The benefits of eating fish are more taboo for all kinds of fish.


The benefits of eating fish are more taboo for all kinds of fish.

Fish is fresh and nutritious, so many people always buy fish to supplement their nutrition during normal times.

But do you know?

Different fish are also different when paired with food. If you eat fish with the wrong food, it is likely to cause serious harm.

Therefore, we need to know the food taboos of various fish.

. all kinds of fish meat consumption taboo squid is sweet, warm, beneficial qi and spleen, diuresis, swelling, heat and detoxification, Tongluo under the milk and other functions.

The traces in the squid are beneficial to cardiovascular function, reduce blood viscosity and promote blood circulation.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]can not be used with Ophiopogon japonicus and Radix Ginseng. It cannot be eaten with mustard.

Yang deficiency constitution and those who have internal heat can not be eaten, those who are prone to heat and sore sores should not eat, and should not eat more during colds and fevers.

銆€銆€Squid can warm the qi, warm the stomach, moisturize the skin, suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency constitution, sputum, dry skin, can also be used for postpartum spleen and stomach qi deficiency caused by less milk embolism.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Anyone with spleen and stomach heat should not eat squid.

In addition, colds, fever, mouth ulcers, constipation, itching skin disease, acute measles, skin disease patients should not eat salmon.

銆€銆€Squid can replenish essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins A and vitamin D, and it can reduce unsaturated fatty acids, lower cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, and coronary heart disease. Therefore, squid is suitable for edema, edema, and cardiovascular disease.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Anyone suffering from malignant tumors, lymphatic tuberculosis, lupus erythematosus, hypertension, pediatric paralysis, thromboangiitis obliterans, ulcers, urticaria, skin eczema and other diseases should not eat;People with sores should be careful.

Squid bogey with mung bean, taro, beef and sheep oil, pork liver, chicken, schizonepeta, licorice, pumpkin, dog meat, pickles with food.

銆€銆€Yellow croaker is sweet, flat, spleen and qi, appetizing and digestion, rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins, which have a good beneficial effect on the human body.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Many people with stomach stagnation, hypertensive patients, allergies, those who are fat and hot should be careful.

At the same time, the yellow croaker can not be used for cattle and sheep scales.

銆€銆€Grass carp can be appetizing, nourishing, warming the stomach and middle, flattening liver yang, hurricane, treating phlegm, intercepting, benefiting the intestines and eyes, very suitable for people with thin body and loss of appetite.

It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial to blood circulation. It is a good food for cardiovascular patients. It is rich in selenium. It is often used for anti-aging and beauty, and it also has a certain effect on tumors.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]should not eat more, more to eat it is easy to cause sore ulcers.

In addition, women who eat grass carp during menstruation are prone to fatigue and edema.

銆€銆€Squid is sweet and flat, suitable for physical weakness, vain and thin, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, diet is not fragrant, people with malnutrition eat.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]The body is cold and wet, hemoptysis, inpatients should not eat squid.

銆€銆€銆€With fish temperature, sweet, salty, with spleen, Qi, warm stomach, liver, emollient, qi, nourishing, bodybuilding role, suitable for long illness, physical weakness, blood deficiency, dizziness, shortness of breath, malnutritionPeople eat.
銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Eat more easily and windy, allergic, measles, rubella and unexplained skin itching, should not be eaten, cough and asthma are not suitable for consumption.

In addition, the octopus can not use cattle, sheep to expand, otherwise it is more likely to move after eating.

銆€銆€The squid is sweet, flat and light. It has the functions of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing the stomach and improving the essence, smoothing the joints, and softening the bones. It is especially suitable for indigestion, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, anemia, and muscle aches.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Patients with pruritic skin disease should not eat.

In addition, its caviar is toxic and inedible.

In addition, the squid can not be fried with cattle and sheep slices.

Easy to lose weight in winter, sleep more than one hour a day


Easy to lose weight in winter, sleep more than one hour a day

As the saying goes: “One inch minus one inch” is currently popular in a powerful shocking sleep weight loss method called “the last chance of slimming”, has received good feedback, even people who lose weight can be significantly thinnerCome down!

Especially in the winter, an extra hour of sleep, you can scientifically lose weight in winter.

銆€銆€Sleep is the most affordable way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Because regular sleep is enough to effectively solve the problem of overweight, and can save a lot of money, sleep is the most effective way to lose weight without any cost.

銆€銆€Regular sleep can effectively solve the problem of overweight. There are many factors that lead to overweight. The scientists of the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in France have weighed many factors that lead to excessive weight.

銆€銆€One of the well-known factors is incorrect eating habits and lack of physical exercise, but few people know that lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain.

銆€銆€Women need extra sleep for health. Researchers also say that women’s lack of sleep is enough to affect their body shape, and it can lead to high incidence of cardiovascular disease, depression and various mental illnesses.

銆€銆€It has been shown that in proportion to men, women need extra sleep for health.

At the same time, there is also a research index weighing, the lack of sleep will lead to the following “symptoms”: depression, aggressiveness and susceptibility.

Simple sexual intercourse method


Simple sexual intercourse method

Intercourse, that is, sex life.

Housing health is a major feature of ancient ancient health education.

Chinese medicine believes that “the things in the room can be born, can swear.”

Maybe like water and fire, those who know how to use it can maintain their health; those who can’t use it can stand up to the body.

“Sexual life should be based on the way of nature, to avoid injury, to get its skills, but also essential for health and longevity.

Practice has proved that moderate and pleasant sexual activities are beneficial to people’s mental and physical health.

However, in addition to the body itself, human sexual behavior is also affected by social environment, psychology, genetics, diseases and other factors.

Therefore, it is beneficial to physical health to correctly understand and live a good life.

銆€銆€Can not be “drunk to enter the house” Alcohol is a very irritating substance, easy to cause sexual organs to become full of excitement, causing people to lose self-control, and lead to excessive sexual intercourse, so that the kidney essence is too much.

Therefore, the ancients repeatedly warned that “the drunk can not pick up the house, drunk and full handover, the small ones face cough and asthma, the big ones hurt the dirty pulse damage”, “big drunk into the house, exhausted liver and intestines, men are less spleen, impotenceDo not raise; women are fading, and the white is drowning.”

Modern medicine believes that long-term drunkenness into the house increases the adaptive attenuation of the immune system’s regulatory function.

Clinical observation of impotence, premature ejaculation, irregular menstruation and other diseases, often associated with alcohol after sex.

銆€銆€The desire to protect the longevity of the “Nei Jing” said: “The master of the husband, the birth of the book also.

“Precision is the basic substance that constitutes the human body. It is the material basis for maintaining human life activities. Preserving sperm is an important way to strengthen the body.”

The master of the kidney is too much, in addition to hurting the kidney essence, the long neck and other organs, affecting the health of the body, and even promote premature aging or short life.

Modern medicine believes that long-term sexual life leads to a decline in the regulation of the immune system of the human body. This is because sexual intercourse can cause high body excitement, conversion to high energy consumption, and loss of organ function.

According to statistics, there are 209 people in the ancient Chinese emperors who can live and die in the year. Their average life expectancy is only 39 years old, and 31 of them are under 20 years old.


Emperor Qianlong of the Qianlong drew the lessons of the short-lived emperors and summed up the health care techniques such as “Don’t get drunk, not to pass”, and the result was 88 years old.

Sun Siwei, a great doctor in the Tang Dynasty, lived to be 102 years old. His famous health saying is: “The big cold and the heat, and the greed of the greed, the drunkenness of the house, the five internal organs are all over, the fire is slow, and the body fights alone.

There are a lot of kidney health care methods that are often used to make strong kidney health. Choose a few types of simple kidneys: (1) 鍙?鍠?缈?缈?缈?姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 姣忔棩 100 100 100 100 100The gums, including the body fluid, swallowed frequently, and sent to Dantian.

The anus is contracted in the week, the anus is tightened when inhaling, and relaxed when exhaling, one for one loose, one for 50 times.

This method can nourish yin and reduce fire, solid teeth and fine, and can impair the implantability.

銆€銆€(2) Massage the spring method to take the seat, hold the palm of the Yongyongquan point 100 times, and use the Yongquan point when rubbing. The gesture is slightly rhythmic.

This law has traffic heart and kidney, and it is a good result for insomnia and nocturnal emission.

銆€銆€(3) Take the palm of your hand and take the seat, the palm of your hand is attached to the Shenshu point, the middle finger is facing the door of the door, the intention is to keep the door (the second lumbar spine), and the palms rubbing 40 from the top and the bottom.
100 times, so that there is a local warmth.

This method has the effect of warming the kidney and invigorating the essence. It has a role in men’s nocturnal emission, impotence, premature ejaculation, women’s debilitation, and irregular menstruation.

Be a happy little woman


Be a happy “little woman”

The extended version of the summer is finally out of the way, with a few days of rain on the weekend, nowhere to play, can only stay at home.

Do the house boring, think about doing something meaningful?

Hey, yes, the last time I looked at the health books, the autumn is the season to raise the lungs. It should be a good idea to sip the bowl of white fungus for the family.

I have the idea to do it, go to the kitchen to find the ingredients, find the red dates and rock sugar in the refrigerator, eat the sweet twigs in the cupboard, and the oysters. The dessert I have today is called the rock sugar white fungus.,, such a long string of listening is quite awkward, but the sweet ingredients are clear at a glance.

Tremella should be immersed in water first. After the hair is opened, the white fungus is torn into small flowers. Put a proper amount of water, boil it with a large fire and cook it for a small fire. Add stew for one hour, add red dates, simmer, stew, and then in the kitchen.Filled with the sweet smell of red dates, I took a deep breath, and the long-lost fragrance evokes my childhood memories, which was only when my mother made red dates porridge.

When you are ready to cook, add rock sugar. When the sugar is turned on, it is also sweet.

I divided the three small bowls, the crystal clear and transparent white fungus with red dates and enamel embellishments, the color is very pleasing to the eye, and each bowl is evenly mixed with sugar sweet-scented osmanthus, such as the finishing touch.

Tasting with your family, the sweet and savory thick and smooth, the entrance to the white fungus is instant, and the taste is very good. When the family finishes a bowl, ask?

My joy is full of words, and the best praise for the diners is that this is impossible for me. Of course, I can’t satisfy them. I want to re-send and wait for the next decomposition.

Oh, it’s like a storytelling, and it’s the appetite of the family. I’m also laying the groundwork for the next time.

Although it is hard to cook a woman in the kitchen, but the heart of the soup for the family is sweet, especially when the family is sitting around the table, taste the food, enjoy the strong family, so let us cookThe heart is also drunk.

Attached to the health book excerpts of Tremella red dates, the effect of Tremella red jujube soup, medlar, red dates and Tremella polysaccharides.

Lycium barbarum polysaccharide: immune regulation, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood fat, delaying aging, anti-fatigue effect; jujube polysaccharide: can effectively remove oxygen free radicals in the human body, and has anti-aging function.

It also has the effect of effectively enhancing the immunity of the organism; Tremella polysaccharide: Tremella polysaccharide can improve the body’s immunity, and has significant curative effect on senile diffuse bronchitis and pulmonary heart disease.

It also protects the liver and enhances the body’s ability to protect against atomic radiation.

In addition, by enhancing the body’s antigenic capacity, it indirectly inhibits the growth of tumor cells, and plays a role in strengthening the body and eliminating evil spirits.

The three also contain high protein, which is very suitable for soups and soups.

Learn to eat meat correctly and improve it to lose weight


Learn to eat meat correctly and improve it to lose weight

The so-called “no meat is not happy” means that every kind of must see you, if the light is a dish without meat, then the food does not swallow, the same chewing wax.

But another reality that cannot be ignored is that the society now advocates a slimmer body shape than normal weight. This poses a problem for all those who are not meat and unhappy. Is it to satisfy their desires or pursue health?

Today, let’s take a look at the classification of satisfying the desires of the meatless and the pursuit of healthy meat. The lighter the color, the better the meat can be divided into three categories: 鈼?bright red or dark red.: Such as pork, beef, lamb, etc., called dark meat or red meat.

銆€銆€鈼?flesh-colored white: such as chicken, duck, goose, rabbit and fish; called light-colored meat or white meat; 鈼?almost colorless: mainly aquatic shellfish meat, such as clam meat, oysters and crab meat, etc.It is called colorless meat.

銆€銆€Which type of meat is more beneficial to human health?

Nutritionists are more optimistic about the latter two categories.

The subtlety is that the saturated traces and glucose levels in light and colorless meat are significantly lower than that of red meat.

銆€銆€Especially worthy of praise is the colorless meat, which has a lower saturated content than any other meat, only half of the cheese and eggs, thus avoiding the increase of obesity on the ground.

銆€銆€If you want to discharge a seat table, it must be: colorless – light – red.

銆€銆€To lose weight, you must learn to eat meat without meat and not happy. Discrete numbers are obese.

Since obesity, it is necessary to lose weight, thus forming a ambivalence of wanting to eat meat and fear of eating meat, worrying that the body of eating meat is getting fatter, but not eating meat but not eating.

In fact, those who have no meat and no happiness can also eat some meat properly.

The following meats are very suitable for eating: 鈼?Rabbit meat rabbit meat is different from normal meat. It is characterized by protein impurities and protein 21 per 100 grams of rabbit meat.

5 grams; containing less, only contains 濮? per 100 grams.

4 grams; rich in lecithin; containing cholesterol, only 83 mg per 100 grams of cholesterol.

Because rabbit meat contains too much protein, the nutritional value is high, with a small amount of extra, it is an ideal meat for fat people.

銆€銆€鈼?The nutritional value of beef and beef is second only to rabbit meat, and it is also suitable for fat people.

Every 100 grams of beef contains more than 20 grams of protein, the essential amino acids contained in beef protein are secreted, and it contains fat and cholesterol. Therefore, it is especially suitable for fat people and high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and diabetic patients.

銆€銆€鈼?Fish meat The meat of the meat is mostly saturated with fatty acids, while the fish manure contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, which have a good cholesterol-lowering effect.

Therefore, fat people eat fish better, can avoid too much, but also prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

銆€銆€鈼?Chicken contains up to 23 grams of protein per 100 grams of chicken.

3 grams, the strontium content is only 1.

2 grams, three years lower than a variety of meat.

Therefore, eating chicken properly is not only good for human health, but also does not cause too much.

銆€銆€鈼?lean pork lean pork contains high protein, up to 29 grams per 100 grams, 6 grams per 100 grams, but after cooking, the trace content will be reduced, therefore, it is also suitable for fat people.

Arthritis and precautions for practicing yoga during pregnancy


Arthritis and precautions for practicing yoga during pregnancy

Proper breathing techniques and relaxation methods By practicing yoga, you can understand the right breathing techniques and relaxation methods to keep your heart and lungs in good shape and lay a good foundation for recovery and postpartum recovery.

Help you improve blood gradually and reduce your discomfort. Through yoga practice, you can improve your blood circulation, strengthen muscle strength and flexibility, strengthen the waist, spine and skeletal muscles to support your baby’s weight and reduce backache.It hurts, strengthens joints and muscles, and prevents bone loss and muscle fatigue.

Uncontrollable exercises that control abdominal muscle strength to reduce labor, relax or control your abdominal muscles, and expand your pelvis and uterus contractions.

do you know?

This will help to alleviate or reduce the pain and discomfort in the production process, so that you can enjoy the happiness of changing the labor process.

Do you know that building confidence and peace of mind?

Pregnancy confidence is very important to maintain your peace of mind. Yoga practice during pregnancy can help you build confidence.

You will feel that you are close to production. You are full of expectation for recovery and postpartum body recovery. At the same time, yoga exercises regularly, so that you can relieve a lot of pain and fatigue after childbirth.

Improve attention, reduce anxiety during pregnancy, improve breathing tension, improve attention, and make you more aware of your body and obesity development, smoothing prenatal fears, tension and fear, and you will be smoother and safer during childbirth.
After strengthening your body’s balance, you will find that your whole muscle tissue is much more flexible and flexible, and the walk is smooth. Even if your stomach becomes bigger and heavier day by day, you will feel the strength of your body.Supporting.

You are very happy, because you are no longer worried about accidents because you are not shaking for walking.

Breathing smoothly improves shortness of breath and suppresses pregnant mothers during the practice of yoga, stimulates the control of hormone-secreted glands, increases and accelerates blood circulation, thus, well controlled breathing, chest tightness and shortness of breath are improved.

Improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, practice yoga, make your sleep more fragrant, insomnia is gone, the previous awkward posture does not exist, you find that you are easy to fall asleep, and feel the dawn.

Let the baby’s baby be flexible, sensitive and sensitive. While practicing yoga, it can give proper and gentle stimulation and massage, increase the voltage of response to the outside, and become more flexible, sensitive, and healthy.

Is it true that drinking porridge and stomach?

Is it true that drinking porridge and stomach?

First, many people think that porridge raises the stomach but in fact, this view is not comprehensive.
Because drinking porridge does not need to chew slowly, it can not promote the secretion of oral salivary glands that can help digestion; and the porridge with high water content will play the role of diluting stomach acid after accelerating into the stomach, accelerate the expansion of the stomach, and make the stomach move slowly.This is also not conducive to digestion.
Therefore, patients with stomach diseases should not drink porridge, but should choose other diets that are easy to digest and absorb, chew slowly and promote digestion.
Two or three meals can not always drink porridge.It is really beneficial to drink porridge properly, but you can’t drink it.
Porridge is a liquid food, which is worse than the same volume of rice in nutrition.
And the porridge is not full, and I feel full when I eat, but I am hungry soon.
Over time, older people are malnourished due to inadequate energy and nutrient intake.
Therefore, pay attention to balanced nutrition when drinking porridge.
Adding porridge to a thicker dish, with a meat dish, or eating snacks between meals, can replenish energy.
2.Ice porridge is not a hot porridge is a hot food in summer, but it is not suitable for the elderly and children with cold and weak constitution.
Drinking more ice porridge will not only occlude the pores of the human body, but also cause metabolic waste to be easily excreted, and may also affect gastrointestinal function.
3.Diabetic people drink porridge to the right amount of diabetes patients are generally more likely to be hungry, and porridge has the characteristics of rapid digestion, so it is easy for people to eat quickly and want to eat; porridge itself is also easily absorbed by the body in the short term, leading to rapid rise in blood sugarHigh, or too volatile.
Diabetic patients should drink porridge in moderation, each time a small bowl.
4.People with bad stomachs drink less and think that porridge raises the stomach.
But in fact, this view is not comprehensive.
鍥犱负鍠濈播涓嶇敤鎱㈡參鍜€鍤硷紝涓嶈兘淇冭繘鍙互甯姪娑堝寲鐨勫彛鑵斿斁娑茶吅鐨勫垎娉?鑰屼笖姘村惈閲?鍋忛珮鐨勭播鍦ㄨ繘鍏ヨ儍閲屽悗锛屼細璧峰埌绋€閲婅儍閰哥殑浣滅敤锛屽姞閫熻儍鐨勮啫鑳€锛屼娇鑳冭繍鍔ㄧ紦鎱紝This is also not conducive to digestion.
Therefore, patients with stomach diseases should not drink porridge, but should choose other diets that are easy to digest and absorb, chew slowly and promote digestion.
Warm reminder: It is really beneficial to drink porridge properly, but you can’t drink porridge.
Always drink porridge, the elderly will be malnourished due to insufficient energy and nutrient intake.
Therefore, pay attention to balanced nutrition when drinking porridge, one meal a day.
In addition, the functions of porridge are different, millet porridge nourish the stomach and glutinous rice noodles can help digestion.
If you want to adjust your body with porridge, be sure to carefully understand the different functions of porridge, and do the “symptomatic porridge” to achieve conditioning.
Finally, to say, porridge, although beneficial, but do not need to eat all the food, to ensure that two or four times a week is the best.
Third, what rice is the most nutritious rice glutinous rice porridge?
Rice is divided into three categories: glutinous rice, glutinous rice and glutinous rice.
Glutinous rice is made of non-glutinous rice, which is generally oblong or slender.
According to the harvest season of japonica rice, it is divided into early glutinous rice and late glutinous rice.
The glutinous rice is made of glutinous rice, milky white, opaque, translucent and sticky.
The glutinous rice is made of glutinous non-glutinous rice, and the rice grains are generally elliptical.
Glutinous rice, its sweet taste, its calm, daily consumption, never tired of eating, is the world’s first tonic.
Glutinous rice is rich in starch, protein, fat, cellulose, vitamins A, E, B1 and various nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.
It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the stomach, replenishing the vital energy, strengthening the muscles and muscles, long muscles, blood lipids and five internal organs, and stopping the cold and diarrhea.
Rice and millet, porridge in a ratio of 2:1, is the easiest to digest.
This kind of matching is very reasonable, rice is easy to digest, reconcile and nourish the stomach, and the millet is rich in nutrients and nourishes the organs.
Normal people drink porridge to maintain health, porridge and other things, and there are many new functions, which is due to people changing from place to place.
Soak: Before porridge, soak the rice in cold water for half an hour to let the rice swell.
Benefits: 1 porridge to save time; 2 will stir in one direction when stirring; 3 porridge crisp, good taste.2.

Open water pot: everyone’s general consensus is cold water porridge, but the real expert hands are boiled porridge with boiling water, why?

Have you ever had the experience of cold water porridge?

This phenomenon does not occur with boiling water, and it saves time compared to cold water porridge.


Heat: First boil over high heat, then turn to a simmer and simmer for about 30 minutes.

Don’t underestimate the size of the fire, the scent of the porridge comes out immediately!


Stirring: It turns out that we are mixing or stirring together, in order to avoid the porridge, and there is no substitute for cold water to cook the porridge. Why do you want to stir it?

In order to “get thick”, it is to make the rice grain full and the grain is thick and thick.

The skill of mixing is: stir a few times when boiling the pot, cover the lid to the simmer for 20 minutes, start stirring constantly, continue for about 10 minutes, until the crispy shape.


Point oil: Do you want to put oil on the porridge?

Yes, after changing the porridge to a small amount of salad oil for about 10 minutes, you will find that not only the finished porridge has bright color, but also the entrance is fresh and slippery.


Bottom, cooking: Most people are used to pouring all the things into the pot when cooking porridge. The century-old porridge shop can not.

The bottom of the porridge is the bottom of the porridge. The material is the material, boiled and cooked, and the cockroach is simmered. Finally, it is left to cook for a while, and it will never exceed 10 minutes.

The porridge that is so fresh is not turbid, and the taste of every thing is smashed out without odor.

Especially when the excipients are meat and seafood, the porridge bottom and the auxiliary materials should be separated.

Winter skin is prone to chapped. The heel is the most injury

Winter skin is prone to chapped. The heel is the most “injury”

Winter is the season of frequent cleft palate and cleft palate. Many people have finger and heel ruptures and bleeding. They can only be plastered with adhesive plaster. In severe cases, they may even be infected. The pain is unbearable and affects work and life.
銆€銆€Lips and fingers are exposed to the air, directly facing the damage of the cold wind, causing loss of skin moisture, and the heel is thick and rough, the vitamin content is small, and the part often rubs on the walk, so it is often easy to chapped.
銆€銆€Winter heel cleft palate, it is easy to relapse.
Because the stratum corneum of the heel is thicker than the rest of the body, the elasticity is smaller.
In winter, the humidity in the air is insufficient, and the pulling force of the foot activity is large, and it is easy to locally split and bleed.
The heel of the foot makes people feel pain when they walk.
銆€銆€There are many reasons for cracking hands and feet. Fungi, eczema, simple skin aging and dryness, diabetes, etc. can cause dry skin cracking. Patients should go to the hospital first to ask an expert for diagnosis.
銆€銆€If you simply suffer from chapped problems due to low winter temperatures and reduced secretion of sebaceous glands, you need to pay more attention to skin care in your daily life.
銆€銆€What is the winter heel splitting?
銆€銆€The winter climate is cold and dry. As the northwesterly wind blows, people’s hands and feet turn from wet to dry. If they are not protected, they are prone to cracks. In severe cases, they can cause pain and bleeding. It is called “cleft palate” in medicine.
銆€銆€This is because there is a sebaceous gland in the skin, which is unevenly distributed on the human body, and there are many distributions on the scalp and the face, so these places love “oil.”
The hands and feet don’t love “oil”, especially the palms and heels, and there are almost no sebaceous glands.
One characteristic of sebaceous glands is that the higher the temperature and the warmer the weather, the more oil it secretes.
In the warm season, it often automatically flows out along the pores, constantly “burning” the skin to make it not dry.
In the winter, the temperature gradually decreases, and the secretion of sebaceous glands decreases. In addition, cold air often attacks in winter, and the heat and oil of hands and feet will quickly evaporate.
Therefore, in the winter, many people always feel that the hands and feet are dry and uncomfortable, and even the skin is chapped and bleeding.

Chinese medicine food raises five characters 诀 – grain for raising

Chinese medicine food raises five characters 璇€ – grain for raising

[Guide]The grain on Zhou Li refers to 榛? 绋? 鑿? 楹? rice.
榛?refers to corn, also includes yellow rice, 绋?refers to millet, 鑿?refers to beans.
The so-called grain in modern times refers to cereals and beans, such as grains, grains, wheat, beans and other grains.
銆€銆€The nutrients contained in the grains are mainly carbohydrates, followed by plant proteins, and the fat content is not high.
Ancient doctors believed that the grain could raise the instinct of the five internal organs.
In 1997, the Chinese Nutrition Society adopted the first article of the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents, which is 鈥渄iversified foods and cereals.鈥?It emphasizes that people’s daily energy and protein should be mainly supplied by food. Food is the main body and foundation of nutrient intake.
It can be seen that food ranks first in people’s diet.
The ancients emphasized that the basic principle of “cultivating” is “fine matching, omnivorous grains.”
銆€銆€Coarse and fine to eat coarse grains We call the rice and flour that the residents eat daily as fine grains, and corn (face), millet, sorghum, beans and potatoes are called coarse grains.
Trace elements and vitamins are particularly rich in coarse grains, and coarse grains such as corn and potato contain more dietary fiber.
Nutritionists believe that eating at least three times a week in whole grains will help your health, and it will make your stomach healthier and your appetite stronger.
We know that the nutritional value of different varieties of food is not the same, among which coarse grains are rich in nutrients.
For example, oats are rich in protein; millet is rich in tryptophan and carotene; beans are rich in high-quality protein; sorghum is rich in fatty acids and rich in iron; and potato contains carotene and vitamin C.
銆€銆€We should pay special attention to the intake of soy and soy products.
Soy is a common tonic, rich in protein (about 40%) and a variety of essential amino acids.
Soymilk has the name of 鈥済reen cow’s milk鈥? but it must be cooked when it is eaten, so that it can be boiled three times, otherwise it is easy to be poisoned.
Tofu has the reputation of 鈥減lant meat鈥? It has the effects of tonifying the spleen and tonifying the stomach, clearing away heat and moistening dryness, benefiting urination and relieving heat.
銆€銆€Coarse grains also have a certain medical value.
For example, corn is recognized as the “golden crop” in the world, and its cellulose is 4 to 10 times higher than that of polished rice and fine flour.
Cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, reduce cholesterol absorption, prevent coronary heart disease; mung bean is sweet and cold, has diuretic swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst; cereal protein lacks lysine, while legume protein lacks methionine, GudouMixed, protein complementary, doubled nutrition.
銆€銆€Fresh brown rice is more beneficial to health than polished rice. The more refined the food, the more vitamins, protein, and cellulose are lost.
Although the dietary fiber in the coarse grain can not be digested and utilized by the human body, it can pass the intestinal gas and promote the early discharge of food residue.
銆€銆€Coarse grains also have the effect of losing weight. For example, corn contains a lot of magnesium. Magnesium can strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis and promote the excretion of body waste, which is very beneficial for weight loss.
When the corn is mature, the spikes (corners) have a diuretic effect and are also beneficial for weight loss.
We can make fresh corn soup as a tea, or make cornmeal into corn cakes, tortillas, etc.
銆€銆€Of course, if you replace the fine grains with whole grains, it is not only unacceptable on the taste, but also the nutrition is not reasonable.
Studies have shown that overweight people, hi-meats and sub-healthy people, each serving 50 to 80 grams of coarse grains per day is appropriate, and can be adjusted according to individual circumstances.
銆€銆€鏉傞浜旇胺 钀ュ吇浜掕ˉ銆€銆€灏忔潅绮惈娣€绮夊拰铔嬬櫧璐ㄨ緝澶氾紝涓昏鍖呮嫭鐨勪綔鐗╂湁楂樼脖銆佽胺瀛愩€佽崬楹︺€佺嚂楹︺€佸ぇ楹︺€佺硿瀛愩€佽枏鑻′粊锛屼互鍙婅彍璞嗐€佺豢璞嗐€佸皬璞嗐€佽殨璞嗐€佽睂璞嗐€佽眹璞嗐€佸皬鎵佽眴銆侀粦璞哤ait.
China’s medium and long-term food development strategy research shows that in the food supply to the people, small grains should account for 20%.
銆€銆€Small grains not only have high nutritional value, but also contain special nutrients. For example, buckwheat and buckwheat have high protein content and reasonable ratio of multiple amino acids. They are known as 鈥渂eauty, fitness and disease prevention鈥?health food raw materials.
Buckwheat contains chlorophyll and rutin that are not found in other grains.
The vitamins B1 and B2 in buckwheat are 2 times more than wheat, and niacin is 3 to 4 times more.
Both niacin and rutin contained in buckwheat are drugs for the treatment of hypertension.
Regular consumption of buckwheat also has a certain effect on diabetes.
Beans are also rich in fat and are a major source of calories and protein in the body.
銆€銆€Modern nutrition food complementary principle verification, omnivorous grains are in line with diet and health.
For example, when eating white rice and white noodles, it is often used with coarse grains such as corn, sweet potato, soybeans, and peas, which not only provides comprehensive nutrition, but also improves the utilization rate of food.
The combination of rice and corn is a good example.Rice does not contain vitamin A, but corn is rich in vitamin A; rice protein has tryptophan, contains less lysine, while protein in corn contains almost no tryptophan, but contains lysine, lysine and color ammonia.The acid content of essential amino acids, rice and corn, can complement the protein complementation effect, make the body’s vitamins and essential amino acids more comprehensive, and also improve the protein utilization.


20 years old began to health care for longevity accumulation of money

The centenarians have become the symbol of longevity in modern society. How to live longevity has become a hot spot for people to explore. Everyone wants their own life to survive, and aging, disease prevention and health care is a lifelong matter for women.By the age of 100, it is necessary to pay attention to health care from the age of 20.

Don’t feel exaggerated, because longevity is accumulated as much as a bank saves money, and the body needs savings.

銆€銆€According to reports, from the age of 20, the body’s metabolic rate slows down by 2% every 10 years, and the body’s muscle strength and lung function also begin to decline. By the age of 70, all functions of the body will drop to 20 years of age, which is due to activities.Caused by gradual reduction.

Therefore, the easiest way to resist aging is to adhere to physical exercise. It is very difficult to recover all the functions of the body when you are older and exercise. 20 years old is a good time to exercise.

For Ms. Amy, skin care should also start at the age of 20.

銆€銆€After 35 years old, women should pay special attention. At this time, the hormone level in the human body is 85% at the age of 20, and the ovarian function begins to decline. Therefore, the annual gynecological examination can not be less, especially to prevent various gynecological diseases.

In addition, healthy people should pay special attention to calcium supplementation in the diet to protect their spine and bones when they are 30-50 years old.

銆€銆€46-55 years old is a high-risk period of life. Most diseases break out at this stage, and some are even life-threatening. Therefore, we must pay close attention to this life course, be alert to the attack of the disease, and go smoothly after the smooth entry.

銆€銆€Experts pointed out that for different age groups, the focus of physical examination is different. Blood pressure should be checked every year from the age of 20, blood lipids should be checked every year from the age of 30, blood sugar should be checked every year from the age of 40, and memory examination should be done every year for those over 65 years old.””.

銆€銆€In addition, the pleasure of the mood and family harmony are the secrets of healthy longevity.