After the 96 Hua Hua beauty Li Zijun laughed at himself old-mass production

After 96, the beautiful girl Li Zijun laughed at herself: she was old
The 2017 four-continent figure skating championship is taking place in Gangneung, South Korea. In the women’s singles short show competition, Li Zijun took 60.37 points is temporarily ranked eighth.After the game, the Hua Hua beauty, born in December 1996, laughed at herself as an old man.  Li Zijun wrote: Compared to the era of mass production of small hairy children after this group of female single eggs, our elderly people still have not given up their hard work, and now they are enjoying self-abuse.One slide less one game. Bayi male table tennis coach Wang Hao cheered for Li Zijun.  In the China Cup held in November 2016, Li Zijun only achieved the eighth place. Li Zijun, who was dissatisfied with his achievements, went to Russia to visit the famous coach Missin.Mishin once brought out the ice prince Pruschenko and studied in the famous head teacher. Li Zijun hoped to make a breakthrough. This time he participated in the four continents Hua Hua Championship. Li Zijun also tested the effectiveness of studying.

Breakfast China increased 40% after the broadcast

“Breakfast China” increased 40% after the broadcast
When choosing a store owner, the program team highlights diversity and does not want to be one-sided.From grilled buns in Xinjiang to tofu brains in Leshan, “Breakfast China” presents gourmet food and draws the audience’s taste memory, but also touches the homesickness of the audience.  ”Just get up early, you can find your hometown.”The second season of the gourmet documentary “Breakfast China” has been rated 8 since its launch.8 points, surpassing 7 in the first season.9 points.Compared with the scores of the first season, the second season of “Breakfast China” has inherited and changed: the same store selection criteria, the same length of about five minutes, the production team mainly based on Southerners, and even the same because of the ending of the breakfast restaurant.”Bringing goods” questioned, but the second season increased the proportion of breakfast in the north, for the first time to shoot in China’s first-tier city Beijing . The two seasons of “Breakfast China” director Wang Shengzhi, producer Zhu Lexian said in an exclusive interview with Sauna Night.The change in the second season is a response to the audience’s suggestions and needs after the first season aired, and even some stores were found based on audience messages.Regarding the question of “carrying goods”, Wang Shengzhi admitted that although it was not intentional, but the sales of the stores photographed in the first season did increase, and this is not necessarily what the store owner wanted. During the return visit, it was found that the store owner was too busy with the business.Too.  Writing / Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie ● Do n’t change the principle of choosing a shop. There are three principles for choosing a shop at “Breakfast China”: You ca n’t be an online shop, you must be at least two generations in business; the food is single, you ca n’t do anything;Residents have been eating at the breakfast shop.Wang Shengzhi revealed that it took three months to study before the shooting began.”Shop selection is the most difficult. There are many restaurants that do the same type of breakfast in a region. You must consider factors such as taste, shooting environment, service function to surrounding communities, boss personality, and relationship with diners.On average, about 10 restaurants are eaten per episode, and then compared and selected.”Wang Shengzhi attaches great importance to the service function of the breakfast shop to the surrounding communities.If there is no living quarter near the breakfast shop, it will not be selected.”Mothers get up for an hour or two to make breakfast, but sir, the child may rush to work and go to work.A good breakfast shop can liberate 50 mothers in the community and allow them to sleep an extra hour in the morning.”● Change to choose more protagonist” Breakfast China 2 “spent more thought to shape the character,” We hope to present more diverse character relationships in the second season. “Wang Shengzhi was most worried about the filming of dozens of episodes of “Breakfast China”, and the audience only saw the story of a thousand people-the breakfast shop owner was very hard to get up early, and insisted on making the breakfast for everyone.”That would be terrible.The five-minute film is like a dojo in a snail shell, and the character must be erected by crossing the surface.Therefore, we like to choose two couples to open a store together, three sisters to run together, and two generations to pass on together . The specific situations encountered in each person’s life are different, and the appearance is also different.”Sales increased, and the shop owner” Can’t Eat “Wang Shengzhi’s production team returned to the store in the first quarter and found that each store’s sales have increased, which means that doubling the hard work is not always a good thing.In the first season, the Xueyi Flour Shop in Changsha, Hunan Province saw a 40% increase in business after the program was broadcast. It used to sell hundreds of bowls of flour every day, but now it sells more than 1,000 bowls.During the National Day holiday, the lady boss was tired and tired.”The breakfast restaurants we photographed are very small, with just ten tables, he just wants to serve acquaintances and doesn’t want to expand his business.Getting up so early every day is very tiring.”Wang Shengzhi said that the breakfast shop owner’s program is mainly for spiritual satisfaction.”I have always felt that I am imminent in my work. Through the show, I found that making breakfast for so many years can be recognized by everyone.”Most people are happy for this.”Zhu Lexian told Sauna Nightnet that he has been thinking about how to combine short videos with record films for the past three years.”Documentary professionals face some difficulties in making short videos. If they are well-made, the cost will be relatively high. Will it be cost-effective from a commercial platform perspective?”Breakfast China” found a very suitable path.”Zhu Lexian revealed that more short videos and documentaries will be tried in the future.  See C04-05 for more reports

[Effects of Five Elements Vegetable Soup-]_ Benefits_Benefits

[Efficacy of Five Elements Vegetable Soup?


In recent years, Wuxing vegetable soup is very popular, but most people may not know much about Wuxing vegetable soup. In fact, simply saying that Wuxing vegetable soup is a soup-type diet, and eating Wuxing vegetable soup will even improve oneself.What is the benefit of the five elements of vegetable soup?

The effect of the five-element vegetable soup is described in detail below.

The practice of the five-element vegetable soup burdock: mixed with burdock, burdock phenol, inulin, palmitic acid and other substances.

Protein, calcium and plant fiber are the highest in root foods.

American nutrition experts believe that burdock is a mild herbal medicine that maintains the good health of the human body, has no toxic side effects, and is known as “the best blood cleanser for nature.”

Chinese dictionary of traditional Chinese medicine records that burdock has the ability to promote growth, inhibit tumors and antibacterial effects.

White radish: There is a saying in the folk that “October radish little ginseng”, and white radish can be described as the best product of cancer.

A variety of enzymes contained in it can decompose the carcinogen nitrosamine.

Among them, the interferon inducer has very strong activity and has antiviral and anticancer functions.

White radish leaves: also known as radish stalks, radish sakura, etc., have the effect of digestion, qi, and harmony.

Can cure spleen and stomach incompatibility, hangovers and so on.

Carrots: Carotenoids are rich in antioxidants, inhibit the growth of free radicals, and improve immune function. The mannitol contained in them can also treat chronic diarrhea.

Shiitake mushrooms: Black dried shiitake mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals. Among them, riboic acid can enhance the human’s ability to resist disease and tumors. Scientists from Japan, the United States and other countries have found that certain enzymes contained in shiitake mushrooms can improve the body’s inhibitionThe ability of cancerous tumors, so called mushrooms “anti-cancer recruits.”

Five-element soup practice: 1/4 white radish, 1/4 clump of white radish leaves, 1/2 carrot, 1/4 burdock, 1 or 2 dried shiitake mushrooms. Wash and cut the above materials into large pieces.Boil 3 times of water with high heat, simmer for 1 to 2 hours, place in glassware, cool and store in refrigerator.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” records that people should eat five colors, five flavors and five spiced foods.

The five colors are separated and the nutrition does not overlap to achieve the purpose of balanced nutrition.

Although more than the above five kinds of vegetables are not Chinese medicine, if taken regularly after cooking, it can promote normal somatic cell reproduction, increase white blood cells and platelets in the blood, and increase T cells at three times the rate, thereby improving human immunity and restoring healththe goal of.

Pure natural vegetable soup will be healthier for a long time!

Effects of Five Elements Vegetable Soup White radish, white: super detoxification function, white radish is rich in vitamins and minerals, the bacteriocin contained in radish can have alternative killing and inhibitory effects on certain bacterial viruses;Amylase can help improve digestive function, and its anti-oxidation and cell aging inhibition effects are also very obvious; it can prevent osteoporosis; it has a strong detoxification function.

White radish: super carrot with strong detoxification function, red: ruby of nature, medical experts believe that carrots are rich in carotene and are effective anti-cancer substances; vitamin A is the highest among all foods and can protect eyes and skin.Health, in Europe, it is called “carrots make women full of feminine beauty”; its lignin has a very prominent antibacterial effect; its folic acid has anti-cancer effects; carrots have functions of lowering blood pressure, lipids and blood sugar.

Therefore, eating more carrots is healthy and beautiful for everyone.

Burdock, yellow: Super antibacterial, known as “Toyo ginseng” in Japan, and has long been considered a daily vegetable.

In China’s “Modern Dictionary of Modern Chinese Medicine”, burdock is interpreted as a plant that promotes growth, inhibits tumors, and resists fungi and fungi. Its carotene content is 287 times higher than that of carrots.

Root plants are rich in protein, calcium and plant fibers.

Plant fiber is beneficial for the removal of garbage in the body. Burdock contains ingredients that prevent cancer and eliminate carcinogens.

In addition, burdock also has a hypotensive effect, which has a better effect on improving hyperlipidemia, diabetes, rheumatism, low sexual function, and obesity.

Burdock contains a broad-spectrum anticancer substance: burdock phenol, and also contains a very special nutrient:-inulin (suitable for people with diabetes), is an arginine that can promote the secretion of sex hormones, which helps the bodyStrong bones and muscles, enhance physical strength and impotence.

White radish leaves, green: The nutritional value is amazing. The nutritional value is extremely high. It contains 3 times the vitamin A content, 4 times the calcium content, and 10 times the vitamin C content.

Shiitake, black: a weapon of cancer, with rich vitamins and minerals, which can enhance the body’s ability to resist disease and tumors, can promote the regulation of human immune cells, and contains anti-cancer substances that enhance immune function.

Shiitake mushrooms: a weapon of cancer. Black mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals (among them, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, and selenium are among the top five vegetables).

The riboic acid in shiitake mushrooms can enhance the body’s ability to resist disease and tumors; the shiitake mushrooms contained in the shiitake mushrooms are regulators that regulate the body’s immune cells; the didisulfide compounds in the shiitake mushrooms can resist a variety of particles; the shiitake mushrooms contain more than 40 enzymes, which canCorrects enzyme deficiency in human body.

Foreign scientists have extracted strong anti-cancer substances and substances with enhanced immune function from mushrooms.

[Common contraceptive measures]_ contraception _ how to do _ how to contraceptive _ contraceptive methods

[Common contraceptive measures]_ contraception _ how to do _ how to contraceptive _ contraceptive methods

Women’s contraceptive measures are a manifestation of self-protection. Even men who do not have contraception during sexual comparison will not harm them.

Women are different. Once they have an unexpected pregnancy problem, they need to go to the hospital for an abortion operation. This hurts them very much and cannot be taken lightly. Therefore, it is critical to be correct and correct.

In today’s world, although the types and methods of contraceptives have a high success rate, there are always certain limitations. Any kind of contraceptive methods can fail. There are about 8-30 million cases in the world every year.Pregnancy is caused by a loss of confidence.

In recent years, the World Health Organization, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Population Indicators, International Family Health and other organizations have jointly published an expert meeting on emergency contraception, which has become the most concerned issue for domestic and foreign planning breeding organizations.

Every woman of childbearing age should have a certain understanding and mastery of this method of reproductive health.

Once condom slippage, rupture, or missed use of contraceptives, miscalculation of safety period, loss of control of in vitro ejaculation, unfortunately suffered violence or no measures were taken, and after taking the same room, take 1 tablet of emergency contraceptive Yi Yuting within 72 hoursTake 1 tablet after an interval of 12 hours.

It can inhibit follicular development, continuous ovulation time, and it can safely and effectively achieve contraceptive purposes.

Use of female condoms This is a new type of contraceptive.

In today’s global epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, it can prevent accidental pregnancies for women and protect them from STDs.

More importantly, it is designed for women, so that when women protect themselves during sex, they are completely independent of the intentions of men. The initiative to protect themselves is in their own hands and when they want to use them.

The female condom includes a suitable pocket-like condom and 2 flexible, elastic and bendable loops.

The inner ring is at the end of the condom and placed in the deep part of the vagina during use, which can be used for internal fixation. The outer ring forms the outer edge of the condom and stays outside the vaginal opening.

It can protect the labia and the root of the penis during sexual life, and can prevent sexually transmitted diseases to a certain extent.

Through the introduction above, everyone is also clear about the common contraceptive measures.

Female friends should pay attention. Although the effect of the contraceptive pill is very good, it cannot be used for a long time.

As the saying goes, the drug is three poisonous, and if too much drug ingredient is absorbed in the body, it will bury hidden dangers to its own health and safety. It can be seen that the choice of contraceptive methods must be safe.

[Can you eat cantaloupe for cough]_ Respiratory diseases _ Can you

[Can you eat cantaloupe for cough]_ Respiratory diseases _ Can you

The ripe melon is soft and glutinous, and has a very good sweet taste. It is very popular. Summer is the time when the melon is on the market. You can often eat melon at this time, but the melon is also easy to break after a long time, butSome people are coughing and worrying that melon is too sweet to affect their own diseases. In fact, don’t worry about these, you can eat melon during coughing.

Can you eat melon for a cold cough? Melon is cold. If your body’s cough is a cold cough, it should not be eaten. Also, the melon has a high sugar content. The throat is more uncomfortable after eating. The cough will be aggravated. It is not recommended to eat and reduce the stimulation of the respiratory tractIn order to make the disease recover quickly; it should be noted that it is not recommended to consume too much melon on weekdays, and it may cause cough.

Whether a melon is hot or cold is a cold fruit.

Suitable for hot constitution.

Cold food: animal-horse meat, crab, oyster, clam.

Plant-based-eggplant, lotus root, cucumber, cabbage.

Fruits-persimmon, watermelon, pineapple, pear.

Seasoning-vermicelli, salt, yellow sauce, soy sauce.

Notes on putting melon in refrigerator 1.

Before putting it in the refrigerator, it must be sealed in plastic wrap or in a fresh-keeping bag, so as to prevent the melons from smelling with other ingredients.


Although melon is stored in the refrigerator for longer than normal temperature, it should not be stored for too long.

Otherwise, the melon will not be crispy and the taste will be worse.


Even if it is sealed with cling film, do not put it together with food that is too exciting, otherwise it will be contaminated.

[How to make bacon?

Gourmet experts introduce methods!

】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

[How to make bacon?
Gourmet experts introduce methods!
】 _Home Practice _ Production Method

The bacon that people eat most often is made of pork. In fact, people in Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou and other places often use beef to make bacon. Bacon beef tastes more delicious and has a good nourishing effect on the body.This degree can regulate malnutrition, and also has the effect of appetizing and spleen. Beef is a very good recipe for young people, especially athletes.

First, crispy bacon material 15
0 bacon, 50g spicy peanuts, 1 tablespoon of white sesame.

Wash and cut the shredded beef, loosen the oil in the pan, heat to 60%, and add shredded beef 2.

Fry for one minute on high heat, remove the shredded beef and drain the oil3.

Continue heating the oil to 90% heat, add beef shreds again and fry for 4 minutes.

Remove the shredded beef and drain the oil thoroughly (you can also use kitchen paper to drain the oil) 5.

Add shredded beef to a large bowl, add white sesame while hot, and stir well.

Add spicy peanuts and mix well, 200g assorted edible beef materials, 10g daylily, 10g yuba, 1 chili pepper, 1/2 carrot, 1 shallot, 3 ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 soy sauceBig spoon practice 1.

Wash bacon and cut into thick slices 2.

Day lily soaked in warm water 3.

Yuba soaked in warm water 4.

Wash the peppers and cut into diamond-shaped pieces for use 5.

Peel the carrots and cut into thin slices 6.

Ginger shreds, garlic slices, shallots and cut into segments 7.

Heat the pan and add some oil. After the oil is heated, add ginger garlic and sauté.

Add beef slices and stir fry.

After the beef slices have changed color, add daylily 10.

Add yuba 11 after stir-fry.

Quickly stir fry evenly, add soy sauce 12.

Fry it a few times and add water to the ingredients13.

After boiling over high heat, add carrot slices 14.

Turn to medium heat and simmer until the soup is ready to dry. Add the pepper 15.

Turn to high heat, stir fry to harvest juice, add onion powder section after turning off the heat, lemon juice bacon salad material 150g bacon, 1/2 lemon, pod 50g, red pepper 1/4, yellow pepper4 onions, 1/4 onions, 6 virgin fruits, 20 grams of spicy peanuts, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of black pepper, 1 teaspoon of honey, and salt method

Cut the lemon in half, squeeze half of it, squeeze the lemon juice, cut off the yellow lemon peel, and cut the filament for use 2.

Add olive oil 3.

Transfer in honey 4.

Add some salt 5.

Add black pepper powder and prepare the sauce for use 6.

Wash the maiden fruit and cut into 4 petals 7.

Cut red diced red and yellow peppers, cut onions into thin filaments, add them to the bowl with virgin fruit, and add lemon shreds 8.

Add half of the juice 9.

Stir well and marinate for 10 minutes.

Spicy peanuts cut into pieces 11.

The sweet bean pods are blanched until cooked and placed in a plate 12.Bacon cut into thin slices, steamed and let cool13.

Place the chilled bacon on sweet pods14.

Add the marinated ingredients.

Sprinkle with crushed peanuts.


Pour on the remaining juice.

China Science and Technology (601858) In-Depth Report: Science and Technology Publishing Leader China’s Sci-tech Innovation Outbreak

China Science and Technology (601858) In-Depth Report: Science and Technology Publishing Leader China’s Sci-tech Innovation Outbreak

Company profile: One of the largest comprehensive science and technology publishing institutions in China. The company was formerly a science publishing house founded in 1954. It is currently one of the largest comprehensive science and technology publishing institutions in China. Its main business includes book publishing, journals, and publications.Import and export business, knowledge service business, etc., have a complete publishing and distribution network in the country, and have established long-term good cooperative relations with more than 100 publishing companies in several countries and regions.

Relying on the brand advantages of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the “Scientist’s Publishing House”, the company fully taps excellent publishing resources at home and abroad, and constructs major and major projects, forming science (S), technology (T), medicine (M), education (E)Humanities and Social Sciences (H) is the business structure of the main publishing field.

Business model: Relying on the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the publications comprehensively cover the professional scientific research fields. The company inherits the top “technology” and “education” publishing genes of the Science Press and Longmen Bookstore. The current business matrix includes book publishing business, journal business, and publication developmentThe export business and the knowledge service business are four sectors, which are very prominent in the comprehensive strength of science and technology publishing.

(1) Publishing business includes two categories: general book publishing and textbook supplementary publishing, of which textbook supplementary is the main source of income, and the classic three-point test series of classic primary and secondary teaching supplementary brands is mainly used; general books are specializedIt is a barrier, and it is mainly targeted at the degree level above in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, college students and graduate students, and related scientific researchers.

(2) The journal business is represented by “Science in China” and “Science Bulletin”. Both are authoritative academic journals in the field of basic theoretical research of natural sciences. The readers are high-level domestic and foreign scientific researchers. The sales are mainly for universities and scientific research.Unit library.

The eight journals of China Science and Science Bulletin were all ranked in the Q1 area of SCI journals in 2018, and have gradually released significant scientific research results, such as Chen Jingrun’s “Expressing even numbers as a prime number and one not exceeding two”The Sum of the Product of Prime Numbers”, “A New Type of Bisemi-tert-lactone-Artemisinin” by Tu Yu’s Research Group, and “Male Infertility in Rice” by Yuan Longping.

(3) The main customers of the book import business are universities and scientific research institutions. The wholly-owned subsidiary Beijing 杭州夜网论坛 Zhongke Import and Export Co., Ltd. has the qualification of import and export of publications, mainly for the import and export of military books, periodicals and related digital publications.The main customers are domestic universities and scientific research institutions, and have established trade cooperation with dozens of publishing companies, societies, associations, and booksellers around the world. There are 800 long-term customers located in domestic universities and scientific research institutions in the country.

(4) Knowledge service transformation is an important direction for the company’s digitalization.

The company actively promotes the transformation from traditional publishing to knowledge services. At present, it is mainly deployed in three major directions: professional disciplines, digital education cloud services, and medical and health big data. The performance has grown rapidly in the past two years.

Investment advice and profit forecast We believe that the company is the absolute leader in the domestic science and technology book publishing industry, relying on the Chinese Academy of Sciences as its resource, and includes Science Publishing House, Longmen Bookstore, China Science Magazine, Science World Magazine, and Chinese Periodicals.The professional publishing strength for all subsidiaries is unparalleled, and the competition in the field of science and technology book publishing is extremely strong.

The company’s role as a “water seller” during the outbreak of scientific and technological innovation is expected to benefit from the gradual expansion in the scientific and technological field, continuous enhancement, and gradual improvement of comprehensive strength to obtain sustainable growth.

We are optimistic about the company’s development for a long time, covering the company for the first time, and giving an “overweight” investment evaluation. It is expected that the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

63, 0.

69 and 0.

78 yuan / share, investors are advised to maintain long-term attention.

Risks indicate market policy risks, the decline in the domestic technology publishing market, the risk of cooperation in the import of publications, competition in the primary and secondary markets, and the risk of substitution by e-books and other media.

Princess Diamond disembarks 23 passengers, misses inspection

“Princess Diamond” disembarks 23 passengers, misses inspection
People’s Daily Online, Tokyo, February 23 (Sun Lu, Li Muhang) According to comprehensive Japanese media reports, Japanese Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato acknowledged at a press conference on the 22nd night party that 23 people disembarked from the cruise ship “Diamond Princess” in 2Medical observation of the disease from May 四川耍耍网 5th, continuous nucleic acid detection.Katsuo Kato said that 23 people disembarked without following the prescribed standard procedures to disembark was an unforgivable mistake, and it is considered that 23 people disembarked will be inspected again.It is understood that 23 people who have no fever will be tested again. It is understood that the persons who can disembark according to the regulations are those who have been confirmed to be infected on the ship, or who started medical observation of the disease (14 days) after 5 days, and the nucleic acid test result is negative.A total of 969 people left the Diamond Princess from the 19th to the 21st. However, the test samples of 23 of them were not taken from the medical observation period from the 5th to the 19th, but the quarantine samples taken before the 5th day were taken.北京桑拿洗浴保健Detection.The report shows that the 23 people have no fever symptoms at present, 3 of them have been tested, the test result is negative, the remaining 20 people are required to implement self-isolation at home, and the 20 people will be tested for nucleic acids again.Among the 23 people who disembarked this time, not including women in their 60s who had been tested positive in Tochigi Prefecture.In the meantime, after the passengers disembarked, governments of all countries sent charter flights to pick up their citizens of the “Diamond Princess”.Of the passengers returning by charter flights, 25 have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.There are 18 U.S. citizens, 1 Israeli citizen, and 6 Australian citizens.Now, the Japanese government has begun to inspect 41 staff of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on board the cruise ship.At 11:19 am on February 19th, passengers disembarked from the large cruise ship “Diamond Princess” which docked at the Daikoku Pier in Yokohama Port.(Image source: Japan Asahi Shimbun website) Symptoms of infection in women in their 60s who have been out of Tochigi Prefecture have reappeared on the 22nd. According to Tochigi Prefecture, nucleic acid tests were positive after women in their 60s were disembarked on the 19th.It is understood that the nucleic acid test of about 969 patients disembarked from the “Diamond Princess” was reversed. This woman became the first patient in Japan to be confirmed to be infected after being checked for uninfected and approved to ship.Muxian said that the woman had a nucleic acid test on the “Diamond Princess” on the 14th, the test result was negative on the 15th, and she disembarked on the 19th and returned to her home in Tochigi.But on the 21st, the woman had a fever of 38.At 7 degrees, he was sent to a medical institution for examination the next day and was diagnosed with a new coronavirus.The number of people infected in Japan has increased to 110. The number of people infected with the new coronavirus also increased on the 22nd.A total of 25 people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in eight prefectures in Tokyo, Hokkaido, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ishikawa, Aichi, Wakayama, and Kumamoto.Among them, middle school students in Ishikawa Prefecture, middle school teachers in Chiba City, and elderly facility staff in Tokyo have experienced unconsciousness and serious illness.It is understood that as of 21:00 on the 22nd, among the infected persons in Japan, except for the passengers of the “Princess Diamond” and tourists who returned to China by charter flights, the number of transfers increased to 110.



Anise star anise, belongs to Magnoliaceae.

“The smell is like cumin, it’s sweeter.

Farewell to the shape of cumin, the fruit split into eight petals.

One petal and one nucleus.

“But the fruit of another kind of poisonous plant, Mangweed, has a shape similar to that of eating anise, and it must be prevented from being repeatedly eaten.

  The taste is spicy, flat and non-toxic.

  Castor seeds and leaves contain volatile oils and are sweet.

The main ingredients in the oil are fennel brain, safrole, anisaldehyde, and anisinone.

  The function is mainly used to treat the kidneys, spleen and kidneys, adjust the pain, and stop vomiting.

  [大小便闭,肚腹胀气]  八角茴香7个,火麻仁15克为末,生葱白7个,同研烂,水煎服,一日2次。  [小肠疝气]  大茴香30克,积壳30克,焙燥研末,每服3~6克,温黄酒送下,一日2次。

Forgetful insomnia can take certain dietary treatments

Forgetful insomnia can take certain dietary treatments

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that forgetfulness is related to the heart, spleen and kidney. It is mostly caused by lack of heart and spleen due to thoughts and overwork, or it is caused by old age, reduced essence and loss of brain. It is caused by forgetfulness and insomnia.Tiredness, less gas, laziness, dizziness, less complexion, palpitations, palpitation, less bloating, and loose stools.

The treatment should be tonifying the qi and strengthening the spleen, and to nourish the mind and calm the mind.

Try the following diet recipes: Tremella soybean red dates quail custard material: 15 grams of white fungus, 100 grams of soybeans, 5 red dates, 6 quail eggs.

Production: After soaking the white fungus in water for 40 minutes, wash it and tear it into small pieces; quail eggs are cooked and shelled; add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, wash the soybeans and red dates with water, and put them in the pot with the white fungusInside, simmer until simmered, add quail eggs before cooking, and cook for a while, then add salt or sugar to taste according to different tastes.

Take it once a day.

Persimmon, red date and longan preserves materials: 100 grams of persimmons, 30 grams of red dates, 15 grams of longan meat, 25 grams of Codonopsis, 25 grams of astragalus, 30 grams of yam, 25 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of tangerine peel, honey, brown sugar.

Production: Cut four petals of persimmon, peeled lotus seeds, heart, codonopsis, smashed astragalus, peeled and sliced fresh yam; fill the above materials in a porcelain pot, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, honey, red dates, longan meat, tan peel and a small amount of waterSteam on the pan with simmering water 2?
3 hours.

If there is soup, use simmering heat to boil, condense to candied shape, and serve immediately after cooling.

Eat 2 daily?
3 times, 1 each time?
2 spoons can be taken regularly.