learn some tricks or certain actions, not to pursue results too much, and ignore the joyful feeling that games bring to children.

Therefore, what these parents need is how to make their children feel happy in the process of playing, and then they have to master certain actions and incorporate certain educational indicators.

      (4) If your thoughts are similar to those of D-type parents, I will tell you clearly that as long as the game arrangement is reasonable and scientific, any game will not make children hyperactive.

It is normal for children to show special excitement in sports games, which is needed for children’s physical development.

Parents need to figure out what to schedule for their children to play games, and how long to play each time, rather than limiting their needs.

      ★ Why do children like to play games?

      Children like to play games because “I want to play” rather than “I want to play”. Games are active, spontaneous, and voluntary activities of children. It must not be forced, urged, or restricted.

Again, the purpose of the child’s participation in the game is mainly to “play” and to get “happiness” from playing, rather than something other than the game (such as prizes in your hands, improving abilities, etc.).

      Therefore, no matter what activities the child participates in, you should not first judge “the educational purpose of the activity, will the child’s clothes be changed”, etc., before deciding not to allow the child to participate, let alone restrict the child’sMeans or methods of activities, because this purpose is for parents, not children, we must respect the purpose and reason for children to participate in the game.

You should consider your child’s safety-whether the child really likes the activity, whether he has shown a high level of interest and is happy in this activity.

      The child’s physical ability and intelligence are developing. Those games or activities that allow the child to experience a sense of mastery and control can enable the child to form a positive learning consciousness, experience a healthy lifestyle, and actively participate in othersSocial interaction.

On the contrary, a sedentary lifestyle and a stressful environment can lead to poor physical health.

Only by playing games in the form of babies will babies gradually strengthen their abilities in all aspects.

    Therefore, when accompany children, first ask parents not to put too much pressure on themselves, do not use the so-called book, test, expert standards to ask the child to what extent.

Creating a fun environment for children is most important, so that you don’t find it “troublesome” to play with your children.

    ★ To parents, parents need special patience in the process of growing up with their children.

The distortion you are concerned about is whether the effect of education is “immediate”, and more importantly, whether it gives children happiness?

      Only a child who grows up in happiness is a “real health” child. Only with “real health” can a child develop intellectual development .

Chinese cabbage has medicinal value

Chinese cabbage has medicinal value

In addition to being used as a vegetable, cabbage has medicinal value.

  Chinese medicine believes that cabbage has a sweet taste, has heat-clearing and annoying, thirst-relieving, diuretic, and Tongli gastrointestinal effects. Eating cabbage often can prevent vitamin C deficiency (scurvy).

  There are also folk recipes for treating colds with cabbage. The method is to use cabbage roots and brown sugar, ginger slices, decoction, or three cabbage roots, seven green onion roots, fried water and brown sugar.Sweat and cold are getting worse.

  Wash the Chinese cabbage and chop the thick soup, wash the frostbite affected area before going to bed every night, and even wash it for several days to get the wind effect.

  Cabbage seeds can hangover. For those who are not drunk, they can use “Jiahuashui” (that is, the well water that has just been pumped from a well) to make it effective.

  For people with qi deficiency and cold stomach, it is not advisable to eat more cabbage to avoid nausea and foaming.

  If you eat too much, use ginger.

Congee destroyed red nose

Congee “destroyed” “red nose”

Lugan Zhuru porridge: Take 150 grams of fresh reed root, 20 grams of Zhuru, 60 grams of japonica rice.
Wrap the reed root and bamboo ru with rice cloth to make porridge with japonica rice, and take it twice a day for half a month as a course of treatment.
For rosacea and erythema.
  Portulaca oleracea porridge: 30 grams each of Portulaca oleracea and Coix kernel, 15 grams of honeysuckle.
Fry honeysuckle in 3 bowls to 2 bowls with water, remove residue, add purslane and barley porridge to make porridge, 1 dose daily, should be consumed continuously.
Suitable for rosacea, pimples and pimples.
  Silver Flower Zhimu Porridge: Take 9 grams of honeysuckle, 15 grams of Zhimu, 30 grams of gypsum, 60 grams of japonica rice.
Boil honeysuckle, Zhimu and gypsum for 20 ~ 30 minutes, discard the residue and take the juice, then cook with rice to make porridge. Take it once a day for 7 days as a course of treatment.
Suitable for all phases of rosacea.

Farewell Strawberry Nose Popular Beauty Nose Strategy

Farewell Strawberry Nose Popular Beauty Nose Strategy

In the beauty rivers and lakes, the perfection of the nose has always maintained an unattainable height.

There are superfluous beauty experts on the Internet who selflessly disclosed their tricks to “fight” with blackheads.

In order to let everyone brighten their eyes and wave away the strawberry nose, here are the five most popular nose beauty methods on the Internet.


hzh {display: none; }  美鼻第1计 溶字诀  计策要诀 :港台美女喜欢用含有 10%~15% 果酸的凝胶或乳液作为睡眠面膜,在睡前敷在鼻子部位,慢慢Dissolve blackheads.
  Testimonials: It’s safe, it will take time for the blackheads to disappear!

  Expert tips: dissolution is feasible, but do not DIY fruit acid.

Fruit acid and salicylic acid can dissolve oils and clean dirt. This method is practical for removing blackheads, and the effect may be slower.

Don’t worry about fruit acid causing skin discomfort, because the oily nose has a thicker sebum layer and is “tolerant”.

The concentration of fruit acid must be below 15%, it is best not to DIY fruit acid gel.

  Nose No. 2 Scrubbing Tips: Use a cleansing oil or BABY oil to patiently rub, rub, and rub on the nose to achieve the effect of oil-soluble oil, let the cleansing oil transport deep pores, and rub blackheadcome out!

  Testimonials: You can do it together when removing makeup, it is recommended for lazy people!

  Expert tips: Can eliminate blackheads on the surface, but deep cleaning is not enough.

Makeup remover is an oil-soluble cleansing product, while the body’s dirt breaks down into water and oil.

Sweat is “water-based dirt”, while oil and acne are “oily dirt”.

Cleansing oil can remove “oily dirt”, the effect is good, but it is powerless for water-based dirt.

In addition, makeup remover oil is difficult to reach deep in the pores, and the root cause of blackheads is completely eliminated. Therefore, with this method, it is necessary to cooperate with thorough and deep skin cleansing.

  Nose No. 3 Extraction Tips for Beauty Nose Tips: Use the plant dew or essential oil products to make the blackheads float out automatically, and then use small tweezers to pull out the blackheads.

This is the method used by many beauty salons, which is gentle and enjoyable.

  Testimonial: Effective conversion of essential oils, but not easy to pull out!

  Expert Tips: Not very applicable to people with small blackheads.

Essential oil products have small molecules, high permeability, and natural ingredients with low sensitivity and low irritation, which are the best choices for softening keratin.

But if you want to deal with stubborn blackheads, the choice of essential oil products is very important. Don’t follow the trend blindly.

  Nose No. 4 Washing Tips and Tips for Beauty Nose: FANCL Blackhead Mask, Green Clay, Queen Helen . These are all blackhead stars on the forum.

Use the mask to clean the deep pores, wash it off after washing, and you can get a clean nose!

  Testimonials: Step by step pores are clean, and blackheads run naturally!

  Expert tips: cleansing masks cure the symptoms, and dry skin is also suitable.

Blackheads and acne are horny, and a cleansing mask can destroy its structure.

Clay and other ingredients can suck out the oils deep in the pores, which is both safe and effective.

People with dry skin do not have to refuse, just use a cleansing mask as a part around the nose.

  No. 5 Tips for Beauty Words Tips: Use black nose stickers or tear-type masks to remove blackheads!

The slight pain in turn makes people feel clean and happy, and sometimes even the blackheads that are torn off can be seen, which has a unique sense of accomplishment.

  Testimonials: It hurts a bit, but blackheads are reduced in an instant!

  Expert Tips: It’s best to use for emergencies and don’t complement each other.

Nose patches and tear-off masks are actually suitable for people with severe blackheads