Guangdong Food and Beverage Association and Meituan reached a consensus: increase the rebate rate for high-quality merchants

Guangdong Food and Beverage Association and Meituan reached a consensus: increase the rebate rate for high-quality merchants
Recently, the topic of the recovery of Guangdong’s catering economy has become the focus of attention from all walks of life.On April 18, the Guangdong Provincial Catering Service Association and Meituan jointly issued a statement, saying that after in-depth exchanges, they reached consensus on a number of issues that helped the development of the catering industry.Meituan will increase the rebate rate to 3% -6% for high-quality catering take-out merchants in Guangdong based on the “Spring Breeze Action” to promote catering, expand the coverage, and extend the rebate time for at least 2 months (Since the announcement) From now on, in the future, both parties will help the catering enterprises to overcome difficulties and polish the sign of “Food in Guangdong”.Sauna and Yewang learned from the statement that the Guangdong Food Association and Meituan have face-to-face communication on issues related to Guangdong’s food delivery. Both parties believe that promoting the recovery of the food and beverage economy is the common mission and responsibility of the association, platforms and merchants.Guangdong province, city and district restaurant associations’ voices at critical moments, allowing the platform to hear real voices from merchants and restaurant associations in time, which is helpful for the platform to propose more targeted assistance measures.The following is a statement announcement: Thank you for your attention to the catering industry in Guangdong!For the past few days, the Guangdong Food Service Industry Association and Meituan Takeaway have conducted face-to-face communication on issues related to Guangdong’s food delivery.We unanimously believe that promoting the recovery of the catering economy is the common mission and responsibility of associations, platforms and merchants.Meituan said that the Guangdong Province, City and District Restaurant Association ‘s voice at a critical moment allows the platform to hear the real voices from merchants and restaurant associations in time, which is helpful for the platform to better understand the industry ‘s difficulties and the demands of enterprises, and propose more targetedHelp measures.Through frank exchanges between the two parties, increasing trust and dispelling doubts, reaching a staged consensus, and a joint statement on the relevant consensus is as follows: First, create a fair and orderly market environment Meituan fully respects the independent choice of catering merchants and consumers, and conducts friendly consultations with the majority of catering merchants.Equal cooperation.Meituan has independently selected an online classification platform for catering merchants; to support the multi-channel development of privately operated private domain traffic for catering merchants, Meituan will fully open the distribution platform to provide relative docking services.Many parties work together to create a fair and orderly market environment in Guangdong’s catering industry and provide consumers with more assured food and beverage delivery services.Second, strengthen the support of Guangdong restaurant take-out commissions To help Guangdong restaurant take-out merchants break through the epidemic, on the basis of Meituan ‘s “Spring Breeze Action”, Meituan will increase the rebate rate for high-quality restaurant take-out merchants in Guangdong to 3% -6%, To expand the coverage and extend the rebate time by at least 2 months (from the date of announcement).In a special period, Meituan faces its own operational difficulties and will continue to support the rebate of high-quality catering merchants and increase supplementary expenditures. It is hoped that merchant orders will be restored, consumer confidence will be enhanced, and industry recovery will be driven.Third, jointly polish the “food in Guangdong” gold signboard Meituan actively invested in various resources, supported participation in the promotion of consumption in the catering industry organized by local governments and associations in Guangdong Province, and jointly created an “Internet + gourmet” model with provincial and municipal commercial departments,Through online food festivals, “food in Guangdong” brand promotion and other activities, create a batch of Guangdong specialty catering brands to activate the catering consumption vitality.Establish a catering big data information sharing mechanism to strengthen information interconnection with the catering industry associations in Guangdong, cities and districts to provide data support for industry decision-making.In the future, the two parties will establish a daily communication mechanism, strive to create a fair and orderly market environment, and help catering enterprises to overcome difficulties.In the current epidemic, seek common ground while reserving differences!Regardless of catering merchants, industry associations, or takeaway platforms, they will cherish this hard-won industry development even more!The fighting strength is the same, and it will work for a long time.Catering warm spring is already on the road!Sauna, Ye Wang Ouyang Xiaojuan Editor Li Yan

Ministry of Commerce: Knowledge-intensive service trade accounted for over 40% in the first quarter

Ministry of Commerce: Knowledge-intensive service trade accounted for over 40% in the first quarter
On May 2, the person in charge of the Service Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce introduced the baseline service trade development in the first quarter of 2020.Knowledge-intensive services accounted for more than 40%.In the first quarter, 4669 imports and exports of knowledge-intensive services in developing countries.300 million yuan, an increase of 7.8%, accounting for 40% of total service imports and exports.5%, an increase of 7 subdivisions over the same period of the previous year, showing the expected anti-epidemic impact capability.Among them, knowledge-intensive service exports 2624.2 ppm, an increase of 11%, accounting for 59% of the service export scale.1%, up to 8 singles; areas with faster export growth are intellectual property royalties, financial services, telecommunications computers, and information services, which each increased by 29.2%, 23.9% and 14.7%.Import of knowledge-intensive services 2045.100 million yuan, an increase of 4.1%, accounting for 28% of the service import budget.9%, increase by 5.Two are single; the areas where imports are growing faster are telecommunications computers and information services, and financial services, which have grown by 38 respectively.4% and 6.2%.Editor Li Weijia

[How to eat rose cream cake]_How to make roses_How to make

鎯冲埌鎯呬汉鑺傚氨浼氭兂鍒扮帿鐟拌姳锛屼絾鏄崟绾湴閫佺帿鐟拌姳铏界劧缁忓吀锛屼絾鏄潵涓€涓帿鐟拌姳濂舵补铔嬬硶缁濆鏃㈣兘鑳藉緛鏈嶅ス锛堜粬锛夊湴鐨勫績锛岃繕鑳藉緛鏈嶅ス锛堜粬锛夌殑鑳冦€傜帿鐟拌姳濂舵补铔嬬硶涓嶄粎棰滃€肩垎琛紝閭f澗杞彲鍙i鐢滄粦鑵荤殑鍙f劅涔熷緢閫傚悎姣忎竴涓氮婕殑绾︿細銆?Xuan Menghuan?How about forging?What are you looking for? 10?浜轰唤 鎴氶铔嬬硶1涓€佺粏鐮傜硸30鍏嬨€佹贰濂舵补270鍏?呮 呮 摺 椋 畺 摤 湤 璌 噃 噺 噺 鐜  懓 鑺 卞 ザ 娌 Siluan 湟 愞 楠? How to make sure that the version is based on the gallium, and the version is based on the gallium, and the version is based on the Khan? Are you afraid of being braved?Sorry, there is a lot of paper and paper, and there is a lot of people in the village. The village is in trouble, the village is in trouble, the family is in trouble. 鍦ㄨ泲绯曢《閮ㄥ姞涓婂帤鍘氫竴灞傚ザ娌癸紝鐢ㄦ姽鍒€鎶瑰钩锛屾姽铔嬬硶鐨勮瘽鎶瑰垁鍜岃泲绯曢潰鍛?0搴︾殑瑙掓湞涓€涓柟鍚戞姽杩囧幓锛屼笉鑳芥潵鍥炴姽鍝?姝ラ4 椤堕儴鎶瑰ソ鍚庡湪鍥涘懆娑備笂鍘氬帤涓€灞傚ザ娌规楠? Ji Guiluo 岜 峃 泲 泲 曢 Fang forging?0 搴 ﹁Is it a gallium? It ‘s a good thing. It ‘s a lot of gallium. It ‘s a lot of trouble. It ‘s a lot of trouble. It ‘s very weak. It ‘s a very weak version. It ‘s a good way to get around. It ‘s a chain of rules.ュ ザ 娌 Gui Lingjuan  Nan? 銲 涘 懆 鎶 笶 ソ 麖 庨 《閮 ㄥ 啀 鐢 ㄥ 铓 颙 揂 揂 珂 桶 塶 淇  暣 語 虫  楠? This is the case of the lawsuit, the lawsuit, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, the law, and the law.Ammonia pot argon is not a good thing, it’s not a good thing, it’s a crossover gallium, and it’s not a good thing: I don’t know how to use it? 瑁辫姳琚嬮《閮ㄥ壀涓€涓彛瀛愯鍏?Tattoos, sorrows, sorrows, rudders, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows堕儴鍙互鎸や袱灞傦紝涓婇潰涓€灞傜殑鑺辨尋灏忎竴鐐硅€屼笖涓嶈鎸ゅお瀵嗭紝鍥犱负鎺ヤ笅鏉ヨ繕瑕佸You can’t wait for the paper to go through the paper and the chain will be welded or welded. Do you want to make up?0 椤堕儴鎸ゅソ鐢ㄥ悓鏍风殑鏂规硶鍦ㄤ晶闈㈡尋锛屾尋鐨勬椂鍊欒创绱х偣渚ч潰锛屼晶闈㈡尋涓€灞傚氨鍙互浜嗭紝鎵€浠ヤ篃瑕佺暀鐐圭┖闅欏搱姝ラ11 濂舵补鍔犲叆灏戦噺绮夎壊椋熺敤鑹茬礌鐢ㄦ墦铔嬪櫒鍐嶆墦鑷抽鑹叉贩鍚堝潎鍖€姝ラ12 绮夎壊濂舵补瑁呭叆瑁辫姳琚嬬敤鍒氭尋鑺辩殑鏂规硶鍦ㄩ《閮ㄥ拰渚ч潰绌洪殭鐨勫湴鏂瑰姞涓婄矇鑹茬殑鑺辫姳姝ラ13 鍙︿竴涓1鑺辫瑁呭叆灏戦噺绮夎壊濂舵补锛岄《閮ㄥ壀寮€涓€涓I ‘m sorry, I ‘m not sure what to do, I ‘m looking for it, I ‘m looking for it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it.跺悗鍐嶆妸瑁辫姳琚嬬殑鍙e瓙鍓ぇ涓€浜涳紝鍦ㄥ簳閮ㄦ尋涓婁竴鍦堝渾绮掔姸瑁呴グ灏卞畬鎴愪簡銆?

[How to make Danish croissants]_ How to make Danish croissants _ How to make Danish croissants _ How to make Danish croissants

[How to make Danish croissants]_ How to make Danish croissants _ How to make Danish croissants _ How to make Danish croissants

Everyone eats food, if not, it’s because you haven’t encountered what you like to eat.

To make the gradient you like to eat, you have to learn.

Let me introduce you how to make Danish croissants.


All materials are weighed well and poured into the bread machine except bran.


12 Select the working position and the face for 20 minutes.


2121 Add the paste and continue to knead the dough. After the bread machine is finished and the noodle program rest room, you can check whether the dough has been kneaded to form a thin film.


For the first fermentation, it is twice as large as the original one. Put the dough gently to compress the bubbles to remove air bubbles. Put it in the refrigerator freezer and let it stand for an interval of 20 minutes.Refrigerate until firm.


Take out the refrigerated dough and roll it into an accessory.


Fold the dough piece on one end and cover the shell.

Fold the other side of the dough to the other side, and tightly surround the surrounding edges.


The folded dough sheet is rotated 90 degrees, and the dough sheet is rolled down and rolled into a grid, covering the half-fold.


Use a rolling pin to roll the four corners of the dough into regular double sides.

(If during the rolling process, it is found that air bubbles are still wrapped in the dough sheet, pierce it with a toothpick to let the air out) 9.

Add to the refrigerator for 30 minutes and repeat this three times.


Roll the dough into a thickness of about 1.

A 3cm coaxial piece is cut into a small isosceles triangle with a base.


Take a small triangular patch and make a cut at the midpoint of the bottom of the triangle; with both hands, pinch the two corners, roll up a layer of whole egg liquid on the small tip at the top, and roll up completely.

Roll into a baking pan, and perform final fermentation at a temperature of 30 degrees and a humidity of 65%.


Take it out after the fermentation is complete, brush a layer of whole egg liquid on the surface, put it in a preheated 200 degree oven, and bake for about 10 minutes. The surface is golden brown.

The Danish croissant approach described above may be simple, but if you have a superb understanding, you will definitely add your own innovation.

And if you dare to innovate, you will definitely be able to make delicious food with new materials.

[How to eat tomato sauce?】 _Recommended diet

鐣寗娌欏徃涓昏灏辨槸鐢ㄨタ绾㈡熆锛岀児鍒惰€屾垚鐨勪竴绉嶇編鍛抽鐗╋紝灏ゅ叾鏄湪鍚冭タ椁愮殑鏃跺€欙紝鏄粡甯稿悆寰楀埌鍜屼娇鐢ㄥ緱鍒扮殑涓€绉嶈皟鍛虫枡锛岃€屼笖鍏跺疄鐣寗娌欏徃闄や簡鍙互浣滀负璋冨懗鏂欎箣澶栵紝涔熸槸鑳藉鐩存帴椋熺敤锛屾槸姣旇緝鏂逛究绠€鍗曠殑鍋ュ悍鍚冩硶銆傜暘鑼勬矙鍙稿氨鏄暘鑼勫埗浣滆€屾垚锛屽彛鍛抽吀鐢滐紝鑰屼笖椋熺敤鐨勮瘽锛岃繕鍙互甯姪璧峰埌寰堝ソ鐨勫You are in a hurry, and you will find that you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, you are in trouble, and you are in trouble紝涔熸湁鍦ㄥ钩鏃跺悆涓滆タ鐨勬椂鍊欐簿鐫€鍚冿紝鎼厤鍦ㄤ竴璧锋墠浼氭湁鏇村ソ鐨勫彛鎰燂紝灏ゅ叾鏄湪鍚冮澶寸墖闈㈠寘鐗囷紝鎴栬€呮剰澶у埄闈㈢殑鏃跺€欙紝瀹冨彲浠ヨ鏄渶浣崇殑鎼厤璋冨懗鏂欍€傝€岀暘鑼勬矙涓濆悓鏍峰瘜鍚惀鍏伙紝鍏朵腑鍖呮嫭缁寸敓绱燾锛岀淮缁 b1 绁 结 燱 燽 2 浠 ュ 强 鬑 湑 7 绛 夎 浜 涚 墿 势 燒 纴 Chain chains in the world of the world’s most important real estate  銏 馶 楶 楶 湃 楶 湃 揃鐨勬晥鏋滐紝瀵规敼鍠勫拰娌荤枟璐闂涔熸湁涓€瀹氱殑浣滅敤锛屽洜涓虹暘鑼勬矙鍙镐富瑕佸氨鏄敤鐣寗锛屼綔涓哄師鏂欒皟鍒惰€屾垚鐨勪竴绉嶉叡鏂欙紝鎵€浠ュ彲浠ョО寰椾笂鏄ソ鍚冨張鍋ュ悍鐨勪竴绉嶉鐗┿€傝繕鏈夊緢澶氫汉浼氳寰楃暘鑼勬矙鍙革紝涓嶆槸鍍忕暘鑼勯叡涓€鏍峰悧锛熷叾瀹炰笉涓€鏍风殑锛岀暘鑼勯叡鏄互鎴愮啛鐨勮晝鑼勬眮涓哄師鏂欙紝缁忚繃鎵撴祮銆佸幓鐨€佸幓绫藉瘑灏佽缃愬埗浣滆€屾垚鐨勯鍝侊紝娌℃湁浣跨敤鍏朵粬鐨勮皟鏂欙紝涓€鑸槸瑕佺粡杩囩児鐓箣鍚庢墠鑳藉椋熺敤锛屼絾鏄暘鑼勬矙鍙稿氨鏄暘鑼勯叡浣滀负鍘熸枡锛屽啀鍔犳彁瀹冪殑璋冨懗鏂欏埗鎴愶紝鍙互鐩存帴椋熺敤銆?

[Flour added edible talc]_Flour additives_Harm

銆 愰 滰 Qi 夋 方 锷 犻  鐢 ㄦ 粦 鐭 Chongmeng 銆 慱 闱 ㈢Mondi Di 姲 姓 卖 南 卞 冊
闱㈢蒙鍑犱箮鏄瀹堕落兘浼初步兘浼宝椋燂纴灏ゅ叾鏄逛汉鐗瑰埆锽沧钂搁澶淬€佸寘瀛愪互鍙婂寘楗哄瓙绛夛紝鎵€浠ュ閲岄兘涓嶄細灏戜簡闈㈢矇銆備絾鏄ぇ瀹跺湪涔伴潰绮夋椂浼初步彂鐜帮纴链夌殑姣旇逮捕锏斤纴The chain is deceived and deceived, the play is depraved, and it ‘s deceitful. It ‘s a beautiful place. It ‘s a beautiful place. It ‘s a great place for you. It ‘s a good way to do it.鏈€濂戒笉瑕佷拱澶櫧鐨勯潰绮夈€傚浣曡鲸鍒幒鏉傜殑婊戠煶绮?This is a fine chain of fine chains, and a fine chain of fine chains. It ‘s a very important thing, and it ‘s a good idea. It ‘s very useful for you. It ‘s very effective.銆?鏅€氶壌鍒柟娉曢潰绮夌湅涓婂幓鐧界殑姣旇緝鍘夊涔熸湁鍙兘鏄粦鐭崇矇瓒呮爣浜嗭紝濂界殑鐧介潰绮夊拰闈㈠埗鍝佸簲涓轰钩鐧借壊鎴栧井榛勬湰鑹诧紝鍥犱负姝e父鐨勬槸榛戠櫧姣旇緝鍧囧寑鐨勩€傞潰绮夎秺鐧借秺濂芥槸涓€绉嶉敊璇殑鐞嗚В鏂瑰紡銆備娇鐢ㄥぇ閲忓鐧藉墏鐨勯潰绮夊強鍒跺搧鍛堥洩鐧借壊;浠庢You can’t do it at ℃, you can’t do it at ℃, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t stop it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.樺湪鐨勮瘽婊戠煶绮夎秴鏍囩殑鍙兘鎬у氨闈炲父鐨勫ぇ浜嗐€備粠姘斿懗涓婅锛屽ソ鐨勯潰绮夋湁涓€鑲¢潰绮夊浐鏈夌殑娓呴姘斿懗锛岃€屼娇鐢ㄥ鐧藉墏鐨勯潰绮夋贰鑰屾棤鍛筹紝鐢氳嚦甯︽湁灏戣鍖栧鑽搧鍛炽€傚鐧藉墏杩囧鐨勯潰绮夎捀鍑虹殑闈㈤寮傚父鐧戒寒锛屼絾娌℃This is a very good way to do it, and it ‘s a good idea. It ‘s so beautiful. It ‘s a lot of money. I do n’t want to donate it. I do n’t want to donate it to Jiang.銆傚湪鐜颁唬宸ヨ壓涓婏紝绮鹃潰閮藉惈鏈夐鐢ㄧ骇婊戠煶绮夛紝涓€鑸负3%銆傚鐧藉墏鍒欎笉搴旇鏈夈€傞潰绮夌殑澧炵櫧涓嶆槸鐢ㄥ鐧藉墏鐨勩€傛垜搴旈個鍒颁竴瀹跺緢澶х殑绮鍔犲伐浼佷笟鍙傝鏃讹紝鐪嬭繃杩欐牱鐨勫伐鑹鸿姹傘€佹祦绋嬪拰閰嶆柟銆傚綋鐒讹紝涓€浜涘皬鍨嬬殑闈㈢矇鍔犲伐鍘傦紝鍦ㄧ矖鍔犲伐鏃跺垯涓嶄竴瀹氬姞锛屼粬浠彧鏄畝鍗曠殑鍘婚焊鍗冲埗鎴愮櫧闈€傝€屽ぇ鍘傚垯鍦ㄦ鍩虹涓婃牴鎹敤閫斿啀杩涜娣卞姞宸ャ€傚鍘荤瓔锛屾贩鍏ラ鍝佹坊鍔犲墏锛屽鍏ュ叾浠栧璞嗛潰銆侀浮铔嬬瓑銆?What is the difference between the father and mother in the village?(浠 ョ 伆 卒 呜 兜) Do you want to read and read?0.75%: Awkward and sloppy?.2%: What’s the difference?.5% efficacies: mongooses, mongolias, essays, essays, philosophies, philosophies, mongolias, mongolias, mongolias, mongolias, mongolias, mongolias, mongolias, mongolias, mongolias祴鍑洪挋绂诲瓙銆佺~閰告牴銆佷簩姘у寲纭咃紝灏辫兘瀹氭€ф幒鍏ョ殑鐗╄川銆備簩姘у寲纭呭畾鎬ф柟娉曞皢娴嬪畾瀹岀伆鍒嗗惈閲忓悗鐨勭伆鍒嗕腑锛屽姞鍏?鍊嶉噺浠ヤ笂鐨勭爺鎴愮粏鏈殑姘㈡哀鍖栭捑锛屾贩鍚堝潎鍖€锛屼簬600鈩冪啍铻嶏紝鍐峰悗鍔犳按婧惰В锛屽Sorry to be sorry for you)鐩愰吀锛屼娇涔嬪憟閰告€э紝濡傛灉鏈夎兌鐘剁墿鏋愬嚭(H3SiO3)锛岃鏄庢鍑轰簡浜屾哀鍖栫锛屽悓鏃朵綔绌虹櫧瀵圭収銆傛甯哥殑灏忛害绮夛紝涓€鑸敤姝ゆ硶妫€涓嶅嚭浜屾哀鍖栫锛屼絾鎺哄叆澶х櫧绮夈€佹粦鐭崇矇鍦?%浠ヤ笂鏃讹紝鍒欏彲妫€鍑恒€?What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Nan Nan Kuang 鍙 堨 牱 鍝?What’s the matter?50% of the total power consumption and the total of 50% of the total energy consumption: the power supply is very slow, and the power supply is too high. The power supply is too strong. 550 power supply is not enough.灏忔椂锛屽彇鍑哄喎鍗撮檷娓┿€傚鏋滅伆鍖栦笉瀹屽叏锛屽啀鍔犳按鎴栫閰镐娇鐏板垎婀挎鼎锛屽井娓╄嚦骞诧紝鐒跺悗鍐嶆斁鍦ㄩ┈璐圭倝涓伆鍖?What do you mean? Do you want to talk about it? 200-year-old stubbornly stubbornly stubbornly stubborn?0 鍒 嗛 撓 钖 庣 ОReading 麴 璁 $ 畏 鐏 板 劎 劆 傛 Ning drafts 祬 楹 ︾ 蒙 镄 勭 伆 卒 嗕 Negative 0.75% technetium?.5%: It ‘s the same as that of ︾Mongolian Nan 屽 咄 勭 伆 鍒 嗗 湪 1.06% Technetium?%%%, %%, %%%%%%%%%%%%%%, %%%%%%%%%%, %%%%%%%%%% x% x %%%%%%%% x% x %%%%%% x% x %%%%%%%%%% x% x %%%%%% x% x %%%%%%%%% x% x% x% x %%%%%%%%%%%% x% x% x% x% x %%%%%%%% x% x% x% x %%%%%% x% x% x% x %%%%%%%%%%%% x% x% x% x %%%%%% x% x% x% x %%%%%%%%%%%%%% cm %%% x% x% x% x% x %%%%%%%% x% x% x %%%% x %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% s% s %%%%%%% Min color pa coloring degree degree degree degree degree value degree value degree value degree degree degree degree傞噰鐢ㄨ繖绉嶆祴瀹氭柟娉曪紝鍙祴灏忛害绮変腑鎺哄叆1%鐨勭煶鑶忔垨婊戠煶绮夈€?Check out the rules and regulations: Nan Nan Nan Nan Nan Feng Fan Fan Board Advice (1 ad?)鐩愰吀婧舵恫 10姣崌锛屽姞鐑憾瑙c€佽繃婊わ紝婊ゆ恫鍒嗘垚涓や唤锛屼竴浠芥憾娑蹭腑鍔犲叆1%姘уLao ℃ regret it?姣崌锛屽鏋滀骇鐢熷ぇ閲忔矇娣€锛岃鏄庢鍑轰簡纭吀鏍癸紝鍚屾椂浣滅┖鐧藉鐓с€傚啀鍦ㄥ彟涓€浠芥护娑蹭腑鍔犲叆楗卞拰鑽夐吀閾垫憾娑?姣  崌 Adopted?1 ad?)姘ㄦ按鍛堝急纰辨€э紝浜х敓澶ч噺娌夋穩锛屽垯涓洪槼鎬э紝鍚屾椂浣滅┖鐧藉鐓с€?

[How to make pumpkin puree for babies]_Pumpkin puree_Baby_How to make

[How to make pumpkin puree for babies]_Pumpkin puree_Baby_How to make

Babies who are just beginning to eat cannot usually eat some hard things, but can only be improved by eating soft things. Usually, they can eat a little bit of pumpkin puree for children. The nutritional value of pumpkin puree is very high.The sweet taste is easy to be accepted by the baby. Generally, the method of making it needs to be made with oats or barley.

Grain pumpkin puree suitable for babies: from 6 months Ingredients: 50 grams of pumpkin, 20 grams of oatmeal, 20 grams of oatmeal Method: Peel, slice, steam the pumpkin, grind it while hot, and put it in cool.

Wash the oats and barley and add them to the pot to cook porridge.

Put the pumpkin puree into the oatmeal and rice porridge and stir.

Easy to make: When buying pumpkins, you must choose intact shape, bright color, and hold the handle with a falling touch, it will become sweet.

Tips: Mothers should avoid pumpkins which are rich in anti-oxidant carotene and cellulose; cereals such as oats and indica rice can provide rich substitute fiber, which is also good for baby’s health.

In addition, the soft texture of pumpkin puree is also suitable for babies.

Pumpkin thick soup is suitable for babies: from 7 months Ingredients: 200 grams of pumpkin, 100 grams of broth, 50 grams of fresh milkCook over low heat and mix well.

Tips: Mom can provide rich carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, protein, etc. through pumpkin. Among them, carotene can be converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A can promote the healthy development of eyes, prevent tissue aging, and maintain optic nerve health.

Cold easily causes joint pain, keeping warm is the first

Cold easily causes joint pain, keeping warm is the first
The invasion of cold air, Changsha’s high temperature is like riding a roller coaster, up and down.Middle-aged and elderly people who have suffered from bone and joint diseases are even more difficult to suffer. When the cold wind blows, the bones and joints are faintly painful.According to experts from the Department of Joint and Sports Medicine of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, recently, the number of patients who came to the hospital due to joint pain caused by acute sudden drop has increased significantly.Experts remind that the cold wave is coming. In order to avoid pain caused by cold joints, citizens must do warm work. At the same time, the middle-aged and elderly people should avoid accidental falls and fractures.Don’t let your shoulders be cold and cause pain before the cold wave comes. Salsa (a pseudonym) from Changsha is 19 years old and is an art student at a university in Hunan.For almost a year, Sasa’s shoulder has always been painful, but she has never been to the hospital because of the mild symptoms of pain.On November 25th, the temperature in Changsha plummeted, and her entire shoulder and hip pain worsened, so severe that her arms could not be lifted. The family felt serious. She accompanied her to the hospital for a diagnosis. The diagnosis showed that Sarah had myofascia.Pain syndrome.”In the current temperature environment, many people will experience pain in the shoulder, back and other parts.”Wang Jing, the chief physician of the Department of Joint and Sports Medicine of Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, explained that myofascial pain syndrome is caused by incorrect body posture, plus the effect of cold weather, it will cause obvious shoulder pain, any ageCan occur in adults, especially those with bad posture habits, sedentary desks, abnormal exercise postures, excessive shoulder load, excessive joint movements, etc., may cause shoulder and back muscle strain, low back muscle strain, and boots in the coldThe trigger of the weather caused severe shoulder and back pain.”For this kind of pain, the key to prevention is to develop a good posture, correct exercise mode, to keep warm in cold weather, and to wear a warm down vest in the vicinity to improve blood circulation.”” Wang Jing believes that in addition, shoulder-back muscle coordination exercises, muscle relaxation, stretching, etc. should be paid attention to; when lifting heavy objects, pay attention to shoulder weights to balance shoulder forces, palms forward to reduce the burden on shoulder muscles;When moving objects up high, move first, then shoulders.Strengthening the balance training can reduce the fall injury in winter Chen Ye, who lives in Yuelu District, is 80 years old. She was admitted to the hospital last week. Because she was not careful when doing exercise at home, she fell to the ground and her family rushed her to the hospital.After a thorough examination, Chen Zheng was diagnosed with a fracture of the femoral diameter caused by an accidental fall, and was unable to walk and was confined in bed.”Because of excessive osteoporosis in middle-aged and elderly people, coupled with the cold and wet weather in winter, the ground is slippery, and it is easy to fall and cause fractures. Ordinary flat ground falls may cause osteoporotic fractures in middle-aged and elderly people.”Wang Jing introduced that the common fracture sites are the wrist, spine vertebra, hip, etc., especially hip fracture, the degree of harm.In the cold winter, middle-aged and elderly people should be alert to osteoporotic fractures caused by accidental falls.”There are two causes of osteoporotic fractures, one is the internal cause of osteoporosis, and the other is the external force such as a fall.Wang Jing said that in addition to necessary treatments for these diseases, lifestyle adjustments are necessary.Middle-aged and elderly people can eat more calcium milk, eat appropriate low-salt diet, and supplement protein; lifestyle, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol; use drugs that affect bone metabolism with caution, such as glucocorticoids, anticoagulants, anticonvulsants, etc.At the same time, choose an appropriate exercise method, middle-aged and elderly people can appropriately choose outdoor sports for strength training and rehabilitation treatment, walk appropriately according to the condition of the knee joint, 5000 to 10,000 steps per day, can also ride a bicycle, or practice Tai Chi, increaseMuscle strength, enhance balance and reduce falls; further use hip protection pads to prevent falls to prevent fractures caused by accidental falls in cold weather.Balanced training can improve joint stability, prevent falls, and reduce fall-related injuries. People with good health can try it.The easiest training method is: step on a relatively stable chair with one foot, keep stepping on one foot, maintain balance, maintain this action for 10 seconds, repeat 10 to 15 times, repeat the action with another leg.Lower limb muscle strength exercises can take meditation, scapula, back, waist against the wall, arms hang down naturally, the calf is perpendicular to the ground, the knee is slightly bent, and the angle of flexion reduces the painless position of the knee joint.Knee pain patients can improve their pain through local warmth. Recently, Lin Ying, 50, has developed knee pain.Because of suffering from joint disease for many years, Lin Yu’s pain recurs as soon as he encounters cold weather.Recently, doctors diagnosed her with knee osteoarthritis.”The number of people who come to see a doctor for knee pain caused by cold weather has increased significantly, accounting for about 60% of the total number of visits.Wang Jing said that knee joint pain after cold exposure is more common in the elderly.If the patient has previously suffered from osteoarthritis or patella cartilage softening, bursitis, tendonitis and other basic diseases, the pain symptoms will be more obvious.The cold can also cause muscle contractions and even fractures, which can cause knee pain.Common arthritis includes osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is arthritis caused by autoimmunity and is a chronic systemic disease. Osteoarthritis is a common joint degenerative disease.Occurs in weight-bearing and hyperactive joints such as knees, hands, waist, and spine.”People with degenerative complications such as arthritis, shoulder joints, and rotator cuff injuries are prone to pain symptoms in winter, and cold is the biggest cause of pain.”Wang Jing explained that when the weather becomes cold and falls sharply, the blood vessels around human joints will shrink, resulting in poor blood circulation and producing metabolites. If these metabolites cannot be effectively removed in time, they will slowly accumulate in the joints.Surrounding, once the accumulated concentration becomes higher, pain can be exacerbated.Coupled with bloated clothes and weight gain in winter, the strength of the human knee joint will increase, so it is more likely to cause knee pain.Wang Jing reminded that the pain caused by atrophic diseases of these joints can usually be improved by local warmth. The knee joint can be kept warm with soft knee pads. It is not recommended to maintain a strong knee pad to keep warm, avoid muscle atrophy and surround the malignancy.cycle.Daily use of hot water to soak your feet to ensure local blood circulation in the joints.(Reporter Luo Yue) Related Links Expert Tips How to Prevent Seniors from Falling Some factors are likely to cause seniors to fall?Jiang Fenglin, Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, believes that he is older than 60 years old, has unstable walking, accompanied by osteoporosis or arthritis, or has living organisms at home, uses furniture with wheels, no night lights in the bedroom, and the living roomLight bulbs below 60 watts, and toilets and bathing areas without handrails and other borrowing facilities are all reasons for the elderly at home to fall.If the family member or the caregiver finds that the old man has fallen, do not lift the old man blindly. The correct method is to judge whether there is a fracture and go to the hospital for CT and other tests in time. To judge the nature of the disease, it is only temporary cerebral hemorrhage, or brainStroke; to determine if it is sudden death, the patient should immediately lie flat on a hard board. If it is sudden cardiac death, quickly perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, tap the anterior cardiac area, press the chest heart and mouth-to-mouth artificial breathing, etc., and contactContact the emergency center to rescue the patient in the expected time.In addition, Jiang Fenglin reminded to pay attention to small details of home life.Bathroom: It is the easiest place for the elderly to fall. If there is an elderly person in the home, it is recommended that the floor of the bathroom should be covered with non-slip mats, and handrails should be installed inside.The bathroom is equipped with a solid armrest, which can be grasped immediately by the elderly when they fall; installing an armrest beside the toilet can help the elderly to get up and sit down more easily, especially for the elderly with weak feet.In addition, it is recommended that the elderly take a bath with a bath stool to prevent dizziness.Kitchen: Many households’ kitchen lights are not bright enough, which poses a safety hazard to the elderly.If the kitchen door is too biological, it can cause inconvenience to the elderly who have weak feet.Common things should be placed at your fingertips, not high or low, to avoid the elderly from squatting down and picking things up, and may get dizzy and fall when they get up.Bedroom: It is better to turn on a night light in the bedroom at night, so that the elderly can have enough lighting when they wake up in the middle of the night.Some bedroom floor plates are shifted, causing the ground to be uneven and easy to fall. Repair should be done as soon as 佛山桑拿网 possible.Shoes: Wear appropriate shoes to reduce the risk of falling.It is recommended to measure the foot shape before buying new shoes, and you should wear non-slip, non-slip shoes indoors or above.(All media reporter Yang Weiran)

Po Laiya (603605): a fast-growing platform, multi-brand beauty group

Po Laiya (603605): a fast-growing platform, multi-brand beauty group

Investment suggestion Pollya is the leader in domestic beauty and public beauty, and has long benefited from the power of e-commerce channels to achieve faster-than-industry performance growth.

Competitive advantages of the company: New media marketing, R & D and production have leading advantages, which can be achieved, and high-definition explosive product creation capabilities; a platform-based flexible and efficient organizational structure helps to better integrate internal and external resources and expandBrand matrix, we are optimistic about the company’s prospects of growing into a platform-based multi-beauty beauty group.

Reasons At this point in time, how do you view the growth opportunities of the beauty industry?

① High prosperity of the industry: In 2018, the beauty market size was US $ 410 billion. We expect to benefit from the increase in skincare steps, skincare crowd expansion and consumption upgrade. The industry will continue to maintain double-digit growth in the next 5 years;High-speed growth online and overall stable offline; the rise of new media marketing, live broadcast, KOL shipments are hot; niche, personalized demand is emerging, party, drug makeup, new domestic products break out; ③ competition pattern: market competition has been upgraded to R & D,Product, supply chain, marketing, talent and other multi-dimensional comprehensive competitions, comprehensive beauty advantages 杭州桑拿 of comprehensive leading is expected to continue to grow faster than the industry.

Why do we think Poreal is expected to achieve high certainty and sustainable growth?

① Product side: with strong R & D strength, cost-effective product quality and rapid response of the supply chain, it can continue to launch products that have the potential of a large single product closely following market hotspots; ② Marketing side: has established systematic consumer insights, New media marketing, KOL conversion capabilities, combined with solid product creation capabilities, to jointly promote the operation of large single products and the creation of explosive models; ③ management side: a platform-based organizational structure to help it more efficiently hatch, cultivate new brands, and quicklyStrengthen the core capabilities 夜来香体验网 of the upstream and downstream industries such as R & D and marketing, and improve the ecology of the beauty industry.

What do you think of the growth space and driving force of Polaia?

① Short-term channel: E-commerce is expected to grow rapidly in 1-2 years.

The ability to build explosive models has been proven and is expected to be quickly replicated and promoted, which will maintain an increase of about 50% online; ② Look at categories in the medium term: categories such as makeup and essences for 2-3 years are expected to contribute incrementally.

With the introduction of new products, the strengthening of the supply chain, the team building, new categories are expected to contribute incrementally; ③ long-term brand: 3-5 years, the second echelon brand gradually rises.

Emerging brands that have cooperated include Y.


M, Timage, Singuladerm, etc., benefit from the rise of the second echelon brand in the future, and are expected to eventually grow into a multi-brand, multi-category, omni-channel platform beauty group.

Earnings forecasts and estimates Maintain earnings forecasts.

The current contradiction corresponds to 36 times P / E in 2020.

Maintain Outperform industry rating and target price of 110.

0 yuan, corresponding to 43 times the 2020 P / E, with 19% upside.

Competition in the risk industry continued to intensify; mergers and acquisitions integration fell short of expectations.

In the first half of the year, the most accommodative period of capital has come to the RRR cut.

In the first 杭州桑拿 half of the year, the most accommodative period of capital has come to the RRR cut.

The most accommodative period of funding in the first half of the year has arrived!

In the “good times”, there is still expected money market after the Spring Festival, and a “good time” is about to be ushered in.

  The trillion yuan of funds in the open market expired in the first week after the Spring Festival, adding a little worry to short-term liquidity.

However, from a comprehensive and institutional perspective, the replacement of cash after the holiday supplements liquidity, and the effect of extending large amounts before the holiday is expected to be more fully demonstrated.

  Some capital traders said that at least until the end of June, there will be no major problems with the capital, and one or two months after the Spring Festival will be the most lenient period of capital in the first half of the year.

  Absolute nervousness disappeared Before and after the Spring Festival in previous years, currency markets tended to fluctuate sharply-funds tended to be tight before the festival and loose after the festival.

The Spring Festival is ahead of this year, and the peak of the traditional fiscal budget at the beginning of the year is closer to the peak of pre-holiday cash injection, adding to the complexity of the pre-holiday liquidity indicators.

However, in hindsight, the overall stability of market capital before the holiday was loose and almost no tightening.

This is mainly due to a gradual shift in liquidity shifts.

  Highest, allowing the strength of liquidity support to be in place, and the expected capital level to steadily cross the basis of the section.

  According to statistics, from January 1st to February 1st, the reverse reverse repurchase operation was gradually expanded to US $ 1.56 billion, and at the same time, US $ 1.720 billion reverse repurchase and 3900 trillion hundred times the loan facility (MLF) expired.The operating channel realized a net return of 550 billion yuan.

However, in January the budget was reduced by 1 merger, releasing about 1 long-term funds.

On January 23, the implementation of the first quarter of the targeted medium-term lending facility (TMLF) operation was 257.5 billion yuan; On January 25, the 2018 inclusive financial targeted downgrade dynamic assessment was conducted, and net long-term funds were released approximately 250 billion yuan;The amount of funds released by these measures is about 2 trillion yuan. Taking into account the open market operations, the net released funds are still close to 1.

5 trillion, to better meet the liquidity needs before the holiday.

  At the same time, the temporary implementation of specific operations is in place to ensure the continued stability of the capital.

  Since January, long-term liquidity operations have been mainly carried out during the peak period of the tax period in mid-January and before the Spring Festival holiday at the end of January and early February.

For example, the first level implemented two rounds of open market reverse repurchase operations from January 14 to 18, and from January 30 to February 1. The RRR cut was also implemented in two steps, each on January 15 and 25.Quasi 0.

5 digits; TMLF and Inclusive Finance’s targeted downward dynamic assessment will be conducted in late January.

This arrangement better matches the changes in liquidity supply and demand in each stage before the festival, and calms down various potential disturbances in a timely manner.

  Trillion-dollar funds returned to the variables to smoothly cross the Spring Festival, and the supply and demand of liquidity after the festival is not completely worry-free.

  The expiration of more than $ 1 trillion in long-term liquid instruments in the open market on Monday will disrupt short-term liquidity supply and demand.

According to Wind data, there was an incremental reverse repurchase of $ 680 billion and an expiration of 383.5 billion MLF this week, with a total of $ 106.3 billion in withdrawals due.

After a clear one-month downgrade, the MLF terminated in the first quarter will not be continued, so there is almost no possibility of MLF operation this week.

In terms of reverse repurchase operations, on Monday, extended the suspension of the reverse repurchase operations, and the US $ 20 billion reverse repurchase realized a natural net return.

  A preliminary announcement stated that the current liquidity of the banking system is at a relatively high level.

In view of this, even after the gradual restart of the reverse repo operation, the possibility of implementing a full amount of hedging is not high, and the open market operation after the holiday has a high probability of showing a net basket layout.

  In addition, the beginning of the year is the peak period of traditional credit investment. Against the background of greater counter-cyclical adjustment of macro policies, credit investment in the first quarter is likely to be larger than in previous years.

With the increase in credit growth and the increase in the amount of derived subsistence, it may increase the pressure on financial institutions to make up for statutory deposit reserves.

  It should also be noted that the issuance of local bonds this year is advanced and the pace is not slow.

According to statistics, on January 21, the issuance of local debt in 2019 began, and by January 31, 4,179 were issued across the country in less than two weeks.

6.6 billion local debt.

In the first quarter, the scale of government bond issuance is likely to exceed that of previous years, and the liquidity consumption of the banking system caused by bond issuance payments will also be higher than in previous years.

  Absolute easing will not be “absent”. Even so, the restructuring and easing of funds in the market after the holiday should not be “absent.”

  In previous years, the loose funds after the Spring Festival mainly benefited from the cash back banking system.

This is no exception this year.

The Industrial Research report estimates that the cash return after the Spring Festival is about 800 billion yuan.

The National Gold Securities Research report predicts that the cash flow in February will increase the liquidity of about 900 billion US dollars.

  Another reason to support optimism about traffic mobility after the Spring Festival is the performance of the previous continuous liquidity delivery effect.It may be that the long-term net release is about 1 in the month before the Spring Festival.

Of the 5 trillion US dollars of funds, it is definitely a medium and long-term fund, and whether it is a RRR cut or a TMLF operation, the funds issued are relative budget funds. The improvement of market liquidity and the expected effect should be better, just because of the pre-holiday.Factors such as cash placements were hedged, and the placement effect was fully demonstrated.

After the holiday, it will be different. Withdrawal disturbance will no longer be. With the cash return to the banking system, the bank’s excess reserve ratio will rise again, and liquidity will naturally pick up.

In this context, the effect of large-scale investment in the early stage is expected to achieve more adequate performance.

  Foreign exchange factors may also constitute marginal favorable factors for liquidity.

According to data released by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange on the 11th, as of the end of January, the expected foreign exchange reserve scale was US $ 308.97 billion, which had previously increased by US $ 15.2 billion at the end of December 2018, the third consecutive month of increase.

As the RMB exchange rate broke through the previous unilateral impairment pattern, the distortionary influence of foreign exchange factors on RMB liquidity gradually weakened, and even contributed to a phased positive effect.

  More importantly, in the face of downward economic pressure, the stance of greater counter-cyclical adjustment of macroeconomic policies has been re-established, and the attitude of gradually maintaining a reasonable and adequate liquidity is still clear.

The recent easing of overseas easing has strengthened, which has broadened the scope for flexible adjustment of national monetary policy.

In the face of factors such as the long-term maturity of liquidity instruments, the centralized issuance of government bonds, and the centralized fiscal collection of taxes, it is expected that liquidity 厦门夜网 support will be gradually provided in a timely and appropriate manner, and the market may gradually reduce the standard and so on.

  In general, the currency market is expected to usher in a “great time” after the Spring Festival.

A large number of reverse repurchases and MLF expirations this week may limit the recovery of the capital, but after that, the cash return effect of conversion will appear, and the capital is expected to show a skewed trend. There is a possibility of a slight downward trend in the money market interest rate center.

Several capital traders told the China Securities Journal reporter that at least until the end of June, there will be no major problems with the capital, and one or two months after the Spring Festival will be the most accommodative period in the first half of the year.