3 sets of yoga weight loss moves to make you willful fat burning

3 sets of yoga weight loss moves to make you “willful” fat burning

Yoga has a good weight loss effect, but white-collar workers in sedentary offices complain that they have no time to practice yoga.
The following 3 strokes of yoga are simple and convenient, so you can burn fat anytime, anywhere!
  Office Chairs 1.
Sitting in a chair with a twisted torso, with his right hand on the outside of his left knee, he moved his chin just above the shoulder to twist.
Do the same on the left.
Shape your slim waist by stimulating your flank.

The inside of the body is stretched with one leg straight, the pelvis standing up, and the body slowly leaning forward.
Pull the femoral joint, and lean the upper body forward to stretch the waist to the back.
Breathe deeply and move slowly, in addition to shaping, it can reduce waist strain.

Three-day moon type: With both arms straight up, stretch the flank.
Then dump to the right, then dump to the left after recovery.
Restores the thorax while relieving shoulder tension.
Mm accumulated fat above the stomach can do this exercise.
  Bedtime 1.
Step forward, step out on one leg, stretch the other leg straight back, and keep still.
By expanding the rat diameter of the femoral joint and adjusting the pelvis, metabolism can be adjusted.
Repeat with the other leg.
  2.The portal is straight with one leg stretched, stretching the flank on the other side.
Raise the line of sight to keep your body from leaning forward.
When you first start, look forward.
Change the direction of flank stretch by looking.
Carefully stretch, adjust the internal organs, and glamorous waistline!
Repeat the movements from left to right.
  3.Simple V form: With your legs straight, sit on the ground.
Raise your legs and keep your legs straight to form a V shape with your upper body.
If it can’t be completed in a short time, a little adjustment is also possible.
Try to complete the action in the shortest possible time.
Straighten the waist and use the abdominal muscles to support, the belly fat can disappear.
Stretch the back with one leg straight and the sole of the other foot close to the rat’s diameter.
Then lean forward the pelvis and intentionally stretch the waist to the back.
Then repeat the action with the other leg.
Lie down with the twister, move one leg to the other side, close to the ground, and twist the waist.Do both.

At this point, his face shifted towards the twisted side, and his eyes focused on the palm.


Baby-style knees, face close to both sides.

If you want to compress properly, you can stop breathing at this time, and have the effect of pressurizing the internal organs.


Bridge This is one of the basic poses of yoga.

In addition to the effect of lifting the hips, it stimulates the thyroid gland and regulates hormone secretion by applying pressure to the throat.

  House Articles 1.

The soldiers checked out and stepped out, with their hands straight up and their jaws raised.

This position can exercise the stability of the lower body.

Stepped legs alternate left and right.

Excess meat around the scapula can also be eliminated.

  2.Triangle stepped out with one leg, holding the foot in one hand to replace, and the other hand straight up.

Face can face forward or with fingertips forward.

Then alternate left and right.

This position can exercise the flank and thighs and adjust the pelvis.

  3.Raise the single leg with the soles of the feet close to the thighs of the upright legs.

Both hands straightened in an “eight” shape.

While strengthening the balance between the pelvis and the back bone, attention will also improve.

This posture is recommended in the morning to eliminate excess meat on the legs.

Everyone is a high-performance employee

Everyone is a high-performance employee

Have you found that when you start to be dissatisfied with an employee, the performance of the employee seems to be getting worse and worse, and various behaviors seem to confirm that he is a problem employee.

  In fact, sometimes the problems appear to you.

Many managers often focus on employees’ weaknesses, but do not let employees realize their potential.

Management consultant Jamie Walters recently pointed out in the Outlook Communication magazine that when employees are not motivated and cannot reach their potential, the result is poor performance, low morale and rising turnover.

  As a supervisor, how should we explore and cultivate the potential of employees, so that their capabilities can be brought into play?

Waters points out that, first of all, you often have to give employees positive reviews.

For example, in daily conversations or performance evaluation meetings, supervisors strive to communicate in a positive way.

When employees perform well, they will give unequivocal feedback and let everyone know what the supervisor expects from the behavior.

  Then again, supervisors need to think about new ways to extend employees’ existing strengths.

Edison used the sewing thread as a filament for electric bulbs;

Looking beyond traditional titles, a careful receptionist may also be a good project manager.

  To unlock employee potential, supervisors must also ask employees what they like to do.

Many employees are often promoted to management positions because of their professional competence. However, these employees are often not good at management or even dislike management.

Without first understanding the expectations of employees, everyone involved will be frustrated.

  Without the participation of employees, it is difficult to realize his potential.

Ask your employees what they like most and why, and what role they think they have the most to contribute to the organization. Use this information to develop your potential.

  In addition to the personal opinions of employees, supervisors should also seek the opinions of other employees.

But these opinions should not be obtained informally, and should not be discussed with other unrelated employees.

Supervisors can use the 360-degree assessment method, or let employees share views in a meeting to understand what characteristics and behaviors are best for the entire team.

  If you find that the performance of the employee is really unsatisfactory, it does not prevent you from going back and thinking about why you hired him in the first place, what impression did his resume give you, and what is your first impression of him.

This can help you rethink the strengths, contributions, and potential of this employee.

Sometimes an employee’s performance is poor because you haven’t used him in the right place. Think about it the other way, what the other side of these shortcomings means.

For example, an employee who is often unable to complete a project may represent his expertise as generating ideas rather than execution.

  When you discover that your employee has another potential to play, don’t forget to give him the opportunity to experiment with new roles.

May wish to set up a small internship program within the company, so that employees can follow colleagues for a day to understand the responsibilities and roles of other colleagues.

This approach also allows employees to learn about other onboarding jobs and generate new ideas.

  To change the way of performance evaluation in the past, starting from strengthening the advantages of employees, the performance of employees has changed 180 degrees.

Head self-healing massage


Head self-healing massage

Face massage preparation posture: sitting type, two knees apart (same shoulder width).

銆€銆€Forehead area technique: push the two hands and four fingers from the middle of the forehead to the vertical part (ie, the four fingers are close together, the thumb is separated, the fingertips are placed on the massage part, and the speed is pushed slowly), and then the forehead and the ring finger are used to pinch the forehead.The skin is gently curved (the finger can’t move away from the skin) (Figure 1).

銆€銆€Efficacy: strengthen the frontal muscles and lower eyebrow muscles.

銆€銆€Cheek area technique: the back of the fingers of both hands pushes the left and right eyebrows to the vertical part and the earlobe respectively, and then pushes the earlobe from both sides of the nose and mouth with the same method, and finally pushes the sacral angle and the earlobe from the center of the ankle.2).

銆€銆€Efficacy: promote ear muscles, occipital muscles, upper lip muscles, deltoid muscles and laughing muscles.

銆€銆€Face and jaw area technique: the thumb of both hands is resisted on both sides of the ankle, the middle finger is pressed under the corner of the eye, and the fingertips are used to tilt down from the inner part of the eye to the abdomen, and the tip of the mouth is pushed straight to the ankle (Fig. 3).

銆€銆€Efficacy: Improve the nasal muscles, upper lip muscles, diaphragm muscles, laughing muscles and deltoid muscles.

銆€銆€Head massage preparation posture: ibid.

銆€銆€Technique: 1.

The palms and the abdomen are massaged from the top of the forehead to the underside of the forehead to the underside of the earlobe (Fig. 4 solid line), and then massaged from the top of the head to the vertical displacement to the direction of the ear area (dashed line in Fig. 4).


The palms of both hands cling to the fractures at both ends and massage to the mandibular angle behind the ear (Figure 5).

When operating, the actions are properly coordinated and coherent.

銆€銆€Efficacy: Enhance hypertensive muscle, upper ear muscle, masseter muscle and lower lip square muscle; promote occipital muscle, posterior muscle and diaphragm muscle strength.

銆€銆€Align the massage preparation posture: sitting, the left leg is on the right knee, the left elbow is supported on the left thigh, the right arm is flat, the right hand is inserted into the left shoulder, and the left palm is attached to the right elbow.

銆€銆€Technique: 1.

The right palm is self-aligned and then pushed to the left shoulder (Fig. 6), and then the palm root is pressed from the back of the neck to the left shoulder. (When pressing, the palm or palm root is pressed against the massage skin, and the pressure is moderated, and the force should be even).massage.


The two hands and four fingers were spirally massaged from the posterior neck of the neck to the posterior part of the neck (Fig. 7).

銆€銆€Efficacy: development of the scapula levator muscle, anterior scalene muscle and reinforced rectus muscle, head anterior rectus muscle.

銆€銆€Massage instructions 1.

When the face is around the eyes and before the neck, when the side is massaged, the movement should be slow, and the technique should be gentle and delicate.


When poke, the power needs to be uniform and rhythmic.

Should I stop at the massage area 2 for each press?
3 seconds.


Before the massage, both hands should be washed with soap and the nails should be shortened.


It is not suitable for skin disease, arthritis or illness.

The benefits of eating fish are more taboo for all kinds of fish.


The benefits of eating fish are more taboo for all kinds of fish.

Fish is fresh and nutritious, so many people always buy fish to supplement their nutrition during normal times.

But do you know?

Different fish are also different when paired with food. If you eat fish with the wrong food, it is likely to cause serious harm.

Therefore, we need to know the food taboos of various fish.

. all kinds of fish meat consumption taboo squid is sweet, warm, beneficial qi and spleen, diuresis, swelling, heat and detoxification, Tongluo under the milk and other functions.

The traces in the squid are beneficial to cardiovascular function, reduce blood viscosity and promote blood circulation.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]can not be used with Ophiopogon japonicus and Radix Ginseng. It cannot be eaten with mustard.

Yang deficiency constitution and those who have internal heat can not be eaten, those who are prone to heat and sore sores should not eat, and should not eat more during colds and fevers.

銆€銆€Squid can warm the qi, warm the stomach, moisturize the skin, suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency constitution, sputum, dry skin, can also be used for postpartum spleen and stomach qi deficiency caused by less milk embolism.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Anyone with spleen and stomach heat should not eat squid.

In addition, colds, fever, mouth ulcers, constipation, itching skin disease, acute measles, skin disease patients should not eat salmon.

銆€銆€Squid can replenish essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins A and vitamin D, and it can reduce unsaturated fatty acids, lower cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, and coronary heart disease. Therefore, squid is suitable for edema, edema, and cardiovascular disease.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Anyone suffering from malignant tumors, lymphatic tuberculosis, lupus erythematosus, hypertension, pediatric paralysis, thromboangiitis obliterans, ulcers, urticaria, skin eczema and other diseases should not eat;People with sores should be careful.

Squid bogey with mung bean, taro, beef and sheep oil, pork liver, chicken, schizonepeta, licorice, pumpkin, dog meat, pickles with food.

銆€銆€Yellow croaker is sweet, flat, spleen and qi, appetizing and digestion, rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins, which have a good beneficial effect on the human body.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Many people with stomach stagnation, hypertensive patients, allergies, those who are fat and hot should be careful.

At the same time, the yellow croaker can not be used for cattle and sheep scales.

銆€銆€Grass carp can be appetizing, nourishing, warming the stomach and middle, flattening liver yang, hurricane, treating phlegm, intercepting, benefiting the intestines and eyes, very suitable for people with thin body and loss of appetite.

It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial to blood circulation. It is a good food for cardiovascular patients. It is rich in selenium. It is often used for anti-aging and beauty, and it also has a certain effect on tumors.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]should not eat more, more to eat it is easy to cause sore ulcers.

In addition, women who eat grass carp during menstruation are prone to fatigue and edema.

銆€銆€Squid is sweet and flat, suitable for physical weakness, vain and thin, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, diet is not fragrant, people with malnutrition eat.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]The body is cold and wet, hemoptysis, inpatients should not eat squid.

銆€銆€銆€With fish temperature, sweet, salty, with spleen, Qi, warm stomach, liver, emollient, qi, nourishing, bodybuilding role, suitable for long illness, physical weakness, blood deficiency, dizziness, shortness of breath, malnutritionPeople eat.
銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Eat more easily and windy, allergic, measles, rubella and unexplained skin itching, should not be eaten, cough and asthma are not suitable for consumption.

In addition, the octopus can not use cattle, sheep to expand, otherwise it is more likely to move after eating.

銆€銆€The squid is sweet, flat and light. It has the functions of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing the stomach and improving the essence, smoothing the joints, and softening the bones. It is especially suitable for indigestion, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, anemia, and muscle aches.

銆€銆€[Jiaokou]Patients with pruritic skin disease should not eat.

In addition, its caviar is toxic and inedible.

In addition, the squid can not be fried with cattle and sheep slices.