Baby’s Beautiful Hair: Heredity + Care

Baby’s Beautiful Hair: Heredity + Care

Hair growth rules Hair follicles. Hair growth that has been fully developed during the fetal period is inseparable from hair follicles. The presence of hair follicles is a substitute for ensuring hair growth and replacement.

As early as the 10th week of development, the hair follicles started to develop, and by the 22nd week, the hair follicles were fully developed and all grew out.

Therefore, the density of hair follicles is innately generated.

  Long and long, we all know that if you do n’t cut your hair, it will grow longer.

It is determined that the hair grows at a rate of zero length per day.


4 mm.

According to this calculation, the hair is about 1 month long?

5 cm, about 10 years long?
20 cm.

You may have to ask: Can hair grow unlimitedly with this algorithm?


Hair does not grow like this all the time, and even has a certain growth pattern. This is the hair growth cycle.

  The hair growth cycle can be divided into three phases: growth phase, degenerative phase and resting phase.

Hair growth period is 1?
7 years with a regression period of 2?

4 weeks with a rest period of about 3 months.

So, a person’s hair growth is basically like this: about 85%?
90% of the time is in the growth phase, about 1% is in the degenerative phase, 9%?
At rest 14% of the time.

  When the hair is at rest, when we wash our hair, comb it, or scratch our scalp, the hair will be replaced.

The average person reduces about 20 a day?
100 hairs.

  Within half a year, babies who suffer from physiological hair loss within 6 months will experience physiological hair loss. There are three types of hair loss: the most common is baldness in the occipital region of newborns.Occurred, only after the birth into the resting period, hair loss occurred during the resting period.

The second case is the forehead to the top of the hair on both sides. The hair in this part has been placed once in the womb, but the rest of the hair enters the resting period and does not fall. It begins to fall after birth, but it is not nearly like the pillow tribal hair.All bald, just a few sparse.

  Most of these two situations occur after the baby is born 8?
12 weeks.

Another possible form of hair loss is widespread, thinning hair loss across the head, which usually occurs during the neonatal period.

  Each baby’s new growth rate is different, from fast to slow, but generally around the age of age, the entire head of the baby will grow hair.

  Good hair development plan Although the baby’s hair has innate genetic factors in it, the day after tomorrow’s care can also play a role.

If you take care of them, they will definitely give you a satisfactory return.

Try it.

  Washing your hair frequently to keep your hair clean can stimulate the scalp, avoid itching, blistering, and even infection, thereby promoting hair growth.

Because the baby’s growth and development speed is very fast, the metabolism is very strong, so it is best to wash his head once a day before 6 months. The weather is hot and sweaty, you can wash it once more; after 6 months, you can change it to2?Wash your hair once every 3 days.

Baby should be replaced with pure, mild, non-irritating baby shampoo. When shampooing, gently massage your baby’s scalp with your fingers and belly. Do not rub your hair with force to prevent it from being tangled and difficult to comb.
  Frequent combing of the hair can stimulate the scalp, promote local blood circulation, and help hair growth.

It is best to use a flexible and soft rubber comb to comb your baby’s hair, so as not to damage the baby’s immature scalp.

In addition, you should comb along the direction of natural hair growth, and keep consistent action and force.

The weak girl of the little girl cannot be tied too tightly, nor can she force her baby’s hair to the opposite direction for the sake of beauty.

If you like to split your baby’s hair, you should change the location every few days, otherwise, the hair will be relatively thin in some parts.

  Nutritional balance Comprehensive and balanced nutrition, can supply hair roots through blood circulation, make hair grow stronger and more beautiful.

Therefore, be sure to add complementary foods to your baby by the age of the month to allow the baby to accept a variety of foods and avoid developing a bad eating habits of picky eaters and picky eaters.

The diet must ensure the intake and matching of various foods such as milk, lean meat, fish, eggs, shrimp, soy products, fruits and vegetables, iodine-rich laver, and kelp should be often given to babies, and the vitamins and minerals should be properly takensubstance.

  The baby’s brain is not mature enough, and it is very easy to fatigue. If you don’t sleep well, you will be prone to physiological disorders, which will cause your baby to have poor appetite, often crying, or even getting sick, which will indirectly lead to poor hair growth.

  More sun exposure and proper air and fresh air are very beneficial to your baby’s hair growth.
Ultraviolet radiation can both kill bacteria and promote blood circulation to the scalp.

But be careful not to expose the sun through the glass, because the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight cannot pass through the glass; do not expose the baby’s head to the alternative sunlight to avoid sunburn.

Dumbbells, dumbbells, I love you!

Dumbbells, dumbbells, I love you!

Ten to fifteen minutes a day, hold 1-3 kilograms of dumbbells tightly, with the muscles of the whole body of the abdomen that you like the music.

This method of weight loss reduced both the weight training and the elements of aerobic dance. As early as 1992, Professor Suzuki Masaki of the University of Tsukuba, Japan began to advocate.

  Gymnastics can improve the body’s basic metabolism, can reduce weight and create a body that is not prone to obesity.

Driven by the trend, the sales performance of dumbbells has also skyrocketed, and there is a situation where it is impossible to buy anywhere.

Let ‘s take a look at what has been gained.

  ”I use a ‘water dumbbell’ that puts water inside to adjust weight.

The first week was set to weigh one kilogram, and then changed to three kilograms after getting used to it.

I was in charge of operating a desktop computer in the company, but my eyes were not good, and my back was humped.

Because of this, the excess meat at the back end also increases with age. In order to reduce the excess meat, dumbbell gymnastics was selected.

The results lasted twenty minutes a day, and one and a half months got very good results.

First, the two arms became firm, and then the fingers could no longer squeeze the extra meat on the back.

Lose five kilos.

“(29 years old, serving the communications equipment manufacturing industry)” After giving birth, I started to lose weight in order to lose the additional ten kilograms.

Because it was scattered all day long, I saw a report in a magazine one day and found that dumbbells can be used while doing housework and with children.

It was written in the magazine that it would take about 10 minutes a day to do it, but I thought that might not be enough, so I did upper body gymnastics for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes for lower body gymnastics in the afternoon.

As long as I’m free, I put dumbbells on my thighs and massage them.

I lost three kilos in two months and successfully lost two kilos in the fourth month. I still ate a lot, but lost weight very smoothly.

“(25 years old, housewife) The basic method of weight loss in sports is to persist.

You can’t expect to see immediate results; it’s a smart idea to aim at making your body less prone to gaining weight rather than losing weight.

In order to persevere, as the member’s report says, accompanied by the music you like, you can also use commercially available audio cassettes.

Do n’t hold on to the idea that you have to work hard every day in order to lose weight. The reluctant result will only make you too annoying. Why not face it with the happy mood that “doing gymnastics can change your mood”?

  If you really want to achieve the effect of weight loss, I suggest it is best to mix diet and weight loss methods such as bathing and calculation.

One report mentioned that the weight of nine kilograms was lost in two months in combination with the results of dumbbell and diet subtraction.

Hemorrhoids food therapy cannot be separated from five kinds of food

Hemorrhoids “food therapy” cannot be separated from five kinds of food

Introduction: The formation of hemorrhoids is mostly caused by constipation, and the cause of constipation is inextricably linked to diet. Therefore, when choosing a method for treating hemorrhoids, food therapy naturally ranks in a very important position.
The experts from Beijing Dongda Anorectal Hospital will talk about incomplete sense of food therapy. With these foods, your hemorrhoids will have nothing to hide.
  1.In addition to vitamin C and carotene, pumpkin seeds and pumpkins are rich in fiber and are excellent foods to relieve constipation.
If you have hemorrhoids, you can use the decoction of pumpkin seeds to clean the hemorrhoids on the inside of the anus.
Use 300 grams of seeds and 1 liter of water to cook until the water is reduced to half.
Use this to clean the affected area twice a day.
  2.Spinach Spinach is rich in fiber and can lubricate the intestines. It is an indispensable food for the treatment of constipation.
In Han Fang, the reason for hemorrhoids is that the intestines are damp and hot, and spinach has an antipyretic effect on the intestines.
If mixed with black sesame, the effect will be better.
Hemorrhoids, like other diseases, are easier to treat the sooner they are discovered.
  3.Sesame seeds Sesame seeds have the effect of nourishing, strengthening, preventing aging, and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as constipation.
Sesame can promote blood circulation and prevent hemorrhoids caused by congestion.
The effect of black sesame is higher than that of white sesame.
Consuming foods that are stained with black sesame and adding honey is very helpful for constipation.
You can also use black sesame’s decoction to coat the affected area as external medicine.
  4.In addition to rich in dietary fiber, persimmons and persimmons have functions to relieve constipation.
Either soft or dried persimmons, or white powder on dried persimmons are effective.
Persimmon leaves can be used as persimmon tea leaves, which have diuretic, antipyretic and hemostatic functions.
Drinking daily is effective for hemorrhoids.
  5.It is important to note that garlic is not raw, but is roasted for external use.
The method is to peel the whole garlic without peeling, wrap it with aluminum foil and bake it, peel it after it becomes soft, and stick it to the affected area with gauze.
Put it on before bedtime, get up in the morning and remove it, it works well.
  At the same time, we must warn the majority of netizens and friends to develop good eating habits, which can not only prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids when there is no hemorrhoids, but also treat hemorrhoids when suffering from hemorrhoids.

Good Attitude: Depressed Killer in the Workplace

Good Attitude: Depressed Killer in the Workplace

In the workplace, stress from all aspects of work and life is always more or less depressing.

Recently, a “Workplace Depression Survey” released by a well-known online recruitment company in China revealed that only 5% of people can work happily every day.

In the face of the often depressed mood, 70% of people in the workplace said that there were even worries from time to time, but they would soon disappear.

This shows that the people in the workplace are becoming more and more good at adjusting their mentality and facing the troubles at work.

  It is not necessarily the pursuit of everyone to have more money and less life. Although holding a CPA and CTA certificate, Mr. Wang’s daily work is a trivial matter that can be done in 10 minutes.

In the face of a meager workload, his certificate was like a piece of paper, suddenly pale and weak.

Although his work efficiency is good, Mr. Wang believes that his talents can be used nowhere, and he is worried that he will gradually “waste” in the idle life.

  It is no coincidence.

The survey found that, in addition to 17% of the temporary people who said that their troubles were due to pressure from family responsibilities, 14% of the hypotheses believed that they had the same experience as Mr. Wang, and they felt that they had not encountered them.

I have really worked hard, I do n’t know where I can show it, and my dream is far away from reality.

In doing so, the expert Ouyang Hui reminded people in the workplace that this is mainly because his workplace positioning is unclear and he lacks awareness of the workplace and the surrounding environment.

Therefore, it is necessary to plan your career path in advance.

  Ouyang Hui suggested that even if you are not satisfied with your current position, you must actively adjust your mentality.

Even if the heroes haven’t used it yet, they must continue to learn and be fully prepared for their own positions.

The survey data also shows that 36% of the increasers have fully considered their future development, in order to prevent themselves from falling behind and lose their jobs, hurry up and recharge.

  When drinking cold water and stuffing your teeth, you learn to adjust your self correctly. Many people experience it. When they are in a bad mood, they often react more sensitively to upsets at work.Many chain reactions, in the end it is even more troubled by myself.

At this time, many people will have the feeling that “drinking cold water will also dent your teeth”, and everything will go wrong together.

  The surveyed Miss Li told reporters that sometimes the pressure felt like an intangible burden, which made her breathless. At that time, she often wanted to run to the beach and yell or find a place to hide.

Therefore, she usually chooses to go out for a trip, or K song with friends, and go shopping on the street.

More often, she would sit quietly at home, calm down, and tell herself that everything would be fine.

  In this survey, 21% of the increasers said that they would adjust by themselves through outings, food shopping and other methods.

20% of pilots are talking about friends instead of talking about it.

13% of workplace people said they would calmly analyze the current situation and come up with a solution.

10% of pilots think that everything can be seen open, and a good night’s sleep is good.

There are other ways to solve problems by wanting to be happy or by reading books and movies.

  Yes, experts Ouyang Hui believes that these methods can effectively eliminate bad emotions and relieve psychological pressure.

Survey data also show that 68% of working people will have troubles, but they will not affect their work.

Ouyang Hui also reminded that many people in the workplace solve the problem by drinking, which is very bad for health, and often does not help in resolving boredom.

In addition, Ouyang Hui recommends that people in the workplace plan their work and life reasonably, and try not to add new work troubles because of bad habits and inefficiency.

  Caring for employees and actively helping to reduce stress and reduce burdens Recently, the issue of storage and abolition of the 11th Golden Week has multiplied again.

Many people in the workplace believe that the existence of Golden Week is not only a good time to visit relatives and friends, but also a good opportunity to reduce stress and reduce burdens.

The survey found that only 13% of the companies where the reorganizers are located can fully consider the mental stress of employees and achieve very humane management.

41% of companies also have some related benefits.

And 18% of the risers did not know whether the company had a relevant system, and 15% of the risers said that although the company had it, its implementation was poor.

13% of ethics say that the company has never had this kind of benefit.

  Ouyang Hui believes that the mood of people in the workplace and the management of the company are extremely extreme.

Whether the management of the enterprise is humanized and whether the company’s colleagues are harmonious have a direct impact on the working mood of people in the workplace.

Therefore, decompressing employees and alleviating emotions is a responsibility that a company should add.  The survey learned that 29% of temporary people hope that the unit can often organize collective activities such as outreach and tourism.

28% of the respondents were eager for the unit to have a reasonable vacation system, such as annual leave, adjusted vacation.

It is understood that recently, some well-known companies have begun to try to replace the “depressed leave” vacation system.

In addition, 11% of temporary employees also hope that companies can provide employees with reasonable career planning, and think more about their future development.

Another 10% of the stakeholders hope that the human nature of the unit will be stronger. They believe that leaders who are good at caring and caring for employees can also help employees effectively reduce stress.

Is your nutritional code correct?

Is your nutritional code correct?

At the 2004 National Family Nutrition and Health Education Expert Symposium in a certain period of time, Shi Kuixiong, a professor of medical nutrition at Shanghai Second Medical University, said that in the outpatient and expert consultation, some people often encountered problems in family nutrition.The laws of nutrition and health that some people have always followed are often wrong.

Professor Shi summarized the common misunderstandings in family nutrition, hoping that people would take caution.

  ■ Misunderstanding 1: The whiter the rice, the better the whiteness of the rice is related to the degree of rice bran removal. Generally, the degree of rice bran removal is close, and the rice is whiter.

But the more rice bran is removed, the more nutrients are lost.

Rice bran is rich in B vitamins and supplementary fiber. The germ of rice contains vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

People who regularly consume refined white rice are prone to vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 deficiency.

  ■ Misunderstanding 2: Fruits instead of vegetables. Some children do not like vegetables. Parents ask their children to eat more fruits and think that the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables is similar.

In fact, fruit can be used as a supplement of vitamins and mineral nutrients, but it cannot replace vegetables.

Because the vitamins and minerals in fruits are not comprehensive enough, fruits are only supplementary foods for nutrients, and vegetables are the main foods for vitamins and minerals.

  ■ Misunderstanding 3: Fish without scales have high plasma content. Some fish without scales have high plasma content. For example, silverfish contains 361 milligrams of cholesterol per 100 grams. River eels, loach, yellow croaker, and cod have higher plasma levels.

But not all non-scale fish have high plasma levels. For example, banded fish contains 76 mg of plasma per 100 grams, which is lower than that of scaly grass carp (86 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams).

  ■ Misunderstanding 4: Eat less soy sauce, eat more vegetarian oil. Some people are accustomed to putting more oil when cooking. They think that eating more vegetarian oil does not matter.

Suyou is also an aunt. Too much aunt has a direct consequence of obesity, which can easily lead to high blood lipids, high blood pressure, aunts and other diseases.

And polyunsaturated fatty acids in vegetarian oil are easily oxidized, which is not good for human health.

Therefore, the vegetarian oil can not absorb too much, the daily intake of adults should be 20 to 25 grams, it is best to choose vegetable oils with a high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids, such as olive oil and tea oil.

  ■ Misunderstanding 5: Tonic supplement is the so-called protein supplement, which is for the lack of what is missing, and what is missing is not added.

According to the second national nutrition survey, domestic residents estimate that the protein supply is sufficient, and the general population does not need to replenish protein.

And too much protein supplementation will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, increase calcium excretion, and be more prone to calcium deficiency.

For some residents, the supplement structure should be reasonably deployed, and a multivitamin should be added daily. For example, Jinshierkang, an OTC logo, has a scientific formula and is a very mature brand.

Because in the estimates of residents in developing countries, the nutrients that are easily ingested are: Vitamin A (75% of the required replenishment).

7%), vitamin B2 (75%), vitamin B1 is low (91%), calcium (57%), zinc (88%). Supplementing these vitamins and minerals is targeted.

  ■ Myth 6: Drinking bone and bone soup to supplement calcium Some people deliberately cook bone soup to supplement calcium for patients with fractures.

In fact, the calcium content in the bone soup is not high. Some people have experimented. If the soup is cooked with 1 kg of meat and bones for two hours, the calcium content in the soup is only about 20 millimeters, and the slight calcium content is relatively high.

Therefore, calcium supplement should choose high calcium milk, soy products and other foods or calcium preparations.

  Misunderstanding 7: Diabetes patients eat as little diabetes as possible. Blood glucose is related to the replacement of dialysis. Diabetes patients should properly control the replacement while maintaining normal weight. The replacement should keep 60% to 65% of energy.

Nutrition experts recommend that foods such as oatmeal, fresh vegetables, etc. should be supplemented with the expected dietary fiber every time, so that cellulose is slowly absorbed and blood sugar will not rise too quickly.

If you simply eat less carbohydrates, it will increase digestion and absorption quickly, increase quickly initially, and last for a short time, prone to hypoglycemia, palpitations, dizziness, cold sweats and other symptoms.

  ■ Myth 8: Carotene is only found in carrots. Carotene is higher in carrots. In addition, it is also contained in other fresh yellow-green vegetables, such as peas, tomato, red pepper, sweet pepper, rapeseed, and cabbage., Broccoli, amaranth and so on.

  ■ Misunderstanding 9: Patients with kidney stones cannot supplement calcium. Kidney stones are mainly calcium oxalate deposited in the urinary tract, which is mainly doped with oxalic acid, which is combined with calcium to form calcium oxalate deposited in the urinary tract as kidney stones.

Most residents currently estimate that calcium intake is inadequate and supplementation increases calcium intake.

Calcium increases in the digestive tract and forms calcium oxalate with oxalic acid, which can reduce the absorption of oxalic acid and reduce the incidence of kidney stones.

Epidemiological population data also indicate that people with more calcium intake have a lower incidence of kidney stones than people with less calcium intake.

  The key to kidney stones is to reduce the intake of foods that contain more oxalic acid, such as spinach, bamboo shoots, and white lotus root. When cooking these dishes, boil them with boiling water, filter the soup and eat them, which can also reduce the purpose of oxalic acid.

Chicken liver and duck blood in spring

Chicken liver and duck blood in spring

In spring, the amount of activity starts to increase, at the same time, blood circulation is accelerated, and nutrient consumption is increased. At this time, nourishing the liver can increase resistance.

Shen Yanying, deputy director of Chaoyang Hospital, pointed out that spring is a suitable season for liver nourishment. If you want to nourish your liver, eat more chicken liver and duck blood.

  In addition to avoiding overwork, diet is very important.

Experts remind the public, “Take the dirty liver and chicken first”. Chicken liver belongs to Ganwen food, which can nourish blood, nourish the liver, and warm the stomach.

Take three fresh chicken livers and 100 grams of rice, and take them after cooking the porridge.

This method of tonic is especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with insufficient liver and blood, as well as people with loss of appetite or dry eyes and tears.

In addition, people who feel numb limbs can take 5 chicken livers and 20 grams of Gastrodia elata, at the same time steamed, take once a day, persist for half a month, the effect is good.

  In addition, eating duck blood can nourish the liver, which is also a method of liver nourishment commonly used in Chinese medicine.

Take 100 grams of duck blood, 100 grams of catfish, 100 grams of rice, and cook with porridge to eat, can nourish liver blood, and even treat anemia.

  In addition, many people easily feel sleepy in the spring. Peng Yuqing, director of the sub-health department of the Oriental Hospital affiliated to Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that after feeling tired, find the cause and treat the syndrome.

To reduce the occurrence of fatigue, first of all, to maintain a comfortable mood, secondly to go to bed early and get up early, especially in the morning do not snooze, if you feel tired you can do aerobics.

Eat less foods that are hyperactive, such as fried and spicy foods; eat more moisturizing and tonic foods, such as duck meat, coriander, coriander, lily, yam, pumpkin, walnut, etc .; also use mulberry leaves, mint,Chrysanthemums soaked in water have the effect of clearing heat and setting fire.

Everyone is a high-performance employee

Everyone is a high-performance employee

Have you found that when you start to be dissatisfied with an employee, the performance of the employee seems to be getting worse and worse, and various behaviors seem to confirm that he is a problem employee.

  In fact, sometimes the problems appear to you.

Many managers often focus on employees’ weaknesses, but do not let employees realize their potential.

Management consultant Jamie Walters recently pointed out in the Outlook Communication magazine that when employees are not motivated and cannot reach their potential, the result is poor performance, low morale and rising turnover.

  As a supervisor, how should we explore and cultivate the potential of employees, so that their capabilities can be brought into play?

Waters points out that, first of all, you often have to give employees positive reviews.

For example, in daily conversations or performance evaluation meetings, supervisors strive to communicate in a positive way.

When employees perform well, they will give unequivocal feedback and let everyone know what the supervisor expects from the behavior.

  Then again, supervisors need to think about new ways to extend employees’ existing strengths.

Edison used the sewing thread as a filament for electric bulbs;

Looking beyond traditional titles, a careful receptionist may also be a good project manager.

  To unlock employee potential, supervisors must also ask employees what they like to do.

Many employees are often promoted to management positions because of their professional competence. However, these employees are often not good at management or even dislike management.

Without first understanding the expectations of employees, everyone involved will be frustrated.

  Without the participation of employees, it is difficult to realize his potential.

Ask your employees what they like most and why, and what role they think they have the most to contribute to the organization. Use this information to develop your potential.

  In addition to the personal opinions of employees, supervisors should also seek the opinions of other employees.

But these opinions should not be obtained informally, and should not be discussed with other unrelated employees.

Supervisors can use the 360-degree assessment method, or let employees share views in a meeting to understand what characteristics and behaviors are best for the entire team.

  If you find that the performance of the employee is really unsatisfactory, it does not prevent you from going back and thinking about why you hired him in the first place, what impression did his resume give you, and what is your first impression of him.

This can help you rethink the strengths, contributions, and potential of this employee.

Sometimes an employee’s performance is poor because you haven’t used him in the right place. Think about it the other way, what the other side of these shortcomings means.

For example, an employee who is often unable to complete a project may represent his expertise as generating ideas rather than execution.

  When you discover that your employee has another potential to play, don’t forget to give him the opportunity to experiment with new roles.

May wish to set up a small internship program within the company, so that employees can follow colleagues for a day to understand the responsibilities and roles of other colleagues.

This approach also allows employees to learn about other onboarding jobs and generate new ideas.

  To change the way of performance evaluation in the past, starting from strengthening the advantages of employees, the performance of employees has changed 180 degrees.

Job loss is courage and qualification

Job loss is courage and qualification

After reading a set of comics by Zhu Deyong, a young office worker reportedly said to himself after leaving the company: “I won’t do it tomorrow. I will be unemployed and starved to death!

“” It’s a coincidence, so am I.

“A beautiful angel passing by him echoed unexpectedly, and the office worker couldn’t help but stunned:” Then I choose to continue to work.

Excuse me, where is your company?

“Angels can choose to lose their jobs, but most office workers cannot.

  Unemployment, and especially the active choice of unemployment, is actually a kind of courage and a qualification.

  Zhang Chen graduated two years ago as a graduate student, engaged in strength and potential. After experiencing numerous rounds of competition, she entered a world top 500 international company.

Within a year, Zhang Chen became a project manager from an ordinary employee, and his salary doubled.

But recently he announced to his family: “I’ve been promoted again, but plan to resign after Christmas.

“This surprised Zhang Chen’s family.” There is nothing wrong with it. I just feel that work will not bring me satisfaction anymore.

“As of the third quarter of 2005, the state of supply and demand in the labor market across the country showed that the overall unemployment rate of young people between the ages of 15 and 29 reached 9%, far exceeding 4.

Urban average registered unemployment rate of 5%.

Among them, like Zhang Chen, more than half choose to take the initiative to lose their jobs.

  ”There are many reasons to give up employment opportunities, but these people have one thing in common: they don’t starve to death for economic reasons.

At least for a short time.

“Ge Jianxiong, a professor at Fudan University, believes that to this day, some young people do have conditions for unemployment.

They don’t have to work as rigidly as office workers, but their lives are extraordinarily “rich” by reference.

  Cen Jialun has changed six or seven jobs since graduating from college three years ago. No one can earn a salary of 1,500 yuan a month, and no one does it well.

“Remember now, it was like hell for more than two years.

“Six months ago, the family of Cen Jialun’s family of three at the urban-rural junction encountered demolition. The compensation fees in exchange for the two large yards gave the Cen family three good commercial houses in the city.

“When I rented out the postmodern city house for 2800 yuan per month, I found the boss that day and said, ‘I’m not going’.

I feel like I won’t have that feeling in my life.

“According to this statistics, since China began to implement the family planning policy in the 1970s, the only children born after this time, while accumulating maintenance responsibilities, family property, especially property, also began to be relatively concentrated.

In Beijing, young people around the age of 26 own property on average2.

23 sets.

“Eat in” has become one of the guarantees for young people to take the initiative to lose their jobs.

But sometimes sometimes, unless there is no “preliminary” to “eat”, some young people also choose not to work and rely on their parents to live.

  Wei Wei, 28, put her job to a halt a year ago, “It’s too tiring to go to work, anyway, my mother won’t support me.

“Wei Wei’s parents are not the big money in imagination. The monthly income of the two people is less than 5,000 yuan.

“This kid can’t help it. If she can’t talk to her about work, she will be furious.

But my father and I have retired in two years. How will we live at home in the future?

Wei Wei’s answer to her mother’s question was, “What money is there for what life!”

“Professor Kang Naili, a Chinese social research expert at the University of Michigan, expressed his views on China’s increasing number of” old people “.” These young people are not mainstream, but this way of existence is unimaginable in the United States.

Perhaps only Chinese parents in the world will pay such unprincipled doting.

“Of course, the” reconstruction tribe “and” grand old people “are only some of the young people who choose to be unemployed. Among them, there are” full-time families “who are well-married or well-married; what do they earn at home without going to work?What are the “SOHO people” doing; the “hedonic people” doing two months off for six months . In short, young people who have repeatedly chosen to be unemployed will have money, property, parents, partners, mind, etc. as conditions.
  Before renting a beach in Sanya, Chen Yu was a well-represented medical representative. “I was working hard and thinking when I was tired. I would emigrate to the Caribbean when I was old. Let Europeans and Americans see me every day.Enjoy life.

But once I drank too much in the bar, and wondered, I wasn’t shown for alive, I might not be able to go in the Caribbean, but I have to get the sun!
I quit my job and took all my savings to Sanya.
Looking at hurrying tourist groups on the beach every day, I feel that not working and sunbathing is also a qualification.

Nutritional Cereals-Preferred Oats

Nutritional Cereals-Preferred Oats

During the baby’s growth and development, 1?
The 3-year-old childhood is a period of vigorous growth and development. The baby at this stage has been able to walk independently, and the amount of activity has increased significantly. The daily energy requirement has reached 1,200 kcal, which is about half that of an adult.

Although his weight is only about 1/5 of that of an adult at this time, the requirements of protein, minerals and vitamins are also close to 1/2 of that of an adult.

Parents need to choose foods that are nutritious and absorbable for their baby, and oats are a good choice.

  Among the top ten health foods rated by the United States “Time” magazine, oats rank fifth.

According to the comprehensive analysis of the Institute of Health of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the protein content of high-quality oat flour is 15.

6%, and eight essential amino acids, trace amounts, iron, zinc, etc. that cause growth and development in young children.

Oats are extremely rich in linoleic acid, which accounts for 35% of all unsaturated fatty acids?

50 calcium per 100 grams of oats?
100 mg; The content of B vitamins ranks first in all kinds of cereals, especially vitamin B1, which can make up for a large number of B vitamins lost in the processing of polished rice noodles.

  In addition, oats are the only saponin-containing crops in cereals, which can regulate the body’s gastrointestinal functions and reduce cholesterol.

Because there may be two important precipitated fibers in oats: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber can absorb a large amount of plasma in the body and replace it in vitro, thereby reducing the cholesterol content in the blood; non-soluble fiber helps digestion and can prevent the occurrence of constipation in children.

Experts point out that oats can better remove garbage from children’s bodies and reduce the occurrence of excess diseases.

  Nutritionist Liao Liman pointed out that oatmeal meets the dietary principles of “thickness and fineness” and “balanced nutrition” advocated by modern nutrition, and can meet the needs of human growth and development. Not only is the nutritional food for babies over 1 year old, but also the health of the whole familyChoice.

Beautiful Yoga: Moulding the Mind and Inspiring Life

Beautiful Yoga: Moulding the Mind and Inspiring Life

The yoga system is a very important artistic engineer in the process of body reconstruction for yogis.

The mind and body can lead yogis into an infinitely beautiful form to recreate the art world.

  How can we appreciate and appreciate the thought content and themes of the yoga system?

Generally speaking, it is necessary to pass the three stages of yoga perception, emotional experience, aesthetic recognition and judgment.

Through the interaction of these three psychological activities, the appreciator (also a yogi) has a specific perception and experience of the yoga shape and posture, and has a more accurate grasp of the image of yoga, so that the appreciator can have a deep understanding on this basisThe deep connotation of the yoga body posture (as for the function introduction of the yoga body posture, of course, you can understand the connotation of the posture through interpretation), change the artistic value of the yoga posture and make an aesthetic judgment, so that the viewer can not only get a high degree of spiritual sublimation, but alsoThe greatest artistic satisfaction, the boots acting on the human body enhances the artistic value of the body.

  The perception of practicing yoga is the sensual phase of appreciating yoga postures.

This stage is the audience’s feelings about the basic elements of yoga, such as rhythm, strength, speed, and shape, as well as the comprehensive form of these elements and their structures, such as sense of balance, rhythm, harmony, curve structure, style, etc.And so on.

Contains a preliminary experience and understanding of the basic emotional characteristics of yoga, such as lyric, peaceful, peaceful, pleasant and so on.

  Then enter the stage of emotional experience.

Expressing emotions is a common feature of all types of art.

Yoga pose art uses complex body frequency stimulation to arouse feelings and evoke human emotions.

We believe that in the practice of yoga, the external objectivity disappears, the separation of yoga from the appreciator disappears, and the yoga elves penetrate into the human heart and become one with the subject.

That’s why yoga has become the most expressive art.

Different forms of body and posture combination, rhythm, stimulus, yoga elves and mind, body response, and other ever-changing force point composition forms, which stimulate people’s mind and body, and have different synesthesia reactions.

Is there an individual who is performing the frog pose and feels that the frog’s breathing is long; other individuals also realize that the gas is plentiful when they practice the yoga frog pose.

At this time, the yoga posture can enable the viewer to alternately mobilize their daily life experience and emotional experience, and it must also be basically consistent with the emotion expressed by the yoga posture, so that the emotional experience in yoga appreciation is dialectically unified.China was fully expanded.

  After passing this stage, it will enter the stage of aesthetic knowledge and judgment.

Knowledge is understanding, judgment is evaluation.

To use and play the role of knowledge and judgment, we must first have a rational understanding of yoga postures, that is, the understanding of postures from form to content and human meaning.

In addition to practicing different yoga postures, the viewer also depends on the understanding and analysis of the titles of yoga postures, bionic spirits, states of spirits, and the means and methods of dynamic and static performance.

For example, when appreciating the yoga tree form, we must understand the natural environment in which the tree form is located, the living conditions and the growth rules of bionic spirits, the state of the mind, and the strength and method of acting on the human body and the internal structure and temperament of human organismUnderstand that in this way you can truly appreciate the broad feelings and lofty spiritual realms of bionic elves in the yoga system.

  After the stage of understanding, the aesthetic evaluation of the bionic elves of the yoga system will follow.

The admirer often sends out exclamations and recognitions about the beauty of the bionic spirits. These feelings are also our aesthetic evaluation of the bionic spirits.

For example, after we repeatedly practice and understand the yoga frog pose, we will carry out artistic innovation of the pose and the human body, and praise and affirm the great spiritual power and biological function.

This praise and affirmation will also enhance the appetite’s desire to appreciate this type of yoga postures and arouse stronger emotional resonance.

  Due to the differences in the spiritual state of the viewer, artistic accomplishment and taste, the aesthetic personality cannot be exactly the same as that of the yoga sage.

Therefore, in the process of appreciating yoga postures, there is a difference between the yoga postures understood by individuals and the aesthetic emotions expressed by yoga sages on postures.

In this way, when admiring the yoga form and posture, the admirer can both enter the flat object, feel, experience, and understand the yoga form and posture, and can go beyond and make an aesthetic evaluation according to the viewer’s own aesthetic personality.

In short, if it is based on the creation of yoga beauties, then the appreciation of yoga form and posture should be based on aesthetic experience, cultivating temperament, and motivating positive life.